Error – Fix Microsoft Minecraft Error Error – Easy Fix

When trying to play Minecraft with a Microsoft account, users will get the error. There’s nothing serious about this mistake, and you can easily fix it with a few workarounds.

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In this article, we’ll show you how to fix this error so you can play Minecraft on your PS4 to its full potential.

Minecraft has a bug called error that happens when you are unable to log in using your Microsoft account credentials.

This is the most common Minecraft mistake, and almost everyone has encountered it at some stage. This error is more likely to appear if you are a Microsoft user attempting to sign up for Minecraft for the first time.

Don’t be concerned; there’s nothing to be concerned about. To learn how to easily repair the Minecraft remote connect feature on PS4 and XBOX, read this entire guide.

What Does The Error Mean?

The error is a common issue while attempting to sign up for a Minecraft account using Microsoft. Although this error is more popular among PS4 and Xbox users, it can also occur on your PC. Since Minecraft is such a fantastic game, you should correct this error as soon as possible rather than give up.

Why Does The Microsoft Aka.Ms/Remoteconnect Error Occur?

The most common cause of the Aka ms/remoteconnect Microsoft Error is a change in the operating system of your devise

But there’s still the possibility of something else. Knowing the triggers will aid you in finding a quick solution. So, first, let’s go over the reasons.

1. Due To a Change in Device

Users will use cross-play services in Minecraft. You can use your Minecraft account on your Xbox One, PlayStation 4, tablet, and other gaming consoles if you have one. One Minecraft account can be used on multiple devices. However, if you use the same Microsoft account, there’s a chance you’ll get this mistake. The ‘Microsoft remoteconnect’ error appears while switching computers, and you have login problems.

2. As A Result Of Corrupt Game Data

Minecraft’s game files must be proper and nice. If there is a problem with the game’s details, it can lead to a slew of other issues. This problem can be seen on all platforms if the data in your Minecraft game is corrupted. Don’t worry; we’ll show you how to solve the problem with clear solutions. You must uninstall all saved and corrupted game data in Minecraf

 3. Due To Cross-Play

 You’ll need a Microsoft account to use cross-play, which is a Minecraft feature. You can use commands to play cross-play in Minecraft Bedrock Editions. The https / remoteconnect sign in error, on the other hand, will appear while you’re playing on a PS4 or Xbox One or Xbox 360 with a new Microsoft account.

How To Fix Https //Aka.Ms Remoteconnect Sign-In Error in Minecraft? | Error

https / has been fixed. It’s a no-brainer that Microsoft has a bug. You just need to enter a simple code. However, this is not always the case. As a result, in the section below, we have demonstrated various methods for you.

1st Method: Type in the Microsoft Login Code

We previously mentioned that the Minecraft game is frequently found in PS4 accounts. As a result, you’ll have to try a few times to get access to the game using your Microsoft account.

Make a note of the Microsoft Code access page on your computer’s bookmarks.

Open the Minecraft Error Message window and jot down the code on a piece of paper or a sticky note.

Copy the code and paste it into another device’s Microsoft page. Then paste the code into this box.

When you’re done, they’ll grant you access to the Minecraft shop.

Fix the Crossplay Problems with Method 2

Fixing the crossplay issues will help you have a better Minecraft experience. Here’s how to go about it. XBOX Crossplay Requirements: Minecraft can only be downloaded from the official store if you have an Xbox One or Xbox 360. 

You’ll need to use your free Microsoft account to log in to Xbox.

To get the remote play code, go to from your Xbox browser. The code for the remote play function can be found here.

You’ll need a Microsoft account to access from the computer where you want to try out the remote play feature. Build one now if you don’t already have one.

They will ask you to enter the remote play code from your Xbox screen on the current page – The webpage will immediately load Minecraft after you enter the code.

Users of the Ps4:

Go to the PlayStation Store and look for Minecraft. You must have access to the paid version of the game to use the remote play functionality. It’s only available for download from the Minecraft store.

You can use your Microsoft account to log in to the PS4 version of Minecraft. You can use your email and password to sign in with this option.

They’ll give you access to remote connect data after that, and you’ll be able to save the code from your PS4.

 Enter the remote connect code on the remote connect website using your laptop or mobile device.

Delete the Minecraft Saved Game Date
  • By following the steps below, you can delete the Minecraft ‘Saved and Corrupted game date.’ This can assist you in resolving the issue.
  • Next, go to Settings.
  • Then go to System Settings and select Storage from the drop-down menu.
  • Open the game’s storage.
  • Remove the two game files from Minecraft, but make a backup before proceeding.
  • You’ll be able to use the Minecraft remote connect feature again if you start over.

Create another Microsoft Account (Method 4)

If you’ve tried all of the solutions mentioned above and still can’t solve the problem, there’s one more thing you can do. You can make a brand-new Microsoft account and connect it to your Minecraft game.

Perhaps you already have a new Microsoft account, which is why you switched your computer to begin with.

You can build another Microsoft account (if you haven’t already) because the one you’ve been using has been troublesome.

After you’ve created an account, use the remote connect function to solve the https / remoteconnect isn’t working issue.

To learn how to create a new Microsoft account, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to to get started.
  2. Click on Sign in, choose to create one!
  3. If you want Microsoft to create an email address for you, choose the Get a new email address option.
  4. Click Next and follow the on-screen instructions.
What Is The Cross-Play Engine In Xbox?

You can now play Minecraft on multiple devices thanks to the latest cross-play update. For instance, if you have an Xbox and your friend has a PlayStation 4, you can use the cross-play engine feature to play with them. You’ll need to sign in with your Microsoft account for this method to work.

  • Press the Xbox button from your controller and open Settings.
  • Visit Account.
  • Click on Account Privacy and Online Safety.
  • Choose Xbox Live Privacy.
  • Then select Custom.
  • Select View Details and click on Customize.
  • Click on Communication & Multiplayer.
  • Enable the Communication Outside of Xbox Live feature to setup cross play engine.

Frequently Asked Questions on Error

  1. Why do I need a Microsoft account for the Minecraft PS4 Bedrock edition?

You won’t be able to connect your computer to the Nintendo Switch without a Microsoft account. The switch is also needed for XBOX, PS4, Android, PC, and other devices.

If you’re playing on PS4, you don’t need a Microsoft account. If you don’t have one for the Minecraft PS4 Bedrock Edition, however, you won’t be able to communicate with other players on other computers.

  • Is it possible to import DLC content into the current Minecraft version?

In Minecraft, how do I find my friends who have a Microsoft account?

Final Remarks

The https / problem isn’t new to Minecraft players, but it is, thankfully, fixable. To solve the issue, you could download DLC for Minecraft packs, but you’d need access to a Microsoft account.

As a result, the methods outlined above will assist you in resolving the https / remoteconnect problem. Please leave a message below if you need any additional assistance


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