How to Stream on YouTube with OBS 2021

How to Stream on YouTube with OBS 2021

How to Stream on YouTube with OBS 2021
How to Stream on YouTube with OBS 2021

YouTube is a Google-owned online video sharing and social media network based in the United States.

Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim founded it in February 2005. With over one billion monthly users watching videos each day.

It is a free video-sharing platform as well as the second most popular search engine following Google Search.

YouTube provides a simple way for users to download and share videos online, addressing any topic they are interested in.

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OBS Studio

What is OBS? How to Stream on YouTube with OBS

OBS, commonly known as Open Broadcaster Program, is free open-source screencasting, video recording, and live streaming software that is supported by a vast developer community.

It is Mac and Windows compatible open-source solution for offline video recording and live streaming that allows you to connect and stream your video from your computer to BandLab.

This tool will help you prepare your audio and video, as well as enable your camera and microphone for your live streaming on Youtube.

OBS YouTube HLS or RTMP ~ How to Stream on YouTube with OBS

What is the difference between YouTube HLS and RTMP?

HLS stands for HTTP Live Streaming while RTMP stands for Real-Time Media Protocol

The application layer protocol is HLS, and the transport layer protocol is RTMP.

HLS uses the HTTP protocol to stream media, whereas RTMP uses the TCP or UDP protocols to stream media.

YouTube Live accepts the RTMP protocol, which is a commonly used video streaming technology while OBS does not support HLS as a stream type.

Does YouTube accept RTMP? How to Stream on YouTube with OBS

You can manage, create, schedule, and stream a live channel using RTMP and the YouTube API even without leaving the app.

OBS Live Stream YouTube Download ~ How to Stream on YouTube with OBS

How do I download OBS streams?

  1. In your browser, go to

2. From the home page, choose Windows.

3. Once the app is downloaded, open the file.

4. To begin the installer, Windows will ask for your permission, click Yes.

5. A welcome screen will appear during the installation of OBS Studio, tap  Next.

6. Read the Agreement carefully before selecting I Agree.

You’ll be prompted to choose a location for OBS to be installed.

7. Select Next if the default location is acceptable.

8. Uncheck Launch OBS Studio once the installation is complete, then press Finish.

OBS Studio should appear as a new icon on your Desktop, allowing you to conveniently start the program later.

Best OBS Settings for YouTube Streaming

After following the above guidelines and you have successfully downloaded and installed OBS on your device

  1. Launch the app immediately and Run it as an administrator.

2. Using the relevant button in the bottom right corner, navigate to the Settings panel.

3. Use the Video and Output tabs on the following pop-up screen to select your desired frame rates, resolution, and bit rate, which impacts your audio quality.

4. Select YouTube -RTMPS from the Service drop-down box under the Stream option on the left-hand menu.

5. Type your YouTube stream key into the Stream Key section.

This connects OBS to YouTube, allowing the software to stream directly to your channel.

6. On the left-hand menu, select Audio.

On that screen, each audio device represents a potential audio source in your Livestream.

7. Click Apply to exit the settings panel, then OK to exit.

8. Click the Plus symbol near the bottom of the main window, under the Sources heading.

9. If you wish to stream game footage, go to the pop-up menu and select Game Capture.

You will have several options for capturing your footage here. 

To finalize, click OK.

How to Livestream with OBS ~ How to Stream on YouTube with OBS

Note: You won’t be able to stream live on YouTube until you authenticate your account with an active phone number.

  1. Go to your YouTube account and sign in.

2. After that, go to YouTube Studio. Go Live by selecting the Camera icon on the top right-hand side of the main YouTube page.

3. Select Schedule Stream and double-check that all of the settings are right, as well as that the video is labeled and described correctly.

4. The visibility of the video should always be set to public.

5. Select Create Stream when you’re finished.

6. A control panel will appear after your stream has been generated, including a preview window and tabs for stream settings, analytics, and stream health.

7. By default, the Stream Settings tab is open. To discover the stream key for OBS, look just beneath the label.

8. To send the long string of characters to the clipboard, select Copy.

You can also expose the string for 10 seconds by clicking the Show Stream Key eyeball button and manually entering it in OBS.

Keep this number hidden at all costs. You don’t want it in the hands of anyone else since they could use it to stream on your account without your consent.

How to Stream on YouTube with OBS Studio ~ How to Stream on YouTube with OBS

The only thing left to do now starts live streaming with all of the above settings in place and your YouTube channel configured to accept your feed.

·     In the lower right corner, select the Start Streaming button.

·     Then, in the top left corner of your YouTube dashboard, click the Go Live option.

·     The broadcast will appear in the preview pane once the OBS has established a connection to YouTube.

·     Remember that there is a 20-second delay between your live broadcast and the public website where your viewers can see it.

·     Click Stop Streaming in OBS to end your broadcast.

·     Finally, on your YouTube dashboard, select End Stream.

Why is the OBS stream not working? How to Stream on YouTube with OBS

If you drop too many frames during your YouTube live stream, you could be disconnected from the streaming server.

You could also experience connection issues, such as random disconnections, as a result of firewall, antivirus, security software, routers, and other factors.

How Do I Fix OBS Not Streaming? How to Stream on YouTube with OBS
  1. Run OBS as Administrator

2. Update Windows Drivers and Software

3. OBS’s GPU should be switched.

4. Compatibility Mode should be enabled.

5. OBS Studio should be reinstalled.

6. You can use OBS to open a log and look for a solution to your problems.


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