Dazzling Flowerbomb Perfume-What to Know About it

Flowerbomb fragrance is a floral aroma on Dossier that is loved by women all over the world.

Scent of Flowerbomb Perfume
Scent of Flowerbomb Perfume

The essence of perfumes is intended to both relax and improve your appearance. This is why people of all genders and ages enjoy owning perfume bottles. Furthermore, the smells are useful for a variety of circumstances.

About Flowerbomb Perfume

Flowerbomb Perfume by is inspired by Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb Perfume.

It contains a three-note primary aroma, followed by top notes, middle notes, and fundamental notes. It’s designed to be a wonderful feminine scent for nighttime events and celebrations.

Dossier Version of Flowerbomb

This Dossier fragrance is similar to the original Flowerbomb. The aroma of osmanthus is clean and sweet, with bergamot and tea overtones. Its long-lasting aroma is similar to Oriental perfumes but less potent, making it ideal for daytime wear. However, the strength of this smell has been criticized, making it unsuitable for usage at work or the grocery store.

Dossier’s take on the classic perfume is an addicting aroma that interacts with the wearer’s pheromones to produce a one-of-a-kind sensory experience. It has captured the hearts of celebs and fashionistas alike. It enlivens every space and makes you feel good about yourself. Those who enjoy this fragrance claim it is one of their favorites.

Dossier’s FlowerBomb is created in Grasse, France, with cruelty-free ingredients. The scents are made with natural ingredients and are not tested on animals. It’s a more environmentally friendly alternative to many pricey perfumes that aren’t tested on animals. Those interested in tasting a scent are recommended to read Dossier’s reviews before purchasing.

This is a terrific way to try Dossier’s version of flowerbomb perfume without breaking the budget. It’s similar to the original, except it’s less expensive. Whatever the cost, the Dossier edition will offer you a better understanding of what to expect before you spend your money. This fragrance is not recommended for people who have sensitive skin or allergies.

Several perfumes and shower gels are available in the Dossier line. Many of the scents were designed for women, while others were offered to both sexes. Many consumers think that this perfume smells similar to Coco Mademoiselle, and they appreciate how long it lasts. Flowerbomb by Dossier is not cheap, but it lasts a long time.

The price of Dossier scents is fantastic. The price of the original Flowerbomb is more than twice as much. However, Dossier is significantly less expensive than most unique perfumes, and members of the Dossier club can enjoy exclusive discounts. They also feature a no-questions-asked return policy, which is an excellent way to try out various perfumes without breaking the wallet.

Flowerbomb Fragrance

Flowerbomb Perfume, available at, is a tribute to Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb fragrance. It’s a main scent composed of three notes, which are then followed by the smell of top notes, middle notes, and base notes. It is a feminine scent that is appropriate for nighttime parties and occasions.

Flowerbomb Perfume Product Review:
  • Brand – Dossier
  • Product name – Gourmand White Flowers
  • Bottle size 1.7 oz/50 ml
  • Original price $29
  • Price after discount $17.40
  • Top notes: White Flowers, Caramel, and Vanilla
  • Specialty – Vegan, Colorant and UV Filter Free, Paraben and Phthalate-Free
  • Ingredients – Ambroxan, Cashmeran, Dihydromyrcenol, Muscenone, Ethyl Maltol, Ethyl Vanillin, Sandalore, Vanillin, Cedramber, Linalyl Acetate, Musk T, Beta Ionone, Iso E Super, Linalol, Ethyl Linalool,
  • The concentration is 18%.
Flowerbomb Perfume Ingredients

It will likely include characteristics that appeal to feminine tastes as a Dossier perfume. It has several floral ingredients such as rose, jasmine, and orchid. As a result, it emphasizes the sweetness with a sense of sensuality.

It also has a creamy-warm vanilla scent, which is undoubtedly a sign of a wiser human being. Then there’s the tea in this Dossier perfume, which is neither too sweet nor too light for a natural green aroma.

Flowerbomb’s fruity and musky fragrance is enhanced with osmanthus and patchouli, respectively. Everyone understands how the latter boosts the spicy power of any aroma. Bergamot, which has a citrus flavor, is also present in Flowerbomb.

How to Buy Flowerbomb Perfume Dossier.

The following are instructions for purchasing from the Dossier online store:

  • Go to to learn more.
  • Find the perfume you want and hit Add to Cart
  • Choose the quantity from the list
  • Proceed to Checkout
  • Fill out the checkout form with your email, mailing address, names, and so on.
  • After completing the form, click Continue Shipment and follow the onscreen instructions.

You will be able to acquire floral bomb perfume at Dossier if you follow these procedures.

How to Create a Account

Customers will be able to check previous purchases and save payment information for future purchases with this online account. To establish an account, follow these steps;

  • Go to
  • Click the Account Icon at the top
  • Tap the Create Account button
  • Enter your first and last name
  • Enter your email address and password
  • Click the Sign-up button

You have successfully joined the Dossier club using this method.

How do I apply Flowerbomb Perfume?
  • You can use one perfume or a combination of two or more perfumes.
  • Remove the perfume bottle’s cap.
  • Apply perfume on your skin.
  • If you use many perfumes, layer them on your skin one after the other.
Product Specifications:

Dossier’s Flowerbomb fragrance is available at a variety of online retailers, including Walmart.

The company also sells its products on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Scent of flowersbomb Evaluations This evaluation established the truth regarding Viktor and Rolf smells being the primary source of inspiration for the Dossier concept.

Flowerbomb perfumes are available at Dossier in a range of combinations.

Dossier’s Flowerbomb perfume is popular among clients since it is similar to perfumes from well-known brands.

Flowerbomb Perfume by Dossier has received an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on the internet, social media, and YouTube.

Benefits of Flowerbomb Perfume:
  • A single perfume provides a floral note.
  • According to the Flowerbomb Perfume Review, the top notes include Bergamot, Green Tea, Freesia, and Berries.
  • White Flowers, Orchid, and Rose scent the middle note.
  • Musk, Patchouli, Caramel, and Vanilla are the base notes.
  • Free shipping and a 40% discount.
  • is giving away $500 in sign-up credits.
  • Cashback rewards of up to $22.90 when using Catch.
Flowerbomb Perfume’s disadvantages:
  • The blend of numerous notes may annoy.
  • It is a powerful perfume series with dominating notes that is appropriate for nighttime gatherings but not for everyday use.
Is Flowerbomb Perfume Valuable and Effective?

Below you will find detailed information about Flowerbomb Perfume Review on the product and its brand.

  • has been in operation as an e-commerce website for almost 9 years, with an average trust index of 76%. It is a positive brand highlight.
  • Flowerbomb Perfume is a Dossier fragrance.
  • The Dossier has an exclusive presence on TikTok and Instagram, and has over 22,600 social media followers.
About the product:
  • Dossier’s Flowerbomb Perfume is available at numerous retail outlets such as Walmart, as well as on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.
  • Flowerbomb Perfume Review discovered that Dossier’s concept is inspired by Viktor and Rolf scents.
  • The Flowerbomb Perfume from Dossier is appreciated by many consumers as being extremely near to notes from premium brands.
  • Flowerbomb Perfume from Dossier received an overall positive review online, on social media, and on YouTube.
Flowerbomb Perfume customers Review

There are 24 ratings with 2.9/5 stars from reputable review websites. 241 reviews on buying sites like Walmart give it 4.5/5 stars.

Many YouTube videos point out that it resembles but does not exactly match the notes of Viktor and Rolf. Perfume Dossier According to review videos, it is less expensive at $29.00 than any perfume from Viktor and Rolf that costs more than $100.00.

Flowerbomb Perfume Dossier received 4/5 stars in other internet evaluations. has 665 reviews with an average rating of 4.5/5 stars. There has been a lot of nice comments on social media platforms like Facebook. It has a high Alexa rank of 61084.

The majority of negative reviews mention order cancellation, delayed delivery, poor customer support, no refund, leaking bottles, and soiled packaging. The consumer had reported that the notes had faded after 20 minutes. As a result, we recommend that you learn about Product Legitimacy.

What Can You Expect From Flowerbomb Iconic Fragrance on Dossier?

The Flowerbomb perfume Dossier has a pleasant scent. As the name implies, its main highlights are gourmand flowers with touches of white florals.

It also includes a few green tea spikes with vanilla, caramel, and berries. These notes are complementary to rose petals, jasmine, and orchid.

Once it has settled, the smell will emit woody orris with floral heart notes. The aroma of this fragrance can be as sweet and tempting as it is warm and feminine. It also has a powdered veil that adds a classy touch to the aroma.

It is nearly identical to the original, but you will only notice that once the romance has died off.

The original Flowerbomb features more intricate middle tones. The original also begins on the citrusy side, with bergamot and Osmanthus in the top notes.

How do Dossier Gourmand White Flowers stack up against Viktor Rolf Flowerbomb?

When you compare the two perfumes, you will realize that there isn’t much of a difference.

The company did an excellent job of recreating the essence of the original aroma in its dupe formula. However, there are a few subtle changes between the two perfumes.

We’ll go through these distinctions in greater detail in the parts that follow, so let’s get started!

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb
What is the fragrance like?

Patchouli, flowery, woody, white floral, citrus, powdery, sweet, musky, warm, spicy, and rose are the key accords of this perfume. As you can see, there’s a lot going on in this smell, and the brand did an excellent job designing it.

This fragrance was created by Dominique Ropion, Domitille M. Bertier, Carlos Benaim, and Olivier Polge and was released by Viktor & Rolf in 2005.

Top notes include Osmanthus, bergamot, and tea, while middle notes include rose, jasmine, orchid, African Orange Flower, and freesia. Vanilla, musk, and patchouli are included in the base notes.

It’s an outstanding fragrance that begins with zesty notes and then transitions to floral tones.

The fragrance wears well as musk, patchouli, and vanilla emerge. It’s a rather complex smell with a lot going on.

White Flowers Dossier Gourmand
What is the fragrance like?

The Dossier offers its take on the original Flowerbomb. Gourmand White Flowers is the Flowerbomb fragrance dupe. And you’ll be amazed at how well Dossier has handled this fragrance. It smells fantastic.

When it opens with top notes of barriers, tea, vanilla, and caramel, this perfume follows a similar course.

Later on, the mid notes of rose, jasmine, and orchid appear, precisely as they do in the original scents.

Once the fragrance has settled on your skin, you will notice a woody orris with a more floral touch, and the powdery note elevates the fragrance significantly.

It’s an exceptional fragrance that does an excellent job of imitating the original scent. So, the aroma itself is quite pleasant, as it follows in the footsteps of the original Flowerbomb.

Which Is Better: Flowerbomb or Gourmand White Flowers?

When you compare Gourmand White Flowers to Viktor & Rolf’s Original Flowerbomb EDP, you will discover that they are identical. The fundamental distinction is only in terms of longevity and sillage.

Both of these perfumes begin with tea and citrus notes, courtesy of bergamot and Osmanthus.

The fragrance then settles down with additional flora notes, and as it dries, it gets muskier, before patchouli and vanilla take over.

The true difference, though, is in terms of complexity. The original fragrance’s mid notes are far more complex, featuring rose, jasmine, freesia, and African orange blossom.

The mid notes of the Dossier version are light, with simply rose, orchid, and white flowers. An orchid and jasmine are also included in the original version. This is where the fundamental distinction between these two perfumes is found.

It also contributes greatly to the original version being far longer lasting and having heavier sillage. However, the original version is a viable option on its own.

The Dossier edition is an excellent alternative for a low-cost option and layering.

But there’s no denying that Dossier did an excellent job in developing this smell, since it closely resembles the original version in terms of notes and aging.

The Accords of Flowerbomb Perfume

According to, the floral accords dominate the Viktor Rolf Flowerbomb Patchouli fills the second accord when the ingredients blend. Of addition to the spicy muskiness, you will like the woody accords in Viktor Rolf Flowerbomb

Citrus, powdery, sweet, warm spicy, and musky are among the other accords.

The 3 Notes of Flowerbomb Perfume

The three tiers of notes in each scent define its longevity by allowing all of its constituents to gradually emit. According to any analytical Dossier perfume review, the top notes are more green, citrus, and peachy.

This is primarily due to the presence of tea, bergamot, and osmanthus. When you apply it, the first traces you will notice are a combination of the aromas we stated. The middle notes arrive after a time, indicating more flowery components.

Then, will feature orchid, jasmine, African orange blossom, rose, and freesia. Musk, vanilla, and patchouli dominate the base notes, which arrive later. As a result, the conclusion will disclose durable, yet warmer fragrances.

Meanwhile,’s discount perfume is not always available. To take advantage of various bargains on the mentioned shopping platform, you must stay up to date.

When Should a Woman Wear Flowerbomb Perfume

Any astute Dossier perfume review will advise you to wear it to refresh your scent. Its patchouli and spice make it suitable for evening ceremonies when paired with a silky gown and exquisite jewelry. Furthermore, its vanilla warmth is appropriate for winter.

The Flowerbomb Dossier perfume connects you to nature. As a result, wearing it on a trip to a tourist attraction with your friends is ideal.

Alternatives to Flowerbomb Perfume

You can always explore for alternatives if the Flowerbomb is not available at

These replacements will essentially be whiffs inspired by the former. Gourmand White Flowers, for example, features jasmine and vanilla notes that are similar to Flowerbomb.

Furthermore, the Gourmand White Flowers includes green tea, berries, and caramel.

How long does Flower Bomb perfume last?

Flowerbomb is a long-lasting fragrance with a dominating base layer that pushes forward long after the perfume is applied, with musk breaking through the sweetness of the fragrance’s initial notes.

Does Flowerbomb have a vanilla scent?

To highlight the varied notes of Flowerbomb, layer each Twist on top of the Eau de Parfum. Vanilla is the gourmandise queen, transforming every aroma into a velvety and gentle dream.

Vanilla, a delicacy that enchants your senses and is an ode to self-indulgence, transforms Flowerbomb Eau De Parfum into a magnificent gourmet.

How does flowerbomb nectar smell?

Description of the fragrance: Blackcurrant and bergamot mingle with jasmine and orange flower before meeting the warm scent of patchouli oil and vanilla perfume in this fragrance. This perfume for women, like delving into a floral bouquet, is a richer, more powerful version on the renowned floral fragrance that started it all.

What exactly is the distinction between Flowerbomb and Flowerbomb Nectar?

Flowerbomb Nectar is a sweeter variant of the original Flowerbomb fragrance with a thick layer of berry jam or berry confiture put all over it.

Berries’ sweet and occasionally syrupy tone is found in the top notes, middle notes, and base notes.

Flowerbomb is appropriate for what age group?

It’s a smell for young adults, probably between the ages of 20 and 30.

What is the appeal of Flowerbomb?

Its ability to smell so uniquely on each woman is amazing, which contributes to its worldwide appeal. Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf set the world on fire when it debuted ten years ago. Much to their astonishment, their initial fragrance was an instant success, propelling them to celebrity status.


The Flowerbomb Perfume Review indicates that this perfume is a genuine product because thousands of buyers received it through Dossier, social media marketing, and other buying sites. The Dossier is a legitimate brand that has been around for a long time and has an acceptable trust score. The product reviews are mostly favorable.

Were the Flowerbomb Perfume reviews on helpful? Then, please share your thoughts on this article on Dossier’s Flowerbomb Perfumes.


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