How to Incorporate Video into Email Marketing

How to Incorporate Video into Email Marketing – A brief introduction

Video is famous, and everyone wants to know how to incorporate it into their email marketing. What is the reason for this? Since video is interesting and engaging. Did you know that to Incorporate Video into Email Marketing will increase the open rate by 6%?

How to Incorporate Video into Email Marketing
How to Incorporate Video into Email Marketing

Those figures are compelling reasons for any marketer to learn how to incorporate video into their email campaigns in the most effective way possible.

How to Incorporate Video into Email Marketing

Read on for some of the best tips and tricks for getting great results with video in email.

What is the best way to use video in an email?

While video now has more support in email than in the past, it still falls short of the web’s universal support.

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When you include video, it does not automatically start playing. Wherever possible, it’s a progressive addition to add, but it’s still better to review your subscription list to see whether a significant enough portion of your audience will be able to see the video in email.

Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird, and other email clients don’t always accept the technical specifications for playing video right within the email.

Despite this, 76 percent of marketers expect to increase their use of YouTube and video marketing, owing to video’s undeniable effect on email KPIs:

• Video increases open rates by 19%.

• Click-through rates are increased by 65 percent when using video.

• Unsubscribes are reduced by 26% when video is used.

So, how are the best marketers in the world using video and making it work in email?

Begin by watching your video.

First and foremost, you must have a video that can be emailed.

How to Incorporate Video into Email Marketing

You can’t embed a video from YouTube or Vimeo and stream it like you can on a website. You must email the video file in the same manner as a static image or GIF.

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This entails hosting a video on your content delivery network (CDN) or company servers, then serving it to your email subscribers.

Determine the target of your video in the second phase.

Your email serves as a conduit for connecting your subscribers to something you’re doing, such as selling a product, hosting an event, or sharing stories and updates.

If the aim of your video is to entice viewers to visit your store, a shorter GIF as a teaser might be more effective. The full video content could then be hosted on your shop page, with a purchase button just a click away.

How to Incorporate Video into Email Marketing | How to insert a video into an email

1. Use a play button on a static picture.

The simplest way to connect to video content on your blog, YouTube, or Vimeo is to place a play button on top of a static image.

This feature is supported by all email clients. All will have the same experience as long as photos are not blocked.

2. Transform the video into a GIF.

Another simple way to create the illusion of video in an email is to use an animated GIF.

Email clients that support GIFs are plentiful. However, Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, and Windows 10 do not support this image style, only displaying the first frame of the GIF.

There are several resources available to assist you in making a GIF. EZ GIF is a free online application that allows you to transform a video file to a GIF for free.

Simply upload your video and specify where you want your GIF to begin and end, and the tool will create the file for you.

If you need help creating a GIF, there are plenty of tools available. One online tool you can use to convert a video file to a GIF for free is EZ GIF.

Add a play button overlay to your GIF to invite your subscribers to watch your video.

5. Provide a video in an email.

You might consider embedding video in your emails if you have some technical know-how and are comfortable with HTML.

However, before you start using videos in all of your email promotions, keep in mind that not all email clients support video playback directly in the inbox.

If you’re going to embed video, HTML5 is much more capable and provides a wider range of options. According to our friends at Email on Acid, HTML 5 video support is still minimal, but the clients that do support it account for over 62 percent of the market.

Additionally, email clients such as the native iOS client, Apple Mail, and allow recipients to watch the video directly inside the email client. A fallback picture will be shown in other clients, such as Gmail and Android devices.

How to Incorporate Video into Email Marketing | Email clients that support playing video in the inbox:

• Apple Mail

• Outlook on Mac

• iOS Mail

• Samsung Mail

Another factor to consider when using video in email is the ability to decide how many people who click on the video actually watch it.

Custom click monitoring will also have to be introduced in order to detect clicks.


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