Google Maps: How to Use Google Maps and Its Best Features

Google Maps is a network mapping service developed by Google.

Google Maps has been described as the best traffic app as it helps users identify and shoot heavy traffic especially in major cities of the world; Lagos, Maryland, Accra, New York City, and etcetera.

Google-Maps Best Features and How to Use
Google-Maps Best Features and How to Use

It provides satellite imagery, aerial photographs, real-time traffic situations, and road maps, 360 ° panoramic views of roads, and arrangements for pedestrian, car, bicycle and air routes, or public transportation. Wikipedia

This cutting-edge road app gives users quick access to identify nearby petrol stations, restaurants, and shortcuts to get to their destinations in the shortest time possible.

Google Maps is 15 years old, and to celebrate, Google is releasing a new service icon and a slightly redesigned app along with a few features.

The biggest change here could be the icon itself – no old street icon favors a new pin with a white Google background, which is almost identical to another Google app icon.

How to use Google Maps

Google Maps is an easy way to navigate your destination, find local businesses, and explore unusual places. Google Maps shows its appreciation for its ease of use and navigation features,

In recent years, Google has added features that enable you to save your favorite places, share your location with friends, and get personalized recommendations.

Here are some useful but less well-known features, such as incognito mode, live viewing, saving your favorite places, or sharing your location in real time

Google Maps: How to Get Directions Quickly

Everyone who uses Google Maps Navigation knows the navigation feature that provides voice-guided directions. But there is a good shortcut to getting started.

You can search for a location or tap it on a map, then touch and hold the blue arrow keys in the bottom right, and Google Maps will select the best route and start directly in Navigation mode.

If you want to adjust the route or change your transit mode, simply tap once, make your changes, and then tap Start.

How to See Street View on Mobile

Google has begun releasing the highly anticipated feature of Google Maps after reviewing it earlier this year with a select group of users.

How to Check Traffic

Traffic analysis comes in stock with Google Maps. A usable feature can help you find your way and avoid congestion.

Map enables automatic traffic analysis when requesting directions between two locations. Red areas indicate traffic backups, orange congestion, and green are clear.

You will see thumbnails for road construction and speed cameras, too. You can also check traffic at a glance. If you go back to changing your viewing tip above, you will see Traffic listed as an option to cover.

Subsequently, every time you open Google Maps, you’ll see current traffic information.

How to Find Places Nearby

If you don’t know exactly what you want – or want more – the Check tab is available for you.

Whether you’re driving a car, having dinner and a movie, finding a decent place to stay, or taking a trip to a park, Google Maps will cover you with points of interest to you.

Tap the Explore tab at the bottom left of the screen, you’ll see a list of places near jobs. The tabs above the screen direct you to things like restaurants, coffee, hotels, bars, tourists, parks, and gas to help narrow down the search.

You can also search by typing directly into the search bar at the top or by voice search by tapping the microphone icon at the top right.

For whatever you want, you will see the estimated listing, distance from your location, working hours, and whether you are currently on or off.


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