How to Restore Access to Facebook Marketplace

How to Restore Access to Facebook Marketplace

How to Restore Access to Facebook Marketplace
How to Restore Access to Facebook Marketplace

I wrote an article on Facebook Marketplace that covers everything you need to know.

Facebook Marketplace is a public marketplace where Facebook users can buy and sell new and used items to other Facebook users.

It’s a convenient location for people to look for, buy, and sell their goods.

Users may be able to find what they’re looking for by sorting postings by location, category, and price.

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How to Join Marketplace on Facebook ~ How to Restore Access to Facebook Marketplace

You can access Facebook Marketplace if you already have an active Facebook account.

A “Marketplace” icon should appear on the left-hand corner of your Facebook homepage.

  1. Create a new listing by clicking the button.

2. You’ll be redirected to a new page where you’ll be prompted to select your listing type; select any choice.

3. Following that, you will be requested to add product photographs; after selecting a photo, click next.

4. Then, on the Facebook marketplace, you’ll add a new to your product, which will be represented as a title.

5. Next, you add the following:

·     The price of the product

·     The category such as furniture, appliances, cloth, toys, etc

·     The condition of the product- new, old

·     The description

·     Your location

6. There are other empty fields there, but they are optional

7. After you have inputted the right details

8. Click next

What you can sell on Facebook Marketplace ~ How to Restore Access to Facebook Marketplace

·     Vehicles

·     Property rentals

·     Apparel

·     Electronics

·     Garden & outdoor

·     Home goods

·     Home improvement supplies

·     Pet supplies

·     Sporting goods

·     Toys & games

Facebook Marketplace Appeal Denied ~ How to Restore Access to Facebook Marketplace

How do I get unblocked from Facebook Marketplace?

Many Facebook users have complained that the “Marketplace” option for buying and selling things has dropped without violating any rules and regulations.

Guidelines on how to get the Facebook Marketplace icon again ~ How to Restore Access to Facebook Marketplace

Go to your Facebook account and log in.

To get support, go to the Facebook marketplace and select help.

Fill in the necessary fields on the appeal form:

·     Your first name

·     Your middle name

·     Your surname

·     The detailed issue

Submit your form once you’ve finished it.

Your form was successfully submitted, and you will receive a notification within 1-2 business days, according to a notification message.

You may always check the status of your request by going to and checking your support mailbox.

The Marketplace button will be restored once the Facebook Risk Team responds.

Facebook Marketplace Request Review ~ How to Restore Access to Facebook Marketplace

Why can’t I access the Facebook Marketplace?

  1. The Facebook Marketplace is still being developed.

2. The Marketplace isn’t available to everyone right now.

3. It is not available to new Facebook users.

4. You must engage and be active with your Facebook page.

5. You must be in a location where Marketplace is available.

How to Get Unblocked From Marketplace on Facebook

How do I get unbanned from the Marketplace?

  1. Go to and look on the left column for Marketplace.

2. Fill out the form by clicking Request Review.

3. Within a week, Facebook will consider your appeal and return it to you.

4. Always check your Support Inbox or the email connected with your Facebook account for changes.

How to Get Unblocked From Marketplace on Facebook 2021- How to Fix Marketplace on Facebook

How long does a ban last on Facebook Marketplace?

Some users have reported being shut off from Facebook Marketplace, which is causing some users to become unhappy.

For repeated violations or other fraudulent activities, you can get banned by Facebook Marketplace which can last up to 30 days.

When a buyer reports you on Facebook Marketplace, you risk being blacklisted.

Facebook penalties range from being unable to post to being denied access to your account.

This prohibition can last anywhere from a few hours to up to 21 days.

How long is Facebook Marketplace suspension?

Facebook Marketplace access will be automatically suspended if you are reported by a buyer in the Marketplace or if you do not reply to the complaint submitted against you.

The seller’s Facebook Marketplace account could be blocked if the seller does not respond to the submitted issue or does not respond within four days.

If there is an issue with Facebook Marketplace, you should check your mailbox for system notifications.

Were Reviewing Your Request to Access Marketplace

How long does it take for Marketplace to review your request?

After you’ve clicked Request Review and filled out the form, you’ll be taken to a page where you may submit your request.

Within a week, Facebook will consider your appeal and reply to you.

Why was I Locked Out of Facebook Marketplace?
  1. To use the Facebook Market place, you must be at least 18 years old and an adult.

2. Use the most recent version of Facebook, or upgrade your Facebook application if it has become outdated.

3. Not all locations have access to Facebook Marketplace.

4. To access Facebook Marketing, make sure you’re using one of these languages on Facebook.

·     Arabic

·     Chinese

·     Czech

·     Danish

·     Dutch

·     English

·     Finnish

·     French and French Canadian

·     German

·     Hebrew

·     Hindi

·     Hungarian

·     Indonesian (bahasa)

·     Italian

·     Malay

·     Norwegian

·     Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese

·     Slovak

·     Spanish

·     Swedish

·     Thai

·     Turkish


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