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We discussed about a handful of the best websites to watch Korean drama online for free a while back, but we forgot to mention DramaBus. We’ll discuss about the website here in an attempt to fill that gap.

DramaBus Watch Asian Drama & Korea Movies Online
DramaBus Watch Asian Drama & Korea Movies Online

DramaBus is a website where you can watch and download all kshowsonline, dramacool releases and Korean dramas for free. Besides, the website allows you to watch Korean movies.

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The website is well-known and offers free access to Asian drama series and shows. The website’s content is frequently in high-definition format.

About DramaBus – Everything You Need to Know About DramaBus

When searching for DramaBus online at the time of writing this article, Searching for DramaBus online, presumably through Google, yielded a different result as at the time of writing this article. You will be led to dramafast.com if you choose to go to the direct website URL.

It isn’t uncommon for sites in this sector to undergo rebranding. Almost all movie websites have changed domains at some point. As a result, this isn’t surprising.

The service not only delivers free Korean episodes and series, but also allows users to stream Korean movies.

On the website’s homepage, you’ll see a section titled “What’s Trending Now.” This highlights the most popular series and shows on the platform right now.

Beneath that, are other sessions such as recent subbed, newly, popular dramas and movies.

Although the website looks good on a desktop and appears to be more geared for desktop, it is also mobile friendly. As a result, if you access the platform via your phone, you may expect a relatively pleasant user experience.

DramaBus Homepage Features | Categories

The website now has four sections, each with a large number of high-definition movie sizes and formats. With a destination link, the instructions below explain how rich each category is.

  • Kshow123
  • Dramacool
  • DramaBeans
  • Dramafast

Kshow123: This is a collection of Kshow123 Eng Sub, Ikshow Online With English Subtitles, Kshow Online Korean Dramas Tv Shows, Kshow123 Watch Free All Episodes, Kshow123 Download Videos In HD Quality.

Dramacool: This category is to Watch DramaCool movies, Official Website Link, Online K Dramas Tv Shows, DramaCool Eng Sub, Download DramaCool Free All Latest Episodes, DramaCool Full HD Videos. 

DramaBeans: watch DramaBeans Videos In HD Quality, DramaBeans Eng Sub, Download DramaBeans Free All Latest Episodes, Watch DramaBeans Online Korean Dramas, Tv Shows. 

Dramafast: To get the latest episodes of Korean DramaFast Online Free Download, DramaFast Watch Online Eng Sub, Watch All Korean Dramas As DramaFast, Kshow At Dramafast.

DramaBus Categories
  • Drama
  • Show
  • Movie
Drama Series on DramaBus

On the DramaBus website, the drama session showcases all of the Asian dramas available. You may watch and download your favorite Korean dramas and other shows here.

The fact that there is a filter option is intriguing. You can streamline drama using this. Default, recent, release year, popular, and title are all options for sorting. It is possible to filter by genre as well. You can choose to see action, comedy, thriller, crime, adventure, family, fantasy, and romance dramas here.

You may also filter by country, release date, and current status.


On the website, there is also a show session that has all of the shows. The format of this session is similar to that of the drama series.

I’m referring to the ability to sort shows by default, recent, release year, popular, and title. The filter options include genre, country, release, and status.

DramaBus Movies

For me, the movie session is probably the most memorable. What is the reason for this? Because the films aren’t just about Asians. They also include Hollywood films, Chinese films, and films from other countries.

However, the fact that these films are dubbed in Korean is intriguing. That implies you’ll be able to hear them converse in Korean. They are, however, frequently subtitled in English.

Now that we’ve covered these topics, let’s look at how to stream or download shows, movies and drama from the website.

How To Stream Movies, Shows and Dramas on DramaBus (AKA Dramafast)

As previously said, the website has changed its name to drama quick. As a result, it is essentially what we are dealing with.

Follow these procedures to stream movies from DramaBus:

  • Go to DramaBus’ official website, Dramafast.com.
  • Select the movie you want to watch in High Definition.
  • Next, select the option to “Watch Now.”
  • A player window will appear as a result of this. Most likely, an advertisement will be shown. After 10 seconds, click the skip ad button.
  • The movie should start playing at this moment.

That is all there is to it. This is how you may watch movies, television shows, and dramas on the website. Isn’t it straightforward?

What about downloading? How to Download DramaBus

On the player window, click the Download button as seen in the screenshot below to download these movies, shows, and dramas from the website.

Select Open from the download page options. You will be redirected with the option to download depending on where the file is hosted.

When you click on download, the process should begin.

That’s all there is to it.

I hope this article was helpful in teaching you everything you need to know about dramabus and how to stream and download Korean movies, dramas, and episodes on the website.


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