Facebook Message Sent But Not Delivered – How To Fix?

Facebook message sent but not delivered can result in a lot of people assuming the worst when using Facebook Messenger.

How to Fix Facebook Message Sent, But Not Delivered
How to Fix Facebook Message Sent, But Not Delivered

It is most likely that the recipient just has not read the message yet or, if worst comes to worst, they are ignoring your messages.

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Therefore, to improve the user experience, Facebook has come up with several other applications like Facebook Messenger, Facebook Lite, etc.

Messenger is an instant messaging service across the globe. It comes from the old Facebook chat that was detached to be used independently on mobile devices, hence creating a specific application.

Instant Messaging on Social Networks such as Facebook has made great progress in enabling the easy spread of information around the world, bringing about some positive impacts like creating a more connected global village.

Unfortunately, a drawback to this is the fact that everyone normally expects the other person to receive and respond to messages almost as soon as possible.

This has led to different complaints that can include but not limited to the Facebook message sent but not delivered topic addressed in this article.

Reasons Why Your Facebook Message Sent But Not Delivered Even When Active

There is no specific reason why Facebook messages sent but not delivered even when your friend is seen active on Messenger.

Although, we have listed some reasons why your messages might not be delivered on Messenger

The reasons are below;

  • Seeing the message sent means it has been sent from your side. And delivered means it has reached to recipient side. But, if your message is not delivered yet, it means the problem is from the recipient side. It could be an internet problem, server problem, PC settings, or something else.
  • At specific times, your Facebook message sent, but not delivered, due to unavoidable malfunctions in the system or the recipient might have received the message but has not opened it yet.
  • It’s possible; the recipient is not yet connected to the Messenger app or currently logged out of Facebook or Messenger at the moment. They may be active using Facebook on other web browsers.
  • Remember, if the message sent to the person is not on your Facebook friend list or your Messenger contact, then your messages sent are marked as filtered in their “Message Requests or Connection Requests” section. This means that your message will be marked as delivered pending when your friend has accepted it”.
  • Your friend or recipient has purposely ignored your message.
  • The recipient might have read your message from the status or notification bar.
  • Network Issue – The network on your end is slow to update the status of the message sent and shows a delay.
  • Your message was quickly labeled as spam by the recipient; hence it never showed delivered on your end.
  • Maybe your recipient downloaded and installed a Google feature called Facebook Unseen – so it appears from your end as if your message was never delivered.

How To Resolve The Issue Of Facebook Message Sent But Not Delivered?

  1. Firstly, log in to Facebook via a laptop or desktop using your web browser
  2. Remove PC Errors by running a PC Scan with Restoro Repair Tool to find errors causing security problems and slowdowns.
  3. Thirdly, try sending messages to many active friends as you have.
  4. Lastly, if your message is not delivered to only one friend, then it will be obvious that the person has ignored you on Messenger.

For a friend to ignore you on Messenger, it simply means that they are no longer interested in chatting with you or seeing your profile on the Messenger or some other personal reasons.  


If you notice that you’re Facebook Message Sent But Not Delivered, it could be that it was marked unread, ignored, removed, or marked as spam by your recipient.