How to Find and Track a Lost Android Phone or an iPhone

How to Find and Track a Lost Android Phone or an iPhone

How to Find and Track a Lost Android Phone or an iPhone
How to Find and Track a Lost Android Phone or an iPhone

One of the most distressing real-life scenarios is losing one’s phone.

Panic sets in as your heart fall into your stomach. You instantly begin searching everywhere.

If you’ve ever misplaced your mobile phone, you know how terrible it feels.

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Find My Device ~ Track a Lost Android Phone or an iPhone

How can you track a stolen cell phone?

To send the location of a missing phone normally requires a stable internet connection.

You’ll be able to trace its whereabouts and offer yourself the best chance of recovering it if you prepare ahead of time.

It should be connected to a WiFi network to receive the best tracking findings.

Android Find My Phone ~ Track a Lost Android Phone or an iPhone

How can I track location?

To track an Android phone, it must meet the following criteria:

  1. Your phone must be switched on

2. You must be logged into your Google Account.

3. Connect to a Wi-Fi or mobile data network.

4. You must be found on Google Play.

5. Have your Location turned on

6. Have Find My Device turned on

Find My Phone Google ~ Track a Lost Android Phone or an iPhone

How can I find the exact location of a lost phone?

You’ll utilize Google’s free Find My Device tool to locate and track your phone, as well as remotely erase it.

By accessing the Settings app on your Android phone, check to see if Find My Device is enabled.

After that, go to Security & Location and look for Find My Device.

Track my Phone for Free Online ~ Track a Lost Android Phone or an iPhone

Track your phone with your Google account

Firstly, in your browser, type

After that, go to your Google Account and sign in.

If you have numerous devices that are connected to your google account, select the lost phone at the top of the screen.

A notification is sent to the lost phone.

On the map, you can get information about where the phone is.

If your phone isn’t detected, you’ll be able to see its last known location if one is available.

With these options decide what you’d like to do:

·     Play sound: If your phone is set to quiet or vibrate, it will ring at maximum volume for 5 minutes.

·     Secure device: Set a lock on your phone using a PIN, pattern, or password if you don’t already have one.

You can add a message or phone number to the lock screen to encourage the person in returning your phone to you.

If you haven’t been contacted after a while, move on to the next option.

·     Erase device: This will remove all data from your phone permanently, however, it will not remove data from your SD card.

Find My Device will not operate on the phone after you wipe all data.

You’ll probably need your Google Account password to use your phone again if you discover it after wiping it.

How to Locate a Lost Cell Phone That is Turned Off ~ Track a Lost Android Phone or an iPhone

Is it possible to track a cell phone that is off?

Finding a misplaced phone without a tracker is similar to tracking a switched-off phone, which is a little more difficult because when a phone is turned off, it stops connecting with surrounding mobile towers.

Only by calling the service provider or using Google services can it be traced back to its last known location when it was turned on.

How To Find a Lost Phone in Your House That is Locked ~ Track a Lost Android Phone or an iPhone

How can I find my lost phone without a tracker?

The best way to track down a missing phone is to use Google’s location history.

·     Log in to the Maps location history page using the device’s Google account.

·     A complete list of your devices associated with the specified Google account will be displayed.

·     At the top of the page is a map with temporal controls.

·     To see the most recent location data, click the “Today” option. Now, you can see all of the locations where your phone has been.

Find My Phone by Number – Find My Phone Location by Number – Track a Lost Android Phone or an iPhone

Can you locate a phone with just the number?

A cell phone’s location can be tracked solely by its number.

There are only two ways to accomplish this:

How can I track a phone by its number?

Using a phone surveillance app like the true caller, you could trace the phone and its number.

Truecaller can be found in the Google Play Store for Android devices and on the iTunes store for iPhones.

In the search field, input the phone number you want to trace and press the search button.

How to Track Lost Mobile With IMEI Number ~ Track a Lost Android Phone or an iPhone

Can I track my phone with an IMEI number?

You’ll need to download a third-party IMEI tracking program like IMEI Tracker-Find My Device to track your missing Android phone using the IMEI number.

Nevertheless, I only propose this strategy as a last resort, which is why I included it at the bottom of my article.

The best way to locate a lost Android phone so far is to use Google’s Find My Device tool.

How to Find a Lost iPhone – How to Find a Lost iPhone That is Turned Off

You’ll need to Find My iPhone to track down a lost iPhone, but you’ll need to make sure it’s set up on your iPhone before you misplace it.

  1. Go to Settings, iCloud, then scroll down to Find My iPhone and switch it on, as well as Send Last Location.

2. You must also have an active location.

After you’ve done that, there are two ways to locate a misplaced device.

·     To begin, you could trace your iPhone using the free Find My iPhone app on another Apple device.

·     or, you can sign in to your account on a desktop browser at and click Find My iPhone.

If your iCloud account is linked to numerous Apple devices, choose the one that has gone missing.

After you’ve chosen your phone, Find My iPhone will display its last known location on the map and give you the choice to sound an alarm, secure it, or delete its contents.


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