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DeepL is a German AI business that uses artificial intelligence to overcome language barriers. According to blind tests, the Translator has attained the world’s finest translation quality since 2017. It also offers business, organizing, and translators professional products. Its services have been used by over half a billion individuals to date.

Deepl Translate
Deepl Translate

Its machine translation services are of extraordinary quality because of exclusive advancements in neural network mathematics and technique. Dr. Jaroslaw Kutylowski, CEO and founder, leads the company, which is backed by world-class investors such as Benchmark and btov.

What is DeepL?

It is widely regarded as one of the most accurate internet translators available. However, whileit easily translates texts and other content, it lacks a specialized “website translator” function.

As a result, it cannot translate your complete website.

This essay is for you if you currently believe it is the best option to translate your WordPress website.

We’re investigating why and when it is the best option, as well as why there are superior choices.


Linguee’s translating system was created in 2016 by a team lead by Chief Technology Officer Jaroslaw Kutylowski.

On August 28, 2017, it Translator was released, giving translations between English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, and Dutch.

It claimed to have surpassed its competitors in self-conducted blind testing and BLEU scores, including Google Translate, Amazon Translate, Microsoft Translator, and Facebook’s translation function, with the launch.

Linguee’s firm name was changed to it GmbH with the introduction of it in 2017.

It was also supported in 2017 by advertising on its sister site

The corporation changed its name from Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung to Societas Europaea in January 2021.

On December 5, 2018, support for the Portuguese and Russian languages was added.

In September 2019, translation software for Microsoft Windows and macOS was published.

On March 19, 2020, it added support for Chinese (Simplified) and Japanese, claiming to have exceeded the aforementioned competitors as well as Baidu’s and Youdao.

In March 2021, 13 new European languages were added.

DeepL: The Main Advantages

Its website includes a free, simple translator that can translate text and files into any of the 26 available languages.

A Pro package is now available, which enables unlimited text translation and improved data protection.

That being stated, these are some of itmost prominent advantages:

1. Security

DeepL deletes all texts immediately after translation, so you don’t have to worry about sensitive data being saved.

It also has end-to-end data encryption and is completely compliant with EU data protection standards for further security.

2. Accuracy

Its greatest strength is undoubtedly its accuracy; when compared to competition, it outperformed them by a factor of three.

It uses advanced AI (artificial intelligence) technology and offers numerous translation modification possibilities.

For example, suggests alternate words or phrases for more natural and nuanced translation.

Then you simply click and select the one that sounds the best.

In languages where this is important, such as German, the app even provides formal and casual voices for you to choose from.

You can also make your own dictionary to define the translation of key words and phrases associated with your brand or project.

It also includes a built-in dictionary, allowing you to look up words and learn the translation for yourself.

3. Flexibility

All it premium subscriptions include unlimited text translations and the ability to add two or more users to your account to work on translations together.

You can also translate a limited number of files up to 10MB in size (depending on your pricing package), including HTML documents.

Finally, it’s most expensive pricing levels (Advanced and Ultimate) allow you to link with your CAT tool, such as Trados Studio, memoQ, or Across.

Can You Use DeepL to Translate An Entire Website?

As previously said, it is one of the most popular text translators due to its nuance and correctness. This is why you can rely on it to translate certain areas of your website, like as a ‘about’ page or individual blog entries.

However, there is no feature of it that will translate your entire website for you.

This is when a third-party solution is required.

You would have to manually copy and paste your entire website into the DeepL translator if you only used it.

The translation would then need to be copied and pasted back into your website.

This is not practical for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the length of time required.

Furthermore, there is a substantial danger of human mistake because you may overlook buttons, banners, and other little text snippets that require translation.

Fortunately, it includes a translation API that can connect your website to its translator.

In essence, this feeds the content of your website to its translation program.

It gives you with the translated version of your text once it has been completed.

DeepL API vs. DeepL Pro

To avoid any misunderstanding, let’s quickly go through how DeepL Pro and DeepL API function.

To begin, there are two distinct services, with one being more important for website translation than the other.

DeepL Pro is designed for anyone who needs to edit a large number of individual texts with the DeepL translator.

A premium account, as previously mentioned, allows you to translate a set amount of files per month up to 10MB in size.

You also gain access to glossaries and extra contributors, as well as the ability to copy and paste as many characters as you wish.

The DeepL API, on the other hand, primarily interprets XML markup and HTML files and connects its translator service to your website.

This service is available in both free and paid versions.

The latter is based on monthly consumption and costs 20 euros per million characters.

What is behind DeepL?

Since 2016, for any type of text has been in ongoing development, utilizing machine learning and cutting-edge language processing technologies.

A billion translations, consisting of multilingual sentences collected by Linguee’s web crawler on the Internet, were used to train it according to the company.

Individual expressions in context could be researched in Linguee’s online application even before it was released.

All web crawler hits are based on multilingual documents available on the Internet from companies, governments, and the EU.

Itwas tested using a technical text from the field of corporate finance (see illustration below).

Its output is notable for its fluid writing: the example text is free of awkward grammatical errors.

Instead, the text’s focus—a company’s liquidity ratios and liabilities—is clear from the start.

The outcomes of Google Translator are less convincing: readers who are familiar with technology are quickly drawn to a technical term that has been mistranslated.

Google has changed the legalese word “joint and several liability” (German: Gesamthaftung) from the financial term “total liabilities” (German: Gesamtverbindlichkeiten).

However, as it accurately noted, the phrase actually refers to all of the company’s financial obligations.

However, it turns out that even it did not accurately translate all technical phrases upon closer inspection.

Different levels of liquidity are measured by the words “current ratio” and “fast ratio,” it translates as “aktuelle” and “schnelle Kennzahlen” in German.

However, in German banking and accounting, the terms “Current Ratio” (or cash liquidity) and “Quick Ratio” are commonly used untranslated (or acid test).

As a result, machine-translated texts are not particularly convincing for a demanding specialist readership without post-editing by a specialist translation and without the necessary specialist vocabulary.

There are numerous similar examples on the Internet.

Sometimes the faults are so subtle that only experts can identify them.

Do machine translation engines like DeepL render technical translators obsolete?

That is fully dependent on elements such as the type of material, the target group, and the aim of communication, all of which must be considered when selecting whether or not to use machine translation.

Poorly translated brochures or booklets are unlikely to persuade demanding target audiences such as investors or doctors.

However, a machine translation or other sorts of material, such as those not meant for publication or source texts designed for machine translation through the use of rule-based authoring, may be sufficient.

Another key issue is the language combination in question, as output quality varies depending on the source and target languages: the structure and grammar of the respective languages, as well as the volume and quality of bilingual texts with which the translation algorithms are taught.

The outcomes are also influenced by the subject matter, as there are some specialist fields for which bilingual instruction material is extremely limited.

DeepL Pro — Fast, Accurate, and Secure Translations

Unlimited text translation

Translate as much as you want, with no restrictions on translation volume or character count per translation. Translation of whole files

To save time, change the language of a document while keeping the original formatting. Expanded customization options

Take more control of the results its Translator creates and make them your own. Maximum data security

Enjoy world-class data protection standards and the prompt deletion of your texts following translation.

DeepL Chrome Extension

DeepL Translate for Chrome allows you to enjoy its unrivaled translation quality without ever leaving your browser.

You’ll be able to translate everything you’re reading or writing in Chrome with ease and speed.

DeepL Pro users may now translate full web pages with a single click.

If you are a free user, this functionality will be available soon.

Until then, simply pick and right-click on the text to be translated, then select Translate this selection.

You no longer have to be concerned about missing out on information on the internet due to a language barrier.

DeepL Translate is available for free download, so you may start translating right now.

Pros of DeepL Translate

Better performance than Google Translate

When translating papers, the algorithm use artificial intelligence to mimic human intelligence.

According to multiple studies, itsTranslation appears to provide more natural translations, including nuances that Google Translate frequently misses.

Free version available

It provides a free version of its program that anyone can use.

Subscription-based options are available to take benefit of their full package of capabilities.

Makes improvements based on user experience

It uses user input and ratings, as well as machine learning technologies, to help improve translation quality.

Cons of DeepL Translate

Privacy concerns

While the commercial version of DeepL ensures that they will not keep any of your text, sensitive enterprise data is still processed on their servers.

If you use itss free version, the company will save your messages for a period of time in order to enhance and upgrade their algorithm.

Limited amount of languages

One limitation of it is the restricted number of languages accessible for translation. It currently supports 11 languages, the vast majority of which are European. Google Translate, on the other hand, supports over 100 languages.

Does not take context into consideration

Although the translation quality is better than that of most competitors, it still lacks context comprehension. It offers more synonyms per word, but it does not take into account essential elements like as specific company goals, culture, and audience. As a result, translations can be obviously wrong at times.

Quality differs depending on language pairs

The quality of translations, as with Google Translate, varies based on the language pairs selected. It focuses primarily on European languages, with Japanese and Chinese translations added only recently.

Still lacks the human touch

It is based on Linguee, a massive human translation database. This collection contains over a billion translations gathered by 400 lexicographers. While the database is excellent, translation based entirely on document translations can only go so far. Furthermore, the standards for document translation in data-sensitive business areas such as law and healthcare are far too demanding to rely completely on machine translations.

New DeepL Pro pricing plans: Free trial, lower prices, team accounts

DeepL Pro has been a huge success, with thousands of businesses and professionals finding it to be the perfect translation option.

They are excited to announce that they have updated their pricing plan to allow even more individuals to take use of DeepL Pro and its features.

It is also possible to try it out for free for 30 days.

Starter is the most basic plan, starting at €5.99 per month, however it includes unlimited use of the Web Translator and 5 document translations.

Professional translators, for example, should choose the Advanced or Ultimate subscription, which includes additional document translations and allows you to utilize its Pro with computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools.

By purchasing a team package, you provide all of your colleagues access to DeepL Pro and allow them to enjoy all of its capabilities, including limitless Web Translator use, a shared pool of document translations, and multiple licenses for CAT tool integration.

One of the most exciting aspects for us is seeing what other people develop with its translation technology. Several developers have already begun using the DeepL API to create new applications and programs. DeepL API strategy is designed exclusively for developers to support additional inventiveness.

DeepL App

App for mobile devices

Can I use DeepL on my mobile device?

Yes. They provide iOS and Android mobile apps.

You may enjoy fast, accurate, and high-quality text translations with the DeepL for iOS /Android app.

Other features may become available in the near future.

DeepL for iOS may be downloaded from the App Store.

DeepL for Android may be downloaded from Google Play.

DeepL Pro in the mobile app

Can I use my DeepL Pro subscription and the DeepL app on my mobile device?

For iOS users

Yes, you can access your DeepL Pro account using the DeepL for iOS app.

You can do so through the app’s Account settings.

After you log in to DeepL Pro, your email address will be displayed in the Account section in the app settings.

To log out, go to Account and select Log out.

To access DeepL Pro’s data security benefits in the DeepL for iOS app, please connect in to your DeepL Pro account.

Some more DeepL Pro capabilities are currently not available in the DeepL for iOS app.

More functions are accessible using your mobile device’s browser.

For Android users

No, DeepL Pro subscriptions cannot presently be used with the DeepL for Android app.

DeepL Pro can be accessed using your mobile device’s browser.


Can you download DeepL?

Yes. We provide iOS and Android mobile apps. You may enjoy fast, accurate, and high-quality text translations with the DeepL for iOS / DeepL for Android app. Other features may become available in the near future.

Is DeepL for Windows free?

Deepl for Windows is available for free download from Uptodown.

Is DeepL free to use?

DeepL API Free is a free version of DeepL API Pro that allows developers to translate up to 500,000 characters each month. DeepL API Pro offers the following additional benefits for more complex needs: Maximum data protection (your texts are deleted immediately after the translation)

Why is DeepL so good?

It is widely regarded as having higher-quality translations, as well as the ability to switch between formal and casual tones.

It is usually the best option for the most accurate and natural-sounding translations.

Is DeepL better than Google Translate?

When it comes to the languages supported by Google Translate vs DeepL, Google Translate comes out on top.

It began as a service for only European languages, but has subsequently extended to include languages from all around the world.

Is DeepL owned by Google?

DeepL, a Cologne-based firm, was started by a former Google employee.

It offers a translation engine that generates more organically phrased content than any of its major competitors.

The service makes use of deep learning technology, which is based on artificial neural networks.

Is DeepL a reliable translator?

If you value translation accuracy, it is one of the greatest machine translation services available, even outperforming popular services such as Google Translate.

How does DeepL make money?

It was created by the founders of, an online lexicon founded by Gereon Frahling in 2009.

Linguee GmbH, which was recently rebranded it GmbH, makes its money completely through advertising and hence traffic.

Does DeepL use machine learning?

The network compares its own translations to the translations from the training data on a regular basis.

If there are any differences, the network’s weights are modified accordingly. When training the neural networks, we also leverage approaches from other areas of machine learning.

Is DeepL safe?

We use the most advanced security procedures to safeguard your data.

All data sent between DeepL Pro subscribers and it infrastructure is secured using cutting-edge TLS encryption. We assess the cipher suites used on a regular basis and deprecate any that may become vulnerable in the future.

Can DeepL translate audio?

Translate your voice into your preferred language. Simply tap on the microphone icon and start speaking—the speech-to-text tool will translate your words into one of 24 target languages and two locations.

Is DeepL an accurate translator?

Its Translator received generally positive feedback in 2017, with TechCrunch praising it for the accuracy of its translations, claiming that it was more accurate and nuanced than Google Translate, and Le Monde thanking its developers for translating French text into more ‘French-sounding’ expressions.

Does DeepL have an API?

Information in general. The API is accessible via a REST interface as well as client libraries written in several programming languages.

Is DeepL API free?

You can translate up to 500,000 characters each month for free with the API Free plan. DeepL API Pro enables unlimited translation with usage-based charging, maximum data protection, and priority translation request processing for more advanced use cases.


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