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The GMass extension is designed to send targeted emails designed to reach people with a personal message, event, business, or information.

It is a free and affordable online service that allows its users to send a large unlimited number of email messages at once.

Gmass 2021 Powerful mail merges for Gmail
Gmass 2021 Powerful mail merges for Gmail

Also, they encourage their user to use personalized greetings and to press the opt-out button to stop receiving messages when you choose.

What is GMass?

GMass is a mass campaign creator and disseminator that you can use within Gmail and Google Inbox.

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This permits you to expand your email service and upgrade it with more powerful features and even exceed its sending limit.

In addition to creating and sending emails, GMass can also help with email lists.

The result can extract email addresses from previous campaigns or conversations in your account, saving you time by adding recipients as well.

Also, you may like GMass with Google sheets. Due to this, you can send personalized emails and major campaigns based on your file columns.

The great thing about GMass is that you can automatically send follow-ups. Moreover, you can send messages en masse as replies. This creates the impression that you have made the content personal, giving you a higher chance of getting feedback.

GMass will read data live from any Google Sheet and even observe new lines and send emails automatically.

How does gmass work? – How to use gmass

Post a portion of the previous campaign, like everyone who opened the last campaign, or everyone who did not click on the last campaign. Preview all emails as a Gmail draft first. Then send them with a single click.

Overview of GMass Benefits

  • Simple Email Composition

Creating a visually attractive email is not a challenge when you are using GMass.

You can put together your message as you would any other and make it more engaging with inline images.

  • Gmass for Gmail – It performs the following functions:

A mass email service inside Gmail

Cold email service inside Gmail

A mail merge service inside Gmail

An email marketing service inside Gmail

You can add documents and other files on top when you need to.

  • Accessible Email Lists

GMass can merge with Google sheets, which means you can easily upload your email list to the solution. This also allows you to fill in some of the required fields automatically, providing they are available in your file.

Besides, GMass can create email lists based on your former campaigns.

  • Automated Follow-ups

With this, you can increase your engagement level with your targeted market.

  • Emails as Replies

GMass has an email as a response tool that allows you to send out multiple emails in response to previous messages and make them look like you have written to the recipient in particular.

In this way, you can increase your chances of getting an answer.

  • Enhanced Distribution Technology

Gmail limits its maximum sending to less than 500 people. If you need to send your campaign beyond that number, GMass can assist.

The solution has advanced distribution technology that allows it to break the sending limits.

It also ensures that it does not violate email service rules by sending it within a few days.

Overview of GMass Features

  • Gmail Compose Window
  • Test Mode
  • Google Sheets Integration
  • Unsubscribe Link
  • Reports
  • Email List Builder
  • Automatic Follow-up Emails
  • Scheduling
  • Open Tracking
  • Click Tracking
  • Manual Follow-up Campaigns
  • Reply Management
  • Break Gmail’s Sending Limits
  • New Messages vs Replies
  • Personalization

GMass is one of the top 200 Marketing Software products and is listed on Email Marketing Software sub-categories.

How Much Does GMass Cost? – Gmass Pricing

GMass Pricing Plans:

Free Trial

  • Minimal (Gmail)


  • Standard (Gmail)


  • Premium (Gmail)


  • Minimal (G Suite)


  • Standard (G Suite)


  • Premium (G Suite)


  • Premium (G Suite – Team)

From $89.95/month

GMass has different business prices for Gmail and G Suite but you can choose to pay yearly on monthly for either one.

There are three packages for each, which are outlined further down to assist you in making a choice.


  • Minimal – $6.95/month or $69.00/year

Standard Features

Unlimited Use

  • Standard – $8.95/month or $89.00/year

No GMass Footer on Emails

  • Premium – $12.95/month or $69.00/year

Auto Follow-ups


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