How to Fix Facebook Gameroom Not Installing or Working

Facebook Gameroom not installing or working on Windows 10, 8.1, 7 computers, either that it cannot install the program but not run it or that there was an error when installing.

How to Fix Facebook Gameroom Not Installing or Working
How to Fix Facebook Gameroom Not Installing or Working

Facebook Gameroom not working is a common problem people all over the globe face.

Facebook Gameroom is a Windows-native client accessible as a free download for players globally.

Inside the new Facebook Gameroom, players can experience a variety of both native games and web-based games built exclusively for the platform.

Formerly known as Facebook Games Arcade, this independent app stores all your Facebook game data and allows you to play Facebook games without having to access the Facebook website.

Here’s how to fix: Facebook Gameroom won’t install, open or download

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Firstly, you have to download it, and then access the games on the platform to enjoy the gaming experience from the application on Windows.

As usual, with every innovation, there are bound to be some damage control.

Users have concerns on Facebook Gameroom application, not opening, downloading or installing, on their devices.

Firstly, try updating your internet browser and use the latest version of Facebook Gameroom.

Here, are some troubleshooting techniques you can try if you are encountering the Facebook Game room not working.

How To Fix Facebook Gameroom Not Working Issues:

  • How to troubleshoot Facebook Game room install issues
  • Facebook Gameroom won’t open or load games
  • What to do if the game download process doesn’t complete

Troubleshoot: Facebook Gameroom install issues/won’t install, below is what you need to do:

  • Firstly, in case you use Windows 7, fix Microsoft .NET Framework 4, then download the Facebook Gameroom application.
  • After that, to fix the installation error, right-click the Facebook Gameroom installer then click on Run as administrator.

Windows 10 users need not install Microsoft .NET Framework 4 in this issue

Troubleshoot: Facebook Gameroom won’t open or load games

At times the difficulty is not in the download or installation, but the launching of the application. In the event of games do not run the app, try to download Facebook Gameroom again, and then do the following:

  • Firstly, go to the downloaded games section
  • Then, click on the X next to the game itself, which will stop the ongoing download or delete the game
  • Thirdly, click on the game again to download it again
  • Then, right-click on Gameroom to close it completely
  • Finally, open it again

Make sure you have installed your graphic cards driver since it enables you to play 3D games such as those on Facebook Gameroom.

Troubleshoot: Game download doesn’t complete

Below is what you can do to resolve it:

  • Firstly, visit Facebook Game room home
  • Secondly, look for the game and try to access it again
  • Thirdly, if this doesn’t resume download, go to Downloaded Games list
  • After that, click the X next to the particular game
  • Then, remove the game
  • Lastly, try accessing it again

Alternatively, you can drop a message at Facebook Game room page, or use ‘Report a Problem’ link from your Facebook profile to reach the support team over your issue.


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