How to Solve Apple’s Airpods Case Not Charging Problem

Are you tackling AirPods Case Not Charging problems? For some considerable months now, the issue threads began to resurface on Reddit indicating that there was some sort of bug in Apple’s newfangled AirPods case that could cause premature battery drainage.

In case you are having an AirPods case not charging problem recently and you are looking for a solution to make them work again then continue reading the article to understand how to fix your Airpods case not charging problem.

How to Solve Apple’s Airpods Case Not Charging Problem
How to Solve Apple’s Airpods Case Not Charging Problem

AirPods are specifically designed to charge in the charging case when you place them. It has been aimed to hold numerous charges so that you can charge your AirPods no matter where you are.

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However, when you put your AirPods into the charging case, and it’s not charging then, that becomes a problem. 

Throughout this article, I’ll guide you on different likely solutions to fix the Airpod case is not charging matters which includes:

  • Airpods case not charging, no light
  • Airpods case not charging to 100
  • Airpods not charging evenly
  • Fake airpods not charging
  • Airpod case not holding not holding charge
  • Airpod case won’t charge but airpods will
  • Airpods charging case
  • Airpods pro case not charging, no light

AirPods constitute one of the very best-manufactured wireless earbuds on the market. AirPods with their H1 (AirPods 2) or W1 (AirPods 1) chip are a masterpiece of artistry. 

However, sooner or later, AirPods can show some wear and tear as anticipated with any electronic device, and this could result in any number of issues involving not charging correctly.

Apple’s AirPods are a fantastic duo of earbuds. But, if you suddenly discover that your AirPods have not been charging, it won’t really matter how good their sound quality is.

My Airpods Case Not Charging! Here’s the Real Fix

Airpods case not charging problem primarily arises due to some sort of problem with the software. There is some bug in the Airpods case system that is preventing it from starting which results in not charging the Airpods.

Fortunately, there are some easy ways to resolve problems with your AirPods if they won’t charge. Below is what you need to understand:

  1. Try Resetting your Airpods Case

There are not many troubleshooting techniques listed here to solve the problem with the software system since the Airpods case does not offer an interface to see what the problem could be.

To reset the Airpods case, follow the steps below:

There exists a setup button on the Airpods case which could be found on the backside of the case.

  • You need to press the setup button and hold to it till the light gives flashes.
  • You have to release the button with the light flashes white
  • After you follow these steps your Airpods case will get reset.

Try charging your Airpods after resetting the Airpods case. Do not worry after following these steps your Airpod case will be reset.  

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Clean the Airpods Case Charging Docks

The next thing that you could do to fix the Airpod case not charging problem is to clean your Airpod case charging docks.

This dirt usually gets trapped in the Airpods case that prevents it from charging the Airpod.

To clean the Airpod case charging ports follows the following steps:

  • Firstly, take a toothpick or a toothbrush
  • Use it to take the dirt and lint out from the charging ports slowly
  • After that, clean the charging ports and connect the charging cable to the Airpods case and see if it works.
  • If that solution did not resolve your Airpods case, try the next method.
  • Change the Airpods Charging Cable

Next suggestion is to try to replace the Airpods charging cable. Sometimes people buy cables which are not MFI certified; this may be the reason why your AirPod case does not charge a problem.

There are several phony charging cables in the market which are not good and can cause a problem. It’s always better to buy a new MFI certified cable and check if your Airpod case is now charging the Airpod.

Again, if this method did not work for you, then try the next technique 

  • Stop Using Non-Apple Charging Cables

Most of us end up with non-brand cables that we have picked up along the way but beware: they tend to crack.

Charging problems may arise when you use non-branded cords, such as the colorful ones you find in substandard stores or online.

While these cords are cheap and even appear stronger, they tend to break up more frequently than standard Apple-brand charging cables. 

Apple charging strips are constantly white and are manufactured of smooth plastic – not fabric. One cable comes with every Apple device you buy, plus you’re AirPod.

You can purchase these official cables straight from Apple’s website.

It is very hard to know whether the Airpods are charging when it is connected to the charger. To attach the Airpods case to your iPhone follows the following steps:

  • Firstly, put your Airpods into the Airpods case and close the case
  • Secondly, allow the Airpods to charge for at least 15 minutes
  • Thirdly, ensure that devices are paired with each other
  • After that, open the Airpods case and keep the Airpods inside
  • Zoom in to your iPhone to see Airpod charging status on your iPhone
  • Check your connections

Make sure the Lightning on the USB cable is firmly connected to the charging case with the USB power adapter. After that ensure the power adapter is properly connected to the power supply.

If you are using a Qi-compliant charger, ensure that the cable is securely plugged into the charger and that the other side is properly plugged to the power outlet.

  • Check the Charge Status

Open the case cover with your AirPod inside and hold your case next to your iOS device. You would see a charging icon next to the battery icon under your AirPod.

  • Avoid Using Extension for Airpod Charging

Avoid using an extension to charge your Airpods. Try to use a wall socket to charge your Airpods because occasionally extension may be the culprit for all the trouble.

After you plug your Airpods case in the wall socket it should most likely start charging the Airpods now.

  • Contact Apple If Nothing Works

If you’re AirPods will not charge, there’s probably a problem with your charging cable, pad, or outlet.

You also need to verify that the AirPods’ charging case is functioning correctly.

If all these fail and you still cannot figure out why your AirPods are not charging, you should attempt to get in touch with Apple Support


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