Facebook Search Tips: How to Search on Facebook

Facebook search is a great way of finding people online. Being the leading social networking site at present, your odds of finding the person you’re looking for is fairly high.

Facebook as a popular social media platform is sometimes used as a search engine. If you haven’t heard about the Facebook search tool before, then you are welcome to Facebook Search.

Facebook allows its users to add lots of info regarding themselves to their profile, and the main purpose of the site is to gather people together through information sharing.

You can leverage on this to help you find someone on Facebook, be it a friend you used to know, a childhood coworker, a crush, classmate, course mate, neighbors, family, etc.

Facebook Search Engine

Facebook searches are below Google’s billion daily searches, but it has a remarkable figure nevertheless and that puts it right up there as far as search giants go.

Obviously, Facebook is only indexing content contained in its database, while Bing, Google, Yahoo and the like make great the web’s content available to searchers.

Facebook’s searches launch targets changing that, bringing more of what’s going on in the globe to searchers within their social ecosystem.

Two years ago, Facebook launched Graph search, which is an aspiring and comprehensive tool that you could use to search through your contacts based on their Facebook behaviors.

Now, the company is making known its next big update to its search product, and it’s quite simple and long-awaited.

Understanding How To Search On Facebook

Facebook users can use keywords to search for detailed individual posts, not just for other users and pages.

Facebook is certain that people want to find not just other people with search, but precise memories, articles, photos, and other content that users share. 

Upon your completion of this article, you should be able to create, register and log in to a Facebook account, and also know how to access and how to use the search tool.

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How to Access and Use the Facebook Search Tool

The Facebook search tool is free to access and use. You must have an account and log in on the platform before you can use this tool.

How Do I Search For Something On Facebook?

To search on facebook for something or whatever information you may require, follow the steps below to access and use the Facebook search tool.

  1. Firstly, go to the Facebook official website using the web address www.facebook.com on any internet-connected device.
  2. Then Log in your already existing account and you should be directed to your account news feed.
  3. Thirdly, tap on the search bar from your newsfeed and enter your search term (your search term could be the name of a Facebook group, page or username)
  4. After that, enter what you’re looking for and choose from the results.
  5. Lastly, when typing something, you may see predictions for what you’re looking for.

If you see what you’re looking for in these predictions, click it to save time searching.

To Filter Your Facebook Search Results

You can filter your search by typing something into the search bar at the top of any Facebook page or select a search prediction.

Click a filter at the top (example: phone number, account by name, friend’s list, Facebook ID, Photos) to narrow your search.

How to Use Keywords in Facebook Search

Facebook search supports keyword searches to help you find what you’re looking for on Facebook.

When you start searching with keywords you’ll see results that you can filter.

You can also select one of the predicted searches to see a full list of search options for that prediction.


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