Cardless ATM withdrawals made possible with Citi Bank | How do cardless ATMs work?

Cardless ATM withdrawals made possible with Citi Bank | How do cardless ATMs work? 


Withdrawals from debit accounts can now be made without a card at all Citibank ATMs. Yes, Cardless ATM withdrawals are possible with Citi Bank

Do you recall having to run back home to collect your ATM card because you thought you might need it in the market? Never, ever again.

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Citibank, the country’s largest global bank, continues to pursue innovation to improve its clients’ banking experiences.

When you forget your Citibank Debit Card and need cash quickly, you don’t have to go to a Citibank branch and make time-consuming over-the-counter withdrawals.

Then go to your nearest Citibank ATM to collect a second OTP, which you must enter before you can get your money. This new Citibank ATM function is free of charge and can help prevent fraud and ATM skimming.

Although the method varies from bank to bank, the fundamentals are quite consistent throughout all Nigerian banks.

For banks, efficient and convenient banking is the new approach to reach out to customers, particularly millennials.

We’ll look at how to make Citi cardless ATM withdrawal in this article.

What do I need to make a cardless ATM Withdrawal?

You can easily set up a cardless cash withdrawal in Citibank Online or your Citi Mobile App using a One-Time-PIN (OTP) issued via SMS.

There isn’t much…

You’ll need a phone with your registered number on it.

USSD code or Mobile Banking App of your bank

Only a few minutes of airtime (not in all cases)

What do I not need to make a Cardless ATM Withdrawal?


ATM Card

Withdrawal slip

Notice That The Cardless Cash ATM Withdrawal Process Is Approximately The Same For Every Bank That Provides This Service.

·     Without an ATM card, how can you withdraw money from Citibank?

This section discusses how to withdraw money from a Citi Bank ATM without using your ATM card. The following are the basic methods to make a Citi Bank cardless atm withdrawal:

Citibank is a financial institution In Nigeria, cardless withdrawals are only possible through Citi Bank Online (the bank’s mobile banking app).

·     Use the Citi Bank Online App to log in.

·     Choose Cardless Withdrawal

·     Fill in the amount and the PIN * A one-time (OTP) PIN will be given to your registered sim.

·     Follow the simple on-screen steps at any ATM to complete your withdrawals.

·     Take your money.

Step-by-Step Instructions: Withdrawals from ATMs without a card

To begin, you must use the same phone number that you use to get bank alerts, i.e., your registered phone number.

·     Use the Mobile Bank App or dial your bank’s USSD code.

·     A menu will appear. Select the No-Credit-Card Withdrawal option.

·     Fill in the amount and click “Submit.”

·     An OTP (One-Time Password) code will be emailed to your registered phone number.

·     Enter your personal identification number (PIN) and password.

·     To withdraw money, go to your bank’s ATM.

As previously said, these phases may vary from bank to bank, but they all follow similar procedures. This is why I’ve created a custom-made, easy-to-understand guide on how to make cardless cash withdrawals from Citibank.

Without my card, how can I withdraw money from an ATM?

Alternatives to Using a Debit Card to Withdraw Money

·     Write a cheque for yourself. This is the most convenient way to obtain cash without using an ATM card.

·     Use the cardless ATM at your bank.

·     Make use of a pre-paid card.

·     Emergency Cash Service… Use a Payment App on Your Smartphone.


Cardless ATMs are a convenient, secure, and clean way to get cash without a card, and even if you don’t use them often, they can come in helpful in an emergency.

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