How to Use the First Bank Transfer Code and USSD 2020 Code – Firstbank Mobile Banking Transaction

First Bank Transfer Code and USSD 2020 code

First Bank Nigeria Transfer Code is * 894 #, some call this code Firstbank USSD Code because most of them use this code to transfer funds from one bank account to another, some call it Firstbank Short Code while others simplify it First Bank Code.

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First Bank Transfer Code and USSD 2020 Code
First Bank Transfer Code and USSD 2020 Code

You can do a lot of things with First Bank Transfer code in Nigeria.

How to Use the First Bank Transfer Code and USSD 2020 Code – Firstbank Mobile Banking Transaction

First Bank Transfer Code& USSD 2020 Code Feature

You can do many other things with the First Bank Transfer Code in Nigeria.

To register

  • Sign for an account.
  • Join your bank card to your account.
  • Then, tap * 894 # on your phone.
  • Select the “0” option and press send.
  • A list of all bank cards associated with your FirstBank account will appear.
  • Select the card you want to use for cash transfer.
  • Enter your PIN (this is a 4-digit password on the card of your choice).
  • Create a new PIN for the FirstBank USSD operations.

Remember that with * 894 * 0 # code, you can open an account.

How to Make Active or Use the First Bank Transfer Code in Nigeria

• Dial * 894 * 0 # and send, select your preferred bank card

• Enter your 4-digit bank card identification number (PIN).

• You can now enjoy the First Bank of Nigeria USSD services.

How to Change Your First Bank Transfer Code/ USSD 2020 code in Nigeria

To reset your bank PIN, dial the short-code * 894 * 0 # at the phone number attached to your bank account

• Follow the instructions to reset your mobile bank PIN.

• You should know that you must provide your old PIN before you can change or reset your PIN/password.

• It’s essential to save your Personal Identification Number (PIN).

How to Get Your Firstbank Mini Statement

• View Bank Account Statement

• Dial * 894 * Account number # to get your FirstBank mini statement

• Monitor the directives on the screen to create a statement of your bank account.

• Please note that you will receive a statement via SMS

Transfer Fees and Limits

• Here are the fees and restrictions on using FirstBank’s banking service:

  • The recharging fee is free.
  • Network costs range from 2 Naira to 5 Naira.
  • Transfers from your bank account to another FirstBank account number are completely free.
  • you will be charged 55 Naira if you transfer money from a FirstBank account to another bank account
  • The mobile bank transfer limit is 100,000 Naira daily.

• The airtime renewal limit for all FirstBank bank users is 10,000 Naira daily.

What is a First Five (5) First Bank Transfer Deputy?

The five (5) PIN is the number you generate when you sign up for on the go banking service.

It is a 5-digit PIN that will help you to transfer money using the First Bank Nigeria transfer code.

Summary of First Bank Transfer Code Number – First Bank Transfer Code

  • Registration: * 894 * 0 #
  • Airtime charging: * 894 * Price #
  • Other airtime: * 894 * Price * Number #
  • To Transfer, the code is: * 894 * Amount * Account Number #
  • Airtime check: * 894 * 00 #
  • For mini-statement: * 894 * Account number #
 At a glance: Quick Service Code
  1. Transfer Money (At any Nigerian bank) * 894 * Amount * Account number #
  2. Airtime recharge – your own * 894 * Price #
  3. Charging Airtime – for others * 894 * Price * Phone Number #
  4. Balance Inquiry * 894 * 00 #


FirstBank has been at the forefront of seamless banking transactions simply and securely and is committed to making sure that its customers are fully provided with USSD service.

To début before long on the * 894 # Quick Banking service bouquet are: payment for goods, cash payments, and services at any Nigerian retail store

With FirstBank * 894 #, banking is now very exciting.

First Bank Customer Care Lines

Customers are advised to contact 0700FIRSTCONTACT (0700-34778-2668228), 01-4485500, 0708-062-5000; Short SMS 30012 code or email to,, if they need more information via * 894 # Quick Banking.


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