Conference Call on Google: How to Make a Conference Calls with Google voice | Conference Calling on Google Voice

Conference Call on Google – Google Voice Conference Call allows you to talk to numerous individuals at the same time. Conference calls with Google voice have become fashionable, and they are an excellent option. In addition, conference call on Google voice have become a viable option in many firms’ daily operations.

How to Make a Conference Call on Google
How to Make a Conference Call on Google

With more organizations employing remote workers, excellent talent from abroad or around the world is becoming increasingly prevalent. In a variety of ways, conference calling on Google voice have supplanted conference room sessions.

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You should be aware that Conference Calls with Google voice has evolved into a fantastic VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solution for professionals who want to consolidate all of their phone lines into a single number and maintain control over their business communications.

Conference Call on Google Voice

Conference Call on Google allowed you to chat with a group of individuals at the same time or even just one person. Conference Calling on Google voiceis a terrific alternative; setting and managing an audio conference call with Google is simple and straightforward. It’s excellent for business, and you may use it to hold a meeting with multiple people.

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You’ll need an active Google account, a computer, a smartphone, or a tablet with the Google Voice app installed to start a Google conference call. You can also use Android or iOS smartphones if the app can be installed. You may utilize the web camera on a computer.

If you have a Gmail account, you can start using Google Voice right away.

Getting Started with Google Voice

Let’s get started with the steps I’ll show you below:

• Go to to access Google Voice.

• Select “For Personal” or “For Business” from the drop-down menus.

• Select “Personal” from the drop-down menu. You’ll be asked to select one of the three options: Android, iOS, or Web. If you’re using it on your phone, you’ll be taken to the app download page; otherwise, you’ll be taken to the ‘Google Voice Sign Up’ page. When you select “For Business,” you will be taken to the “Get Started” page.

• If you agree to the terms of service and the privacy statement after clicking on “Web” for personal use, press “Continue.”

• On the next page, type in the city or area code to acquire a phone number for that area. • Review the available numbers and select one as your Google Voice Number, then click “Select.”

• Then, using the “Verify” option, confirm your current phone number.

• Tap on the ‘Send Code’ to link the number to your Google Voice account, where your incoming calls will be redirected.

• Enter the Code that you received on your phone and confirm by clicking “Verify.

• Click “Claim” to confirm the call forwarding to that number, then “Finish” to conclude the Google Voice setup procedure.

• Then, to open your Google Voice account, click ‘Finish.’

How to Start an Audio Conference Call

To start an audio conference call with Google Voice, which you may use to make free phone calls with a single person. Follow the steps outlined below.

• Log in to your Google Voice account and select “Make a Call” from the left-hand menu.

• In the “Call” area, type a name or phone number and press the green phone symbol to have Google dial it.

• Google Voice will dial the number and connect you to the person on the other end.

Installing the free Google Voice and Video Chat Plugin, also known as Hangout Plugin, allows you to make free PC-to-PC calls using Google Voice.

How to Make a Conference Call on Google 

Simply follow the steps below to make a conference call using Google Voice:

• Make sure to notify all participants ahead of time so thatthey may phone you at the planned time. The first step is to phone one of the persons using Google Voice, or have one of them call you.

• Once the call is in progress, begin adding additional participants as they dial the number. After listening to the message about making a conference call, you will receive a prompt for the incoming call. To accept the call, press 5 after listening to the message.

• You can also record a conference call if it’s for business purposes, but you’ll have to enable it in the settings under incoming Call options.

• The conference call will include all attendees. To begin recording the call, press 4, and all participants will be notified when the recording begins and ends.

Google only permits 10 people to join a free conference call. However, if you pay for a Google Voice account, you can invite up to 25 people. You can also utilize Google Hangout Meet as an alternative. It comes with a video conference call service as part of your G Suite subscription. It allows you to add participants in groups of 25 to 250 people.

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