How to Find Someone on WhatsApp without Them Knowing

How to Find Someone on WhatsApp without Them Knowing

How to Find Someone on WhatsApp without Them Knowing
How to Find Someone on WhatsApp without Them Knowing
  • How to Locate Someone through WhatsApp without Them Knowing
  • Easy Tricks to Locate Someone Through WhatsApp Without Them Knowing

Do you want to use WhatsApp to track down someone? Although it may seem strange, tracking WhatsApp Location comes in helpful when it comes to your child’s or partner’s safety. The “Share Your Location” feature on the instant messaging platform allows users to transmit their current location to friends, family, or coworkers.

It’s one of the simplest ways to ensure the safety of your loved ones. Users can share their location for 15 minutes, one hour, or eight hours, however the approach will only work if the other person does not deny the request.

But what if we inform you that you could secretly track someone’s WhatsApp location?

How to Find Someone on WhatsApp without Them Knowing

There are a variety of tools that allow users to track a person’s whereabouts using their cell phone. So, let’s take a look at three simple ways to track someone’s WhatsApp location without them knowing.

Before you use any of these WhatsApp Trackers, keep in mind that tecplusmore does not encourage users to spy on others without their consent.

Before you start following someone’s whereabouts or gathering any private information, be sure you get their consent. This list is provided solely for educational purposes, and tecplusmore assumes no responsibility for its abuse.

How to Find Someone on WhatsApp without Them Knowing?

Using WhatsApp Trackers to identify someone’s position is a simple approach, but other methods may be more difficult.

Solution 1: Track WhatsApp Location with KidsGuard Pro –

You can easily track location with this third-party solution. Because the app uses cutting-edge GPS location technology, you can rest assured that the location will be accurately identified. The app is for Android users only and includes the following features:

• KidsGuardPro is hidden on the target’s device, making tracing location easy and accurate

• You may verify your location in real-time and re-visit previously visited locations with ease.

• This WhatsApp Tracker does not necessitate any technological knowledge. Simply install the program like any other and configure it all at once.

To be honest, the GPS locate application will set you back a few dollars, but the results will be worth it. Follow the steps below to begin using KidsGuard Pro to locate someone using WhatsApp:

How to Find Someone on WhatsApp

STEP 1: Create an account and purchase a plan.

STEP 2- Now, grab the target device and use the official website to download the WhatsApp tracker onto it. To set up and configure the GPS locating app, follow the instructions on the main dashboard.

STEP 3- The KidsGuard Pro app icon will vanish as soon as you complete this step. This occurs to ensure that it goes unnoticed by the target’s sight.

You can also use its premium features to keep track of communications, activities, and more. Try out their Live Demo to see what this WhatsApp tracker can do for you.

How to Find Someone on WhatsApp without Them Knowing
Solution 2: Track WhatsApp Location With mSpy

mSpy is another amazing WhatsApp tracker tool built exclusively for tracking the position of your loved ones. Users of both Android and iPhone can download the app. You can simply track a cell phone’s location using mSpy. Furthermore, it provides valuable insight into a variety of elements of the gadget.

Note: You must have a rooted device to use mSpy WhatsApp Tracker. Because most GPS Locator Applications work in a similar way, you can use mSpy in the same way you used KidsGuard Pro.

Do you want to get a quick demo of the GPS finder application before you buy it? So, go ahead and click!

How to Find Someone on WhatsApp without Them Knowing
Solution 3: Use Command Prompt to Track WhatsApp Location

Before we jump into the step-by-step approach for tracking someone’s position on WhatsApp, keep in mind that using Command Prompt to locate someone isn’t for everyone. Furthermore, to use the strategy and prevent scammers, you must be very tech-savvy. However, if you’re looking for a technique to track down someone via WhatsApp, this will be really useful.

The method will only work with WhatsApp Web; to begin tracking someone’s position, follow the steps below.

STEP 1: Open WhatsApp Web on your PC and start a discussion with the person whose IP address you want to track.

STEP 2- Other than the browser you’re using, remember to close all background apps. To open Task Manager, press CTRL + ALT + Delete.

STEP 3- To open the Run window, press and hold the Windows + R keys on your keyboard. Open Command Prompt and type the commands below.

netstat-an (Press the Enter key.)

STEP 4- Write down the IP address that displays on your screen carefully.

Next, go to tracer/ and type in your IP address. & type in the IP address you just wrote down to get the exact location of the person you’re tracking on WhatsApp.

Were you able to find out where your loved ones were on WhatsApp?

Using the built-in WhatsApp Whereabouts Sharing tool is the ideal if you only want to keep a careful eye on the location of your favorite people. You may access the location in real-time and the feature is free. If kids refuse to share their whereabouts, you can use GPS Locator programs like KidsGuard Pro or mSpy to track them down.

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Find Someone on WhatsApp without Them Knowing

Q1. Can you find someone’s location on WhatsApp?

Yes, if they’re online and want to share their current location with you, they’ll need to switch on the GPS and share their current location with you. Use one of the monitoring applications to locate someone through WhatsApp if you are a parent and want to know where your child is.

Q2. How can you use WhatsApp to track someone’s position without them knowing?

You can use Kidsguard with your child’s device as a parent or guardian. This app allows you to effortlessly locate someone using WhatsApp.


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