How to Move Google Authenticator to a New Phone

To move Google authenticator to a new phone each time you set up or upgrade to a new phone is paramount.

It should be one of the first things you do so you don’t lose access to your accounts. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

How to Move Google Authenticator to New Phone
How to Move Google Authenticator to New Phone

All your digital presence can be wiped out in a single hit. But there are quite a lot of ways of contradicting this threat.

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Move Google Authenticator to a New Phone

One of the ways of moving Google authenticator to new phone is for you to use Google Authenticator to secure your account.

Google proposes a two-factor authentication that augments another layer of security to your digital life.

Even if you just bought a new iPhone or any other phone, nevertheless, you need to get Google Authenticator and all of your authentication codes from an old phone to a new one.

Whether you’re migrating platforms or staying within your iOS or Android levels, the process is the same.

To strengthen the security around your social media online account is very important. You can transfer Google Authenticator to a new phone so that your new device can gain an additional level of security through two-step authentication.

Two-step authentication (2FA) makes your account safer by the addition of another layer of security when logging into your Google apps/accounts online, to protect you from hackers or data theft.

Google Authenticator is an app and a service that supports two-step authentication for your Google account, and permits you to use your phone as a second step in approving your identity before accessing your account.

Furthermore, there are ways on how to transfer all Google authenticator codes to a new phone, backup Google authenticator iPhone, and authenticator recovery on lost phones.

This app works on Facebook or Microsoft.

Google Authenticator it is attached to the phone you set it upon. Thus, when you log in to an account with 2FA you are prompted to input a code from your phone.

Therefore, when you move to a new phone, you also need to move the Authenticator app.

This is a fairly easy procedure, even if you are using an Android phone or an iPhone, remember that Google Authenticator links up definitely to a Google account.

Meaning that if you have an Apple device you will still need a Google account to set up 2FA

How to Move Google Authenticator to a New Phone

  1. Firstly, install Google Authenticator on your new phone, and sign in to the app using your Google account.

You can find Google Authenticator for Android in the Play-store and Google Authenticator for iOS in the App Store.

  • Secondly, on your computer load Google 2 Step Verification page, and then log in to your account to see 2SV settings.
  • After that, click on change phone on the authenticator app, and on the kind of phone, you propose to use (iPhone or Android).
  • Then, click to continue, the next step shows a barcode at this point, return to your new phone and launch Google authenticator app, click setup and scan the barcode or QR code
  • After that 6 digit codes will appear on the authenticator app, the code changes after some minutes and becomes invalid.
  •  Thus enter the code displayed within the Authenticator app into your computer. Click Verify.

Summary on How to Move Google Authenticator to a New Phone

  • It is imperative to finish your Google Authenticator switch while you still have your old phone.
  • If you are planning to delete your Google Authenticator app from your old device, it’s possible, but don’t do it until you have set up every Google Account with it on the new phone.
  • If you lose, get rid of, or sell your phone before switching your Google Authenticator app and the 2FA codes, there is a strong chance you will not regain entree to some of your accounts.
  • Google Authenticator does not include a method to recover lost 2FA codes.
  • However, a thing to keep in mind is that, once the new phone is set up with Google Authenticator, all the codes generated on the previous phone will no longer be usable.
  • Hence, when moving to a new phone, always add all your accounts in the Authenticator app on the new phone before deleting them from the old phone.
  • It is also advisable to set up an alternative, a second step for authentication, which comes into play when the first tool fails or when you are locked out of your account.
  • One of the best ways out is to download the ‘Backup codes’ especially when traveling to a location with no network coverage.
  • To be used with verification via SMS code.


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