How To See Who Viewed My Instagram Profile/Account For Free?

  • Who viewed my Instagram profile?
  • Can I know who’s stalking my Instagram profile?
  • How can you check who’s looking at your Instagram posts or photos for free?
  • How can you monitor who visited your Instagram story online?
  • How can you tell who watched your Instagram video?
Who Viewed My Instagram Profile For Free
Who Viewed My Instagram Profile For Free

Is It Possible to Identify Who Viewed My Instagram Profile

The reply is nope but read further to learn how to know who visited your Instagram stories.

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Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms recently, with more than a billion users working daily to check out photos/videos posted by their favorite friends, family, or celebrities.

While there are a lot of Instagram users who post things every day, there are a few who just go around without posting all that or use the platform as a way to cheat other users.

As an active Instagrammer, with an open profile, it is normal to wonder who might be viewing your profile image (or the profile bio).

While most Instagrammers monitor the ‘Like and Follow’ procedure, not everybody does the viewing.

To be candid, there are so many who choose to check out a profile without following an Instagram account.

However, it would be absurd to assume that everybody follows the bandwagon process. Some people may choose to view a profile without following the account.

So, how can you monitor such profile visitors who do not care to abide? Could Instagram enable who watched your profile?

How Can You See Who Viewed My Instagram Profile: The Truth

If you are one of those people who are interested in knowing, then get ready to be dissatisfied.

Unfortunately, Instagram does not allow you to see who visited your profile with your android. There is no in-app functionality to monitor your profile visitors, at least not yet.

And that takes us to the subsequent query.

What About Instagram Business Account?

Also, with the Instagram business account, you can’t see who visited your Instagram profile – but with a slight difference. You can get the figure of visitors you have had in the last seven days, or how many users have seen your posts in their feed.

Instagram, just like Facebook, is uncommunicative with this question, because of obvious privacy issues.

Simply put, they have data but they do not share it with anyone.

If you search quickly on Google Playstore or iOS store, you will find other ways to help you find out who checked your Instagram profile.

Using Third-Party Applications to See Who Viewed My Instagram Profile

But do these third-party apps work in discovering visitors to your Instagram profile?

The query is, do these apps work? The answer is No!

Here is the problem:

Most of these apps are not real; they generally choose Instagram names randomly and display.

What’s worse is that certain paid apps require you to pay a small fee if you want above five forenames.

They choose random words and mix them up the next time you check. Without indicating that an ad will appear every few minutes

How can I check who Is viewing my Instagram profile?

So, why can’t these apps keep track of profile visitors?

The reason these apps can’t track profile viewers is simple. The Instagram API does not provide such information to third-party applications.

Also, you will never know how these apps control your data. Given how ‘useful’ these apps are, I doubt their safety.

A Good Substitute: Instagram Stories

If you still insist on following your viewers, the Instagram Stories feature is a great way to do that, because Instagram stories posted through public accounts are available to almost everyone (unless restricted).


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