Best iPhone 2021: which Apple phone should you buy?

Best iPhone 2021 – the iPhone 12 range is Apple’s largest and finest iPhone range yet, with four versions to choose from, making now the best time to purchase an iPhone.

Best iPhone 2021 which Apple phone should you buy
Best iPhone 2021 which Apple phone should you buy

And there’s reason to be optimistic about some of Apple’s recent iPhone launches. These may be the best iPhones ever, and with the iPhone SE thrown in for good measure, there’s something for everyone.

Best iPhone 2021

Apple has a range of phones that are among the best in the world. Apple offers phones ranging in price from $399 to $1,399. We’re here to assist you in locating the best option for your requirements and budget.

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There’s the standard iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 Pro, the gigantic iPhone 12 Pro Max (Apple’s largest phone yet), and the iPhone 12 Mini, which is Apple’s first mini edition. Fans of small phones, rejoice.

By Brand, the Best Phones
  • Huawei mobile phones
  • LG mobile phones
  • Motorola mobile phones
  • Samsung mobile phones
  • Sony mobile phones
  • Phones from Nokia
  • Oppo mobile phones
  • Xiaomi mobile phones
  • Honor mobile phones
  • Phones with a pixel display
  • OnePlus handsets

Aside from the iPhone 12 series, there’s also the budget iPhone SE (2020), which debuted a few months before them, as well as a number of older iPhones that are still available.

Apple’s phones are supported for a long time with software updates, so purchasing an older device can be a great way to save money.

These iPhones come in a variety of sizes, styles, price points, and features. With that in mind, we’ve ranked all of Apple’s newest iPhones, as well as older versions that are still available from other retailers.

You’ll find them all listed below, along with a detailed description of what each model has to offer.

There should be something for almost all in the 12 choices below – as long as you want iOS. If Android appeals to you, be sure to check out some of our other mobile guides, which are connected below and to the right.

Given that the iPhone SE 3 is unlikely to be released anytime soon, and the latest iOS 14.5 features seem to be very appealing, now is the perfect time to purchase an iPhone – unless you’re willing to wait until September or October when the iPhone 13 series is expected to be released. If nothing currently piques your interest, keep an eye on this guide to see what comes next.

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These are the best iPhone offers available right now.

What iPhone model should you buy today?

1. Apple iPhone 12

The Apple iPhone that gives you the most bang for your buck

2. iPhone 12  Mini

The same as above, but on a smaller scale

3. iPhone 12 Pro

This iPhone is our third favorite smartphone. The iPhone 12 Pro is more advanced than the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini, as well as more expensive and with better specifications than the regular edition. The internals are better, and the camera is better.

4. The Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max 

When it comes to specs, this iPhone is unrivaled.

5. Apple iPhone 11

Once upon a time, the finest iPhone

6. iPhone SE,

For those looking for a less expensive iPhone, this is the choice to consider.

7. iPhone 11 Pro

Once the best, but now a little too expensive

8. iPhone 11 Pro Max 

Large phone, high price

9. Apple iPhone XS

Another choice for those seeking a small package.

The iPhone XS Max is the tenth iPhone. The iPhone XS Max is still a big, fast device.

11. Apple iPhone XR

Cheaper than it’s ever been

12. Apple’s iPhone X

The iPhone that revolutionized the market


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