How to Transfer Quickvoice Files from iPad to Computer – Quick Voice Sync App

How to Transfer Quickvoice Files from iPad to Computer – Quick Voice Sync App

How to Transfer Quickvoice Files from iPad to Computer
How to Transfer Quickvoice Files from iPad to Computer

Quick Voice Sync App – How to Do Quickvoice Files Transfer from Ipad / iPod/ iPhone to Computer

In this post, you’ll discover how to quickly and easily import audio recordings from your iOS smartphone to your computer.


What Does QuickVoice Mean? Quickvoice Files

Quick Voice is the most popular and feature-rich voice recorder for iPhone, iPad, and iPod. For professional, educational, and personal use, it allows you to record thoughts, voice memos, voice email, dictation, lists, meetings, classes, or complete lectures.

What Is the Goal of Quickvoice?

In the App Store, QuickVoice is the most popular voice recorder.

It is the most popular iPhone recorder. This is a fantastic writing tool.

It’s also a fantastic tool for learning how to record voice on an iPhone.

Quickvoice is compatible with both iPhone and PC. It has the ability to sync.

When learning how to transfer recordings from your iPhone, is crucial.

When it comes to finding a useful and effective rapid voice app, there aren’t many possibilities.

Quickvoice is available for free on the App Store, but most users report that they are unable to sync their recordings from the app with their computers.

When you connect your iPad to iTunes and go to the Application page, you won’t see the Quickvoice app, much alone Quickvoice files that can be synced.

So, what are other options?

A QuickVoice sync app (which is free) is required.

How To Use Quickvoice Sync App

To get the stand-alone QuickVoice sync app (it’s free), send an email to

You can also get the QuickVoice Sync software by clicking on one of the platform-specific download links below:

For Mac Users >

For Windows >

It is critical that you convert the file from.caf to mp3 after it has been sent.

You might also want to learn how to convert your synced QuickVoice files to mp3 so that you can listen to them on your favorite media player.

How I Freely Convert.caf Files to MP3

This tutorial will show you how to convert your synchronized QuickVoice files to mp3 so you may listen to them on your favorite media player.

If you use the Quickvoice app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to record voice, the Quickvoice recordings will show as.caf files after you might have imported the Quickvoice files to your computer from your iPad/iPhone/iPod.

If you don’t have a media player that supports.caf files, you won’t be able to play the recordings on your PC. As a result, you’ll require an audio converter to convert.caf files to mp3 files.

Though I still use QuickTime media player to play my Quickvoice.caf files on my computer, I still use Freemake Audio Converter to convert my Quickvoice.caf files to mp3 files so that I can listen to my recordings on all of my media players.

Freemake Audio Converter is a simple-to-use audio converter that is available for download for free. Using the Freemake Audio Converter, convert your.caf files to mp3 files by following the steps below.


Download and Install Freemake Audio Converter to your PC

Launch the application and click the “Audio” button

Browse for the Quickvoice .caf files you will like to convert to mp3

Click “to MP3“, choose a ready preset or create your own one. Don’t forget to tick “Export to iTunes“, if you need it

Click “Convert” to convert .caf to MP3 format

You may now easily inspect the output for your mp3 files and play them with your preferred media player.

That is all there is to it.

For information on how to import your Quickvoice recordings from your Apple device to your computer and where to find the synced Quickvoice recordings on your PC, see “How to Transfer Quickvoice Files from iPad to Computer.”


.NET Framework 4.0 Client Profile is required to use Freemake software. If you don’t already have it, the Freemake setup process will download it and install it on your computer.

It’s fantastic, wonderful, and spectacular!

Congratulations! After successfully transferring your audio recording from your iPhone to your PC, you can now use your iPad.

I hope this information is useful. Please let me know.

FAQs – Summary
  • How can I get QuickVoice files off my iPad and onto my computer?

It’s easy to use, but you must first connect your iPad to your computer. Then, IMPORT using the QuickVoice Sync software. Your QuickVoice recordings will be synced to the Documents folder “QuickVoice iPhone Recordings.” It’s fantastic, terrific, and magical!

  • What is the best way to get a voice recording program onto my computer?

Using the included USB cable, connect the Digital Voice Recorder to your computer.

Launch the Sound Organizer application.

Click IC Recorder in the Sound Organizer window’s Import/Transfer section.

Select one of the three buttons: Display VOICE Folder, Display MUSIC Folder, or Display PODCAST Folder

On QuickVoice, how do you save a recording?

Start QuickVoice and see if it has any export options.

  • How can I transfer a recording to my computer?

Transferring files to your computer is similar to copying files from a data stick/USB key for examiners who are experienced with utilizing external storage devices: Connect the digital recorder to your computer using the built-in USB adapter and copy the files to a pre-selected folder on your PC.

What are the requirements for transferring a recorded file from digital tools to a computer?

  • What is the best way to connect my recorder to my computer?

Connecting your PC to the IC recorder

  1. With the supplied USB connecting cable () placed into the connectors securely until each plug stops, connect the (USB) connector of the IC recorder with the USB port of your running computer.

2. Ensure that the IC recorder has been recognized appropriately.

  • What’s the best way to get Quickvoice to sync with my computer?

Quickvoice’s spec states that it will sync with the computer. Look at the bottom of the app tab page in iTunes once it has been synced. If a quick voice is present, click on it, and the two files should appear to the right. You should be able to drag and drop them onto the desktop of your computer.

  • Are there any quickvoice-compatible apps available for free?

IT’S ENTIRELY FREE! Also, take a look at our wildly successful QuickVoice2Text Email software, which uses voice-to-text technology. Simply ‘Speak and Send’ precisely formatted text emails using only your voice and a few touches (no more typing emails).

  • How many quickvoice recordings can you make?

I create multiple recordings at a time, usually 10-15 in a given time frame, and when I go back to rename them from “My Recording,” I frequently discover that they have been mixed up, with no rhyme or reason to the new order.

I presently have over 300 recordings, and it’s a headache to sift through them all to find the ones I just made.



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