How to Create a Facebook Page for Your Business

Facebook Page Creation allows more than 2 billion people on Facebook to discover your business.

For now, the majority of consumers turn to social media to inquire about products and services.

Since Facebook is the trending social network, it is the main place to build your online presence.

A Facebook Business Page is a must-have especially if you’re serving local customers.

Picture your Facebook existence as your online business central hub

What Is a Facebook Page?

A Facebook business page is a free public profile you can create for your local business, brand or product.

Similar to your personal Facebook account and connected to your profile so Facebook knows who owns the page.

It’s a separate presence you can use to promote your business or products by posting links, status updates, event announcements, comments or photos, and videos.

Since pages are designed for business use, they have some structures not available on profiles including advertising, analytics, and post scheduling.

My Facebook page manages many aspects of my business and makes it easy for people to find out more about what I offer and get in touch.

Facebook page increases awareness of your business with a free online presence that you can create in minutes.

It is your digital shopfront. Setting up a Facebook business page is free and simple, and it looks great both on mobile and desktop.

How to create a Facebook page for business

Before you can sign up for your Facebook business page, you need to log into your personal Facebook account.

Do you own a Facebook account or are you planning to create one? Whichever the case may be, there are quite a lot of things you can do with this platform but you cannot do them unless you create an account.

If you already have an account, then there is no need for you to create a new one but in case you don’t have an account yet, please read:

Welcome To Facebook: Create New Account | Login

To set up a Facebook page for business, you’ll need to log into your Facebook profile and click the home page button next to your name.

It includes your News Feed, groups you are in, the continuously updated list of posts from your friends, search for people and topics that matter to you, pages you follow and more.

The information from your account will not be publicly visible on your business page.

So, if you’re not already logged into your account, log in now, let’s dive into the page creation steps.

Setting Up a Facebook Page

  • Step 1: Sign up

Go to

Select the type of page you want to create then, click the Get Started button and create a page for a business or brand.

After that, enter your business information. For your page name, it is best to use your business name or the name people are likely to search for when trying to find your business.

Under category, Facebook will suggest some options; type a word or two that describes your business.

If your business falls into more than one of the category options, choose the one your customers are most likely to think of when they remember your business.

The box will expand to ask for a handful further detail once you choose your category, like your phone number and address

Since it is optional you can choose whether to make this information public or to show only your city and state.

Next is to click the Continue button, note that by so doing indicates your approval of Facebook’s Pages, Groups and Events Policies. It’s good to check these before you proceed.

  • Step 2: Add Pictures

Then, you will upload a profile and cover images for your Facebook page. It is necessary to create a good visual first impression, hence choose cleverly here.

Make certain the photos you choose conform to your brand and are easily recognizable with your business.

After that, click Upload a Cover Photo once you have selected an appropriate image,

  • Step 3: Create your username

Username is known also as your vanity URL is how you tell people where to find you on Facebook.

Click Create Page @Username in the left menu to set up your vanity URL.

Then, click again on create a username when you’re done. A box will pop up showing you the links people can use to connect with your business on Facebook and Messenger.

  • Step 4: Add your business details

Click Edit Page Info and share all the important information about your business.


This is a short description that appears in search results no need to get too elaborate.


The category you entered in Step 1 will come up. If you desire, you can add additional categories here to make certain Facebook shows your page to all the right people.

  • Step 5: Tell your story

In this section, you can add a comprehensive description of what your business offers customers and why they should Like or Follow your Page. This is a great place to set prospects.

Type a headline and then your story before uploading with a relevant photo. When you’re finished, just click Publish.

  • Step 6: Create your first post

Firstly, you need to post some valuable content before inviting people to like the Facebook page of your business

You can share relevant content from leaders in your industry or create your posts.

  • Step 7: Publish your page and invite an audience

Now your Facebook business page boots of a strong online presence that will make prospective customers and fans feel at ease networking with you.

In order words, you have reached the stage to click on that big green Publish Page button in the left-hand menu.

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How to Delete Facebook Page, Account, or Group

If you want to delete a Page you have created, below are the easy steps:

  1. Firstly, go to your Page, and click “Settings.”
  2. Secondly, from the general tabs within settings, scroll to the bottom and click “Remove Page.”
  3. Thirdly, click “Delete [that is your Page Name]” then click “OK.”
  4. Finally, that’s it, you are done! Please note that it takes Facebook up to fourteen days to effect the change.


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