Earthlink Webmail Settings and Setup

Earthlink Webmail Settings and Setup 

Earthlink Webmail Settings and Setup
Earthlink Webmail Settings and Setup

Apart from the fact that you can set up “Earthlink Webmail Settings” on your smartphone [Android and iPhone] and PC [Windows and Mac] to access and send email using your Earthlink email, you also have the option to create eight different emails for free, each with a database size of 100MB, implying that you can have an overall capacity of 800MB to store your data on the email service for free with the Earthlink email.

Earthlink Webmail enables SMTP and IMAP for both the “Ongoing” and “Incoming” server and port allowing enabling Earthlink email to function on smartphones and desktops without using the official Earthlink mobile app or Earthlink Webmail.

As a result, we won’t just talk about how to create an Earthlink email account in this article; we’ll also go over some important webmail settings and how to retrieve your Earthlink webmail login if you forget it.

Create Earthlink Webmail Login

The methods for logging in to your Earthlink Webmail account to manage your account and customers are outlined below.

• Go to and sign in with your Earthlink username and password by selecting “Sign In.” Remember to type “” as your Earthlink email username.

• Select “Add a new email Profile” from the “Email Profile” menu.

• Create your new Earthlink email account by following the basic steps. For your account, create a unique username and password.

• Click “Add Email Profile” to confirm account registration. Your Earthlink email will be generated. You can use the same procedure to generate up to eight separate email addresses from a single Earthlink email address, all of which will be spam- and virus-free.

Password Reset for Earthlink Email

To restore your Earthlink email address password, follow the steps below.

• Open a web browser and go to

• In the password column, click “Forgot Password.”

• A new tab will start with a new window.

Fill in your Earthlink email address or ID, check the “I’m not a robot” box, then click “Continue” in the bottom right corner.

• Tap the button to continue after verifying your Earthlink email identification.

•To reset your forgotten Earthlink email password, change your Earthlink email address and click “Save.”

Earthlink Webmail Settings for iPhone

The Earthlink webmail settings for configuring your Earthlink email on your iPhone are as follows.

• Go to the Settings app on your iPhone.

• Select “Accounts & Password” from the drop-down menu.

• Select “Add Account” from the “Account” menu.

• Select “Other” under “Add Account.”

• Select “Add Mail Account” from the “Other” menu.

• Select “Next” after entering your Earthlink email address (, password, display name, and description.

• Your iPhone will automatically attempt to connect to the Earthlink server in order to set up Earthlink Webmail on your iPhone; however, if the connection fails, you must proceed with the manual setup.

• To manually set up your iPhone account Webmail, tap “POP” and input the appropriate information, such as your Earthlink username, password, and display name.

• Go to “Incoming Mail Server” and enter “” as your hostname. Please enter your Earthlink email address and password.

• In the “Ongoing Mail Server” section, change the hostname to and click “Save.”

These options will automatically select the appropriate port for your needs. If you get an error warning because of the SSL connection, uncheck the option and try again to see what happens.

Earthlink Webmail Settings for Android

The steps to set up and configure Earthlink webmail on Android are outlined here.

• Go to the settings menu on your Android phone.

• Select “Account” >> “Add Account” >> “Email” from the drop-down menu.

• Select “Sign In” and enter your “Earthlink email and matching password.” The Earthlink email profile will be pulled from the Earthlink server by the Email app.

It’s possible that the command will produce an error notice, prompting you to resolve to complete the Earthlink webmail settings using the manual settings.

• Select “IMAP” from the drop-down menu. Please enter your Earthlink email address as well as your password. 

Select “Next” after entering “” as the server, port 143 as the port, and secure type SSL/TLS as the secure type.

• For the “Outgoing Server,” choose “SMTP.” Fill in the relevant information, such as your Earthlink email address, password, description, and name; select “Server” as “,” the port will automatically pull, and click “Next.”

• Double-check the Earthlink Webmail server you specified and wait for Earthlink email to be added to your device.

All of your Earthlink mail notifications will now appear on your Android phone, exactly like Gmail email notifications.

Earthlink Webmail Settings for macOS

We’ll go over the Earthlink Webmail settings for Mac OS X 10.0 and 10.1 in this article.

• Open your Mac’s search box and type “mail” into it.

• Select “Mail” from the “Mail Menu,” then “Preferences.”

• Select “Account >> Create Account” from the drop-down menu.

• Under “Account Type,” choose “POP.”

• Include your Earthlink email address, full name, and other information in the Earthlink web mail description.

• Type “” in “Hostname,” enter your Earthlink password, and send an email to This is the incoming server’s configuration.

• In the “Outgoing Server” field, type “,” and make your SMTP user your Earthlink email address.

•To save your changes, click “OK.”

Go to this page for all other Earthlink Webmail settings and domain information.

Earthlink Webmail Settings on Windows

Users of Windows 10 and previous Windows versions should use the Webmail settings.

• Hover over the Windows icon in the bottom left and pick “Settings” from the “Windows 10” settings gear icon.

• Select “Manage Account” >> Add Account >> Advanced Set up.

• Choose “Internet Email” from the drop-down menu.

• Type “” for “Incoming email Server,” “SSL/TLS” for account type, and “” for “Outgoing email Server.”

Save your settings and double-check everything. After that, the Earthlink Webmail Settings will connect to the Earthlink server and begin retrieving the required email data.

Is webmail from EarthLink safe?

The earlier unencrypted POP3 (for checking mail from the server) is supported by Earthlink, but not the newer SSL-encrypted POP3. GMail, on the other hand, only supports the most recent encrypted version and does not allow earlier unencrypted stuff (even if you want to).

Similarly, you might wonder if EarthLink Messaging is secure.

The instructions from CenturyLink suggest encryption for the incoming mail server, yet this option is only available for outbound messages. Furthermore, the EarthLink POP is unencrypted.

Is EarthLink Webmail also free?

With 100MB of storage space, EarthLink SpamBlocker, FREE Virus Blocker TM, and other features, you can check your EarthLink email from any computer with an Internet connection.

Create your FREE account right now!

How do I access my EarthLink email?

Simply open the browser on your device and log in with your EarthLink email address and password. You’ll need to know the settings for inbound and outbound EarthLink servers to configure your device’s email software.

How do I add an email address to my EarthLink safe senders list?

Open the email with the permitted sender request. Select Move to Inbox and Add Contact from the drop-down menus, then click OK. Click the link below the sentence if you don’t see the Start button. Click this link to add this sender to your address book and move any blocked emails to your inbox.

Is Comcast Email Safer Than Gmail?

Security is significantly worse, with Google claiming that only 1% of traffic to and from Gmail is encrypted. In the coming weeks, Comcast will begin encrypting emails to and from Gmail customers, according to a spokeswoman for the company, Charlie Douglas.

What kind of email is EarthLink?

Since its inception, EarthLink has offered POP3 as a sort of messaging service.


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