FirstBank Mobile App Download 2020 – Register and Activate Your Account in Nigeria

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FirstBank Mobile App is for First Bank Online Banking customers. Mobile banking transforms your smart phone into a suitable, quick and easy branch in the world.

FirstBank Mobile App Download 2020
FirstBank Mobile App Download 2020

In the course of 2019, FirstBank won numerous awards in various areas of business operations.

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The bank also won the Best Mobile Banking App award (among others) because of its First mobile banking app capability at performing many financial transactions in a secure, flexible, future and efficient way.

If you are not an existing user, you will need to register before starting this process.

Thus, sign up for Online Banking in a few simple steps, and start using secure online services. Your accounts are as secure online as they are in the treasury.

New to FirstBank or the digital bank? Get ready to go in minutes:

Digital Banking with FirstBank mobile app is available to all FirstBank customers. As soon as you are registered for a FirstBank account, you can download the free Mobile App and finish the registration procedure.

Or else, you can make your first registration with Online Banking at

When you signed in with the Firstbank Mobile App or Online Banking, your banking and login details will be synced together.

Are you New to FirstBank or online banking? Then, get ready to go in minutes:

How to Make Your First Transaction with the FirstBank Mobile App

With the banking app, you can conduct a variety of transactions from the comfort of your own home. Which means you don’t have to spend several hours at ATM or Bank lines to complete certain transactions.

To transfer / assign money to another person or another account with the First Mobile app, just follow these steps:

FirstBank Mobile App: How to Open / Launch mobile application

• Click the “Transfer” button.

• Select the account where the transaction will take place: This option is very useful for customers with more than one account activated for the app.

• Choose your bank / financial institution where you send money.

• Fill in the details (account number and name) of the beneficiary. Once you have entered the account number, the app will automatically check the account holder and show the name (if valid).

• Enter the amount you are sending again, add a short note or description (though optional but important if you pay for something).

• You will be shown a review of all transactions for which you will have a valid review.

• Enter your PIN once you have verified that the information is correct and then tap on the “Transfer” button to complete the process.

Nigeria’s First Bank has announced the development of its mobile banking system, with FirstMobile.

Firstmobile came with first-hand and better-quality features to improve the mobile banking experience for customers.

This easy-to-use app is widely known for its easy roaming and state of the art security features to reduce the risk of fraud.

Why You Should Work with the First Bank in Nigeria

Banking with the first bank is very easy, among other banking services, they offer personal banking services. You get the chance to have your own account with the first bank.

The customer can open a loan account and receive a bank loan. The property plan for your home or other buildings is also part of their financial deals.

They can also help you manage your assets, and provide child life insurance cover.

As one of Nigeria’s largest banks, they can help you invest your wealth more efficiently. This will increase your returns which you can use to improve your health.


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