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Cool Math Games
Cool Math Games

Cool Math Games is a brain-training website for everyone that combines logic and thinking with fun and games. provides “math for ages 13-100” With simple explanations of topics such as algebra, pre-calculus, and more. (I began my career as a math teacher, so it gives me tremendous pleasure to help people finally comprehend – and even like! – arithmetic.)

These games contain no violence or meaningless action, only a plethora of obstacles that will make you forget you’re getting a brain workout!

What is Cool Math Games?

Cool Math Games is a brain-training website that combines logic and thinking with fun and games. The website contains over a thousand carefully chosen and curated games that provide tough riddles and enjoyable math exercise, as well as a wholesome environment that mixes playing and learning.

Other Cool Math Games Sites

Everyone can benefit from our brain-training website, where logic and thinking meet fun and games. These games contain no violence or meaningless action, only a plethora of obstacles that will make you forget you’re getting a brain workout!

Math courses and games for children aged 3 to 12. Coolmath4Kids is a math amusement park with games and other activities aimed to educate math while having fun.

Teachers can find information and tools here.

Parenting advice and teachings

How Can You Use Cool math Games?

Cool Math Gamescan be integrated into your current instructional models and practices. Here are six scenarios in which Cool Math Gamesmight help you achieve your teaching and learning objectives.

Station Rotation

If you utilize this technique, you will most likely have 3-5 rotations, with students spending 10-20 minutes on each.

One of your rotations will almost certainly include adopting or employing technology.

Students can play games or use apps that enhance the skills and topics you are teaching them whether they are using a computer or a tablet.

Because each station has a limited amount of time, Cool Math Gameslends itself to rotation because the games take students roughly 5 minutes on average.

At Home Practice

Students are more likely to retain and master the skills and subjects you teach in your classroom if they practice them at home

Homework or instructor recommendations can frequently feel like busy work to kids.

Sharing Math activities that your students may play at home makes skill practice more engaging and enjoyable.

We’ve prepared a message to parents for you to print, post on your class website, or include in your weekly newsletter.

This letter will go through many Math games that parents can encourage their children to play at home.

Bell Ringer

Beginning class with a bellringer or activator is a long-standing best practice.

When we give children a task to embark on right away, they are more likely to focus and get to work, and you may maximize teaching time.

If you have a 1:1 classroom, you can begin class with a math game.

Students can play the game for the first five minutes of class before you begin teaching.

If you use a learning management system like Google Classroom or Canvas, you can project the name of the game as well as instructions for how to access and play the game before students arrive in class.

You may also draw it on a whiteboard.


One of our goals as math teachers is to help kids acquire fluency, and the major method we do so is through drills and fluency exercises.

This form of practice might be frustrating for kids because it is repetitious.

Using math games for drills and skill practice enhances the learning process.

Many of the Cool Math Gameslend themselves well to drill practice, whether it’s addition, subtraction, multiplication, or something else.

Choice Board

Giving kids choices, a voice, and ownership over their learning helps them become more self-directed learners.

If you use choice boards in the classroom, you know that one of the most difficult aspects is coming up with all of the activities and resources to offer your students.

Including Cool Math Gamesas one of your options gives students a new way to engage with the topic you’re teaching or practice the skill.

Early Finishers

We’ve all had a student or students finish faster than expected and then come to us and ask, “What should I do now?” Veteran teachers understand the value of providing various options for early finishers, as well as making those options meaningful and relevant to the topic or skill being taught. Because Coolmath Activities is arranged by theme, you can direct your early finishers to games that correspond to what they are studying or to crucial 21st Century qualities such as problem-solving and attentiveness.

Find a Playlist That Fits Your Classroom Plans

We’ve handpicked games for popular Math and 21st Century skill subjects so you can simply locate activities to supplement your lesson plans and student level.

Benefits of Game-Based Learning

Most teachers recognize the improved student involvement that fun and self-expression games give.

Educational games can also offer certain pupils an alternative route into a learning subject that might otherwise be difficult or unavailable.

Scot Osterweil, MIT professor and Creative Director of the MIT Education Arcade, discusses the four freedoms of play and their value for learning.

  • The freedom to try new things
  • The freedom to fail
  • The freedom to try on new identities
  • The freedom to work hard

As a result, games, in addition to subject matter, help develop social-emotional and 21st Century abilities such as:

  • Problem solving
  • Strategic thinking and planning
  • Patience, resilience, and tenacity
  • Concentration
  • Learning to fail and try again
  • Self-expression through creativity

A smart and balanced strategy to employing learning games in combination with your education might help your students reap some of these benefits.

Cool math games unblocked 66

Cool math games unblocked is a pleasant and helpful type of entertainment that allows you to master or consolidate the fundamentals of mathematics in the form of a simple game. Exciting mini-games will teach the child how to count, add, subtract, multiply, and divide. Because the site provides both easy and more difficult examples, including percentage calculations, online exercises are appropriate for children of all ages, from toddlers to secondary school students. Such cognitive exercise devices help you to capture the small invincible for a long time due to the vibrant design and cute amazing characters!

Why Cool Math Games are not accessible anymore

Many people believe that Coolmath, a website that hosts educational games, may close down shortly. Cool Math Gamesis a website where children can play games when they are bored in class. Teachers frequently allow it because it keeps students quiet. This is the website where students go to escape the mind-numbingly boring class they have to attend.

It should come as no surprise that there was a panic when it was reported that it was closing down.

A lot of childhood memories were formed while playing the many games they had to offer. This rumor was most likely sparked by another issue. Although Coolmath is not going away, it will no longer be available to those who have Adobe Flash.

Students were distraught and/or concerned about their inability to play Cool Math Games. When the word spread across the school, several students initially thought it was a prank and didn’t care until news reports and the media proved it. The closure of Cool Math Games is a hoax, according to the site: “Since the site’s inception in 1997, Cool Math Games has offered an escape for students through stressful, dull school days.”

Lindsey Boyd, a Dobie 7th grader who plays Cool Math Games once a week, said she enjoys CoolMath. “Run is my favorite Cool Math games, and I shall miss it because it helped me vent… “I’d be upset [if it closed] since it was a location where I could have fun,” said Boyed.

Many people still fear the site will be shut down, however according to Newsweek, Adobe will no longer support Flash since it is a security risk.

As reported by Newsweek, Flash would be shutting down to begin with; after all, they’ve most certainly needed Flash to play the games on Coolmath. The answer is simple: it was a gamble. Prior to all of this, Adobe Flash was becoming a security problem.

8 Ball Pool – How to Play 8 Ball Pool

Move your mouse to aim your billiard cue, and then click and drag to adjust the power of your shot. To take your shot, let go of the mouse button.

8 Ball Pool Rules

Although “house rules” differ, this variation of 8 Ball Pool follows WPA guidelines.

Players are awarded solids and stripes based on the first ball potted after the break. The type is awarded to the player who potted the ball.

If a player pots one or more of their balls on their turn, or any ball on the break, they are given another shot, as long as they do not commit a foul.

If a player commits any of the following fouls, their opponent may take the cue ball, place it wherever on the table, and shoot anywhere:

  • Potting the cue ball
  • Failing to hit a ball with the cue ball
  • Failing to hit one of your balls first with the cue ball
  • Failing to pocket a ball or strike a side of the table with any ball after hitting one of your balls

Furthermore, if a player pots their ball AND an opponent’s ball on their turn, the ball is sent to the opponent.

To win the game, a player must pot the black 8 ball after they have potted all of their (solid or striped) balls. You will immediately lose if you pot the 8 ball before your other balls. Except if you pot BOTH the cue ball and the 8 ball with your shot, fouling when shooting for the 8 ball does not result in a game loss.

Any tips for beginners?

Pool is a highly strategic game.

Remember to make use of all available resources.

This includes putting spin on the ball to acquire varied angles and leveraging the table’s edges to get diverse shots.

The edge of the table may be one of your closest friends if you know how to use it effectively, which is something that many beginners ignore.

Another tip: 8 Ball Pool is a defensive as well as an offensive game. There will be occasions when you have no realistic possibility of making a shot. Instead of simply striking the cue ball hard and hoping for a fortuitous ricochet, try placing the ball in a location where your opponent will not have a decent chance of sinking any strokes.

Cool Math Games – Run & Jump Games
  • Basket and Ball
  • Tower of Destiny
  • Olympic Jump
  • Johnny Upgrade
  • 60 Second Burger Run
  • 60 Second Santa Run
  • Wave Run
  • Evil Wyrm
  • The Sun for the Vampire
  • The Sun for the Vampire 2
  • Beavus
  • Green Mission
  • Key and Shield
  • The Little Giant
Cool Math Games Played During Quarantine

You’ve been stuck at home for a while and you’ve probably ran out of things to do.

Check out these games from the internet’s most popular website:

Sugar, Sugar

Sugar, Sugar is a game in which you must direct the sugar into the cup. The stages become increasingly difficult as you progress, forcing you to think outside the box in order to complete them.

Traffic Mania

Your objective in Traffic Mania is to avoid car accidents. By clicking on different cars, you may take control of the crossroads and decide who moves when. The game moves quickly and requires rapid thinking.


On the surface, Connect is the basic game of joining the colorful dots, but as you play, you learn there is so much more.

Each level poses a different difficulty in terms of how you must work around the lines in order to solve the puzzle.


Snake is a delightful game that has taken various shapes, and Cool Math Games’ version is no exception.

This version of Snake works well as you manage a small green snake as he eats ‘apples’ and grows longer.

Moto X3M

Moto X3M is a fun skill-based game in which you drive a motorcycle over hills and allow it to perform incredible acrobatics.

The controls are a little difficult to get used to, but once you do, the game can be quite fast-paced and exhilarating.

Down Is Up

To escape the room in Down is Up, you must alter the laws of gravity.

This is a fresh take on the classic logic puzzle escape the room.

The graphics are simple and clear, making for a fun game.

Red Ball 4

Red Ball 4 is a fun adventure game in which you must assist Red Ball, the hero, in defeating the bad squares.

As you assist little Red Ball in overcoming each hurdle, the game combines skill, strategy, and logic.

Bob the Robber

Bob the Robber is a fascinating strategy game with an interesting plot.

You must assist Bob the Robber in bringing his corrupt boss to jail by stealing the evidence in each level and fleeing unharmed.

The game is not fast-paced, but rather requires you to think slowly and deliberately about each level.

Run 3

Everyone enjoys the Run series, but Run 3 is the most recent installment with the nicest graphics.

In addition, Run 3 contains fun sequences interspersed throughout the levels that remind you that you are not just playing a fun platformer, but also solving a mystery.

Papa’s Freezeria

The ‘Papa’ games are a popular series among younger generations.

Papa’s Freezeria earns first place since it is the easiest to play without a mouse.

You must manufacture milkshakes for the insane boardwalk patrons.

You improve your restaurant and customer base every day, keeping the goal fresh so the game never becomes boring.


Are Cool Math Games blocked?

We’ve heard a weird story going around that Cool Math Gamesis closing down, but don’t worry: it’s not true.

The worry seems to be regarding Flash games, as Flash has been decommissioned since the end of 2020.

Can you still play Cool Math Games?

Unfortunately, the Cool Math GamesStore has closed, and no new games will be added in the future.

On our homepage, you may still find thousands of completely free-to-play games. If you require assistance with a purchase you made on the store, please contact

Does Cool Math Games have a virus?

Coolmath is an outdated website that contains viruses and spyware. Previously, students used this website on school equipment, causing 70 laptops to crash. Virus-infected equipment must be completely cleansed and reformatted.

How old is Coolmath?

Hello and welcome to the Coolmath network! These websites were founded in 1997 to educate arithmetic and provide pleasant entertainment to individuals of all ages. We’re pleased to say that we’ve persuaded millions of individuals over the years that cool + math is a valid equation!

Who created Cool Math Games?

Tinney, Wade “Jon thinks like a business owner, which is every entrepreneur’s desire.” He is an excellent systems-oriented game designer who is as at ease delving into the math behind a design as he is delving into data obtained from a live game and distilling it into usable knowledge.

How do you turn on flash on Cool Math Games?

If you are unable to see the bouncing “Coolmath” in the blue box above, you will most likely need to enable or install an application called Flash. If you’re using Chrome and it says “Click to enable Adobe Flash Player,” click the box and follow the on-screen instructions to enable the player.

How do I get rid of ads on Cool Math Games?

In the upper right corner of your browser window, click the Ad Blocker extension icon. To disable it for all Coolmath Pages, select “Don’t run on this domain” or a similar option.


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