How to Check Your Glo Midnight Data Balance – Complete Guide

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How to Check Your GLO Midnight Data Balance
How to Check Your GLO Midnight Data Balance

If you’re a Glo subscriber, you’re probably already aware that GLO is one of the best when it comes to data delivery.

Glo has been known for providing the lowest data to all of their consumers throughout the years, and they also make sure that their night plan is not forgotten.

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Glo has been selling night plan data at a low and inexpensive price so far, and believe me when I say that you will get more than you bargained for with Glo night plan.

GLO Midnight Data ~ What time can I use my Glo Night data?

  • 12 a.m. midnight to

The Glo night plan gives Glo users access to the internet at a very low rate. The Glo night plans come with different prices to suit your budget. Glo Night Plans can only be used from 12 a.m. midnight to, this lasts only for one night.

How to Activate Glo Night Data Plan

The Glo Night package is also known as the “Glo Night and Weekends plan,” which means you can use the data bundle during the day. Glo also provides you with the best internet experience at a very affordable price on weekends.

Dial *777# to activate the GLO Night plan.

Glo Night plans

If you already utilize the Night plan, you should be aware that it is available in various bundles.

250MB Night Plan

Use this plan if all you want to do is surf the web and download tiny files. Glo is offering 250MB for 25 naira, which can be used from 12am to 5am. You can activate the plan if you like browsing till mid-night.

500MB Night Plan

This is the more expensive option; for 50 Naira, you’ll get 500MB. This plan is designed for users who want to download huge files or watch videos.

1GB Night Plan

This plan is fantastic because it allows users to utilize up to 1GB of data for one night. You may acquire 1GB of Night plan for 100 Naira, which you can utilize for 5 nights straight. This is one of the best because not all networks provide low-cost night plans of up to 1GB for up to 5 nights.

Weekend Plan with Glo 200

From 12am to 11:59pm on Sunday, you may purchase 1250MB + MB (1.25GB) for 200 naira. If you need to get something done quickly or just want to browse on Sunday, this plan is ideal.

How can I get 1GB of Glo for 200?
  • How to Sub Glo 1GB for N200

Go to any shop close by you.

Purchase a 200 Naira Glo recharge card.

Simply recharge N200 or above and dial *777#

Glo Weekend Plan

If you want one of the greatest weekend plans, you’ll need the 3000 + MB (3GB) for two days, from 11:59 p.m. Saturday to 11:59 p.m. Sunday.

How to Check Your Glo Midnight Data Balance

There are two techniques to verify Glo da-ta balance, the first of which is:

• you get to dial *777#

• select 1 (buy data)

• To check the data balance, choose 5 and then press send/ok.

and the balance of your GLO night or weekend plan would be displayed.


Simply dial *127*0# and then click send/ok to get started. And this would immediately disclose your GLO night and weekend plan balance.

GLO Midnight Data Summary

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