Dasher App – Doordash App, for Dashers like You

Dasher App is the name DoorDash gave its mobile app. Doordash is a food delivery company.

Simply put, dasher is the mobile app owned by DoorDash that is used to order food and have it supplied by dasher app delivery drivers.

Like Lyft or Uber, DoorDash also has two apps;

·      Doordash App for consumers (link individual consumers to hundreds of restaurants in their local market)

·      DoorDash Dasher App for driver/courier

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How to Download the Dasher App?

The Dasher app is accessible for both the Android and iPhone phones.

IPhone (iOS):

  1. Firstly, open the App Store
  2. Secondly, search for DoorDash Dasher
  3. Thirdly, touch the app
  4. Then, tap Get
  5. After that, enter your Apple ID or use Touch/Face ID if prompted
  6. Lastly, go to the home screen and look for the Dasher app to start setting up your Dasher profile.


  1. Firstly, open the Play Store
  2. Secondly, search for Dasher DoorDash
  3. Thirdly, touch the app
  4. Then, tap Install
  5. After that, tap Accept
  6. Also, tap Open
  7. Lastly, go to the home screen and look for the Dasher app to start setting up your Dasher profile.

If the application downloads stalls, put off your wifi and put it on. Stalled loading is usually associated with internet connection.

Where to Download DoorDash App

Click Here or download the dasher app in the android play store.

 iPhone users can download the dasher app Here,

How to Install and Activate Dasher App

How to Install Dasher App on IPhone

Installation of the dasher app is easy, simply follow the guideline below.

  1. Click the URL link above.
  2. Click Install
  3. Then, go to the home screen
  4. Click Settings > General > Device Management
  5. Click Palo Alto Delivery Inc.
  6. Click Trust “Palo Alto Delivery Inc.”
  7. Click Trust
  8. Lastly, go to the home screen and look for the Dasher app–you are all set to dash!

How to Install DoorDasher App on Android

For Android users, you can download the application through the Play Store:

  1. Firstly, tap Play Store
  2. Then, search for “Dasher DoorDash”
  3. Tap the app
  4. Tap Install
  5. Click Accept
  6. Click Open
  7. Finally, go to the home screen and look for the Dasher app-you are all set to dash!

Can’t Download Dasher App

If you’re having issues with installing dasher, ensure that your location setting is on, since the dasher app uses your location to function well.

How Does Dasher App Work?

The Dasher app has a related task with UberEats.

1.   Firstly, register with your first name, last name, email address, phone number, and password.

2.   Secondly, then input your physical address and any special instructions.

3.   Then, launch the DoorDash app’s default food page, and you will be greeted with the user interface (UI).

4.   After that, you will find collections of restaurants; scroll down to checkout all restaurant partners.

Note that there is no premium restaurant featured on the food delivery app.

Dasher App Not Working? How to Fix It!

Dasher app not working is among the worst trepidation notice one can get.

Doordash app offers simplicity when ordering and it is relied upon by many users.

But, just like any app in the market, the dasher app faces its share of problems. The problems varies from client-based to employee end problems. The major fault is the DoorDash payment issue.

Others may include the Dasher app not working and login failed.

Follow the Steps Given Below To Fix These Problems

1.   Firstly, check the internet connection

2.   Secondly, force close the app

3.   Then, uninstall and then reinstall the app

4.   After that, restart your phone

5.   Finally, update your payment details


For questions like how do I get the Doordash Employee/driver’s app? How to refresh the dasher app? How to allow the dasher app? How to log out of the dasher app? Do DoorDash drivers make good money?

You can find answers to all the questions above by visiting the Dasher app help center Here.

The New Dasher App for Easy Delivery
The New Dasher App for Easy Delivery


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