How to Activate Google Birthday Surprise Spinner

It’s difficult to fathom life without Google. Our lives have been made a lot easier thanks to the world’s most popular and largest search engine. Because so many people use Google, it’s likely that everyone is familiar with Google’s doodles. However, did you know that on its 19th birthday, Google unveiled the Google Birthday Surprise Spinner, the greatest doodle?

How to Activate Google Birthday Surprise Spinner
How to Activate Google Birthday Surprise Spinner

Stay tuned to learn more about this historical relic.

Google Birthday Surprise Spinner – About Doodles and the Spinner

Doodles are Google’s alternate logos that commemorate significant occasions such as important people’s birth and death dates, national holidays, historical milestones, and so on.

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Some Doodles will transport you to a mini-game or show you some cool animations.

The first ever Birthday Doodle was posted online on September 27, 2002, and this is considered Google’s official start date. However, the date of its birth remains unknown. The Google Surprise Birthday Spinner, the largest Doodle to date, debuted on September 27, 2017.

This Doodle, which consists of a spinning wheel that, when spun, transports you to one of Google’s nineteen famous former Doodles, was created to commemorate the company’s nineteenth anniversary.

The following is a rundown of the nineteen extra-special drawings.

Google Birthday Surprise SpinnerGoogle’s 15th Birthday Doodle

Google produced a little game for its 15th birthday in which the characters are its letters and they are trying to acquire as many candy as possible from the piata, which they require your help with.


You can play the Snake game inside of Google thanks to the Birthday Spinner. This is a 1970s arcade game that became popular after being included in nearly all Nokia mobile phones.


Klondike, a popular Solitaire game, is also available on Google’s website. This adaptation, like many others, allows you to choose the level of difficulty and includes a “Undo” feature.


This old game has been remade as one of Google’s Doodles, and it shows whenever you search for its name.

The Google Birthday Surprise Spinner also includes it.

Google Birthday Surprise Spinner  – Pac-Man

This iconic arcade game was also featured on Google on its 30th birthday in May 2010. Google has also created a map that mimics their logo for this occasion.

The Theremin is a musical instrument that was invented in the

This Doodle is for you if you’ve ever wondered what a theremin is or how it sounds, since it teaches you how to play this fascinating instrument. Clara Rockmore, a virtuoso of this instrument, is featured in this Doodle.

Google Birthday Surprise Spinner – Doodle by Oskar Fischinger

Oskar Fischinger was an animator who created music-accompanied animations. It’s worth noting that he created these animations before there was any such thing as a music video.

This Doodle allows you to compose your own music using onscreen notes and your creativity.

Google Birthday Surprise Spinner – Doodle on Beethoven’s Birthday

Assist this well-known composer in putting his best-known compositions back together following a series of setbacks on his route to the concert hall. The 245th birthday of Ludwig van Beethoven is commemorated in this Doodle.

Google Birthday Surprise Spinner – EArpeggio Experiment

Yotam Mann created this small program to demonstrate how arpeggios work. Its purpose is to introduce them to as many people as possible. Arpeggios are chords that are performed with only one note at a time.

Hip-Hop’s Birthday

To commemorate hip-44th hop’s birthday, Google created a Doodle that allows users to learn about the genre’s history while scratching turntables like an actual DJ.

Google Birthday Surprise Spinner – Earth Day Quiz

The Google Doodle for April 22nd 2015 was a weird little quiz that Google came up with to mark Earth Day and raise awareness about the health of our planet and its conservation. The objective is straightforward: answer the questions to determine which animal you are.

Google Birthday Surprise Spinner – Scoville Scale Game

This 2016 mini-game is all about fighting peppers with ice cream to save the world from heat, in honor of Wilbur Scoville’s 151st birthday, who invented a scale for measuring a pepper’s spiciness.

Valentine’s Day Doodle

The Doodle for Valentine’s Day 2017 featured a mini-game about pangolins falling in love. In this way, Google hoped to raise awareness to the world’s only known animal with scales, which is on the verge of extinction.

Halloween Doodle

There’s also a Halloween Doodle, which is unsurprising. This one is about a cat defending its school of magic from annoying spirits who are attempting to surround and approach it

The Pony Express

This 2015 Doodle welcomes you as a member of the Pony Express, a historical mail service that consisted of riders bringing messages from one side of the country to the other on horseback.

Animal Sounds

Have you ever wondered what it sounds like to be a panda or a Komodo dragon? If that’s the case, you’ll enjoy this one. The sounds that various animals produce, from dogs and cats to anteaters and yaks, are the focus of this Doodle.

Darwin’s Living Laboratory

While not really a Doodle, this special edition of Google Maps allows users to explore the Galapagos Islands underwater. It’s devoted to Charles Darwin’s observations on the animals in this area.

Cricket Cricket

This game, which was created in 2017 to commemorate the International Cricket Council (ICC) Trophy, is about – you got it – cricket with crickets. One of the most popular Doodle games is this one.

The Breathing Exercise

Google created this app that shows you how to breathe to relieve stress for health reasons as well as to assist people calm down in stressful times. You can find it by searching for “breathing exercise” on Google.

Playing with ideas

There are numerous Google Doodles created for various reasons. This time, however, it’s all about having a good time while learning about numerous things. If you’re searching for something to do to pass the time, this is a wonderful option because it’s both entertaining and informative.

Which of the Doodle games is your personal favorite? Which more Google Doodles do you think we’ll see in the near future? Get your creative juices flowing and share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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