How to Clear App Data Usage on Android 2021

How to Clear App Data Usage on Android 2021

How to Clear App Data Usage on Android
How to Clear App Data Usage on Android

An Android phone is a cell phone that operates on Google’s Android operating system, which is utilized by a number of different phone makers.

What is Difference between an iPhone and Android? Clear App Data Usage on Android

Android is more accessible than iOS, which is a complex system.

In iOS, users have very few system permissions, whereas in Android, users can readily modify their devices.

Several brands, including Tecno, Infinix, Samsung, and Oppo, provide Android software.

Apple iOS, on the other hand, has a greater integration with some other devices than Google Android.

What is Data Usage? Clear App Data Usage on Android

The amount of data your phone transmits or downloads over mobile data is referred to as data utilization.

You could check and alter your data use to ensure that you’re not using too much data on your service plan.

Once it pertains to phone plans, mobile data usage refers to how much data you consume over the course of a billing cycle, which is usually a month.

Why Should You Clear App Data Usage? Clear App Data Usage on Android

Why should I clear my mobile data usage history?

·     Clearing data is the same as starting an app from scratch, as if it were the first time you installed it.

·     It is possible to free up storage by clearing it.

·     It improves the performance of the phone.

·     It saves a lot on a data plan with a limited data allowance.

How to Clear App Data Usage on Android

1.On your device, go to the Settings app.

2.Go to the Apps Menu.

3.Select Installed Applications.

4.Locate and select on the application for which you want to remove the app data.

5.Go to the Storage section.

6.You could see Clear App Data if you click Clear Storage.

How to Clear Mobile Data Usage History

1.To begin, activate your mobile data.

2.Go to System Settings after that.

3.Go to “Network & Internet” once you’re at the Settings screen.

4.Select “Data Usage” from the drop-down menu.

5.Then select “Data Warning & Limit.” That will provide more options.

6.Select “App Data Usage Cycle” from the drop-down menu.

7.A menu titled “Usage cycle reset data” will appear.

8.Adjust the reset date to today’s date by tapping on Billing cycle.

Your device’s data usage should now been reset.

How to Clear Data Usage in Samsung J7

How do I clear mobile data usage in Samsung?

1.Go to your device Settings and tap it.

2.Go to Apps and select it.

3.A rundown of the applications will be displayed, together with the amount of space they take up.

4.To clear the app cache, click on the application name.

5.Choose a storage option.

6.Then select Clear data and Clear cache to delete all of the data associated with it.

How to Clear Data Usage in Realme

How to clear cache and data on OnePlus phones

1.Open the Menu settings.

2.Select Apps and Notifications from the drop-down menu.

3.To see a list of all installed apps, tap the Sell all option.

4.After that, open the program whose cache and data you want to remove.

5.Then select Storage and Cache from the drop-down menu.

6.Click Clear cache and Clear storage to clear cache data and storage.

How to Clear Cache and Data on Xiaomi Phones – Clear App Data Usage on Android

1.Go to your Settings device and tap it.

2.Click on Apps

3.Next, select Manage apps.

4.To open the app listing, click it.

5.In the Storage options, you’ll discover an overview of the applications data and cache.

6.You’ll then have to decide either you want to delete all of the app’s data or simply its cache.

7.Click the Clear data button at the bottom to clear the app’s data and cache.

How to Clear Cache and Data on Google Pixel ~ Clear App Data Usage on Android

1.Go to your device’s settings.

2.Go to the Apps section.

3.You’ll get a list of the most recently used applications.

4.To see the lists of all applications available on your Pixel phone, choose the See all option at the bottom.

5.Continue by tapping the name of the program whose storage space and cache you’d like to remove.

6.Then select Storage and Cache from the drop-down menu.

7.Click the Clear cache and Clear storage option on the settings page that appears.

8.This step can take a few moments regardless of the amount of space occupied.

How to Reset Data Usage for Rooted Devices?

1.Download ES file explorer from your Google playstore, if you don’t have one on your device.

2.Run the file explorer on your computer.

3.After that, navigate to /data/system/netstats.

4.Delete all files in the netstats folder and restart your device.

5.This will remove anything from the “data use” section.

How to Clear App Cache Using 3rd Party Applications – Clear App Data Usage on Android

1.Clearing the app cache on Android could well be done in a variety of ways, including manually or with the help of apps like CCleaner.

2.Download CCleaner from the Google Play Store.

3.Open the app, select the Start Here button, and allow the required permissions.

4.Wait for it to finish scanning once you select Start Scanning.

5.Then press the Finish Cleaning button.

The operation will be completed automatically as a result of this.

How to Delete WIFI Data Usage History

1.Open the Settings menu.

2.Select Network & Internet from the drop-down menu.

3.Pick Data Usage.

4.Select View usage details from the drop-down menu.

5.Reset the usage statistics by clicking the Reset button.


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