Best WiFi Name Generator 2021 + Top 80 Random and Funny WiFi Names [Updated]

Best WiFi Name Generator – We’ll look at some of the best and funniest WiFi names, as well as some random Wi-Fi name generators, in this article.

Best WiFi Name Generator 2021
Best WiFi Name Generator 2021

We’ll be listing roughly 80 of them when it comes to cool Wi-Fi names. Choose from the options on the list and utilize them on your Wi-Fi connection. But first, a little background.

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Technology has improved throughout time, and this has had an impact on WiFi as well. There was a time when using a LAN network was the norm. We both had to deal with the Mo-dem era. People now use routers, MiFi devices, and mobile devices because times have changed.

The reason for this is that in order to share an internet connection from these devices with other devices, you must first turn on the Wi-Fi service, also known as a hotspot on mobile phones.

Every one of these devices comes with a pre-configured Wi-Fi name. While this is admirable, it makes sense to personalize it. Changing my stylish Wi-Fi name is something I enjoy doing. Especially if I don’t want people to figure out what ISP I’m using or what device I’m using.

Before we go over some of the funniest and most amusing WiFi names, let’s look at how to modify the Wi-Fi name on any router.

How To Change Wi-Fi Name on Any Router

Follow these instructions to change the WiFi name on any router you use:

1. Make sure you know your router’s IP address first. This is usually displayed on the wireless router’s back side. If you can’t find it, call your Internet service provider and ask for the IP address. In general, it’s something along the lines of

2. Make sure the device you’re using is connected to the Wi-Fi network whose name you’d like to modify.

3. In your usual browser, type or the router IP address provided by your ISP on the back of your wireless router.

4. Enter your username and password when the router admin page loads.

5. Next, select login or sign in from the drop-down menu.

6. In the admin page’s wireless tab, type your selected humorous WiFi name in the Name (SSID) field. Check for settings if you can’t find the wireless tab.

7. When you’re finished, click apply.

That is all there is to it. You’ve successfully altered your router’s WiFi name to something amusing and intriguing.

Now that we’ve covered that, let’s have a look at some of the coolest, most bizarre, and amusing WiFi names available.

Best WiFi Name Generator – Top 80 Random and Funny Simple WiFi Names

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best and funniest WiFi names you may use as your wifi’s SSID name after doing some research. This will offer you a sense of individuality.

  1. Virus Found
  2. Sorry, Wifi is in another castle
  3. I have a boyfriend
  4. Your village people
  5. No Signal
  6. Selling my friend’s kidney for iPhone X
  7. Don’t touch me
  8. BSNL too slow
  9. No Network
  10. Hey, Hey!
  11. Get the hell out of my WiFi
  12. Ransomware Found
  13. Buy PayPal soon
  14. Don’t connect, save bandwidth
  15. Must love dogs
  16. Cats vs Dogs
  17. You are WiFizoned
  18. FBI Vehicle #836
  19. Android vs iOS
  20. Only for poor people
  21. Free WiFi. Just Kidding
  22. Call me for password
  23. Connect your Nokia 3310
  24. Click here for Internet Mom
  25. RIP LAN
  26. Empire Fans Only
  27. Iron man vs Captain America
  28. I’m Hulk
  29. Y u no get Wi-Fi
  30. FRIENDS Fans connect here
  31. Installing virus, Please wait
  32. Enter your ATM PIN for the internet
  33. Recharge Rs. 100 to 9876543210 for password
  34. Don’t connect to this WiFi
  35. This is a trap
  36. You are under CCTV surveillance
  37. I got you
  38. This is not the WiFi you are looking for
  39. You will die if you tap me
  40. localhost
  41. No WiFi for you
  42. 404 WiFi not found
  43. Wanna connect? 😉
  44. I have WiFi but you don’t
  45. Look your face in the mirror before connecting to WiFi
  46. Check your credit card bill. lol
  47. Don’t enter into my world
  48. Our internet is faster than your’s
  49. Your music is annoying
  50. Neighbors, please stop using my Wi-Fi
  51. Praise the Lord for password
  52. YouTube videos are buffering. Don’t connect
  53. You can’t connect me
  54. Connect for free Justin Bieber songs
  55. Finding WiFi
  56. Go get your own WiFi!
  57. Connecting…
  58. WiFi Connected
  59. Click to install Noad Variance Virus
  60. Free bitcoins
  61. Shake your phone for connecting to this WiFi
  62. Praise the Lord for password
  63. Happy birthday, stranger
  64. _(-_-)_/
  65. This is hotspot, not WiFi
  66. It hurts when you use my Wi-Fi
  67. Poor signal
  68. Wi-Fi from Mars
  69. Ask StackOverflow for password
  70. Connect to Geek Dashboard
  71. Free WiFi for Nokia 3310
  72. Dad, I failed in maths exam
  73. Please contact your ISP for free internet
  74. Please Wait, Loading…
  75. Connection lost
  76. No internet access
  77. D: virus.exe
  78. Downloading virus
  79. WiFi not working
  80. Reboot to connect WiFi

Let’s speak about some WiFi name generators now that we’ve talked about some of the best and interesting WiFi names to utilize as your SSID.

Funny and Cool WiFi Name Generator (Online Tool)

This WiFi name generator tool will generate thousands of unique, cool, and humorous WiFi names for your wireless router. You may easily change the name of your WiFi router to your desired option. This results in a really cool and unusual name. For those in your immediate vicinity, to be precise.

How To Change Mobile WiFi Name?

While we’ve already covered how to change the WiFi name on your router, let’s have a look at how to alter the WiFi name on your Android or iOS device.

Change WiFi Name on Android

  • Go to settings
  • Select Portable Hotspot
  • Select Set up portable hotspot.
  • In the SSID field, insert any of the names from the list above.
  • When done, tap the done option.

That is all there is to it.You’ve successfully changed Wi-Fi name on Android phones.

Change WiFi Name on iPhone

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on General
  • Tap on About
  • Select Name
  • Type in the name you’d like to use. This will be the name used to describe the iPhone on other devices, as well as the name for Wi-Fi. As a result, the Wi-Fi name will be the same.

That is all there is to it. That’s how to modify your iPhone’s WiFi name.

There are some of the funniest and most amusing WiFi names, as well as WiFi name generators, in this list. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


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