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Autoclicker Beta
Autoclicker Beta

Autoclickers are a wonderful savior when it comes to mimicking mouse clicks on a PC.

An autoclicker saves energy by doing arduous duties such as imitating mouse clicks and actions, whether you are an office worker or a serious gamer.

Using an autoclicker is prevalent these days, but obtaining a trustworthy one is difficult.

A full-featured autoclicker with two auto-clicking modes: at your dynamic cursor location or a predefined point.

The maximum number of clicks can also be configured (or left as infinite).

What is An Autoclicker?

Autoclicker is a powerful piece of software that allows you to simply automate repeated and redundant mouse clicks.

When a specific key is pushed, it can automatically click on any picture, text, or icon. These clicks can be created automatically or initiated manually by the user. It operates in two modes: dynamic cursor location and predefined cursor location. Let’s get started with our full instructions on utilizing an autoclicker correctly.

Features of an Autoclicker
  • Select whether to follow your cursor or click at a set location
  • Set the number of times to click (or limitless)
  • Select which mouse button to click as 
  • Select single clicking, double clicking, or triple clicking
  • Convenient – Hotkeys work while the software is running in the background
  • Settings are saved (includes last fixed location)
  • Free and open source
  • Simple user interface
  • Low CPU utilization
  • Portability
  • No malware or adverts
  • No Viruses (The number of autoclickers with viruses out there is uncountable)
How to use Autoclicker?

You can immediately begin using this Auto Clicker after downloading it.

  • To begin, click the ‘Add Robot’ button to include the Autoclicker’s macro.
  • Then, mention the point where you want to click. You can accomplish this by moving the mouse to the desired location and pressing any keyboard key. This point will be modified in the Add Robot window.
  • Then, on the ‘Click Interval’ spin button, specify the time between the two clicks.
  • A lower Click Interval value indicates faster clicks.
  • Then you must specify the type of click – left mouse click, right mouse click, double click, release the click, click and hold.
  • Finally, click ‘Add Click’ to include it in the macro.
  • If you want to add more mouse clicks, repeat the process described above.
  • After you’ve added all of the mouse clicks to the macro, say the robot’s name, activate the hotkey and repeat the macro. The Macro can be executed an unlimited number of times or until the user taps the keyboard shortcut key.
  • Finally, you may add the macro to the list. Select the enable box to enable auto-clicking when the start hotkey is pressed. When you press the end hotkey, the auto-clicking stops.
Changing Settings of the Hotkey

The user can quickly alter the Hotkey settings by doing the following:

  • Activate the OP Autoclicker program.
  • Select the button – Hotkey Configuration
  • Choose the Start/Stop button.
  • By tapping a key on the keyboard, you can select the hotkey.
  • The selected key is now the PC hotkey.
How to make your mouse click automatically in Chrome OS

If clicking with your mouse buttons or touchpad is problematic for you, you can set your pointer or cursor to click automatically when it stops moving. It’s a good alternative if the clicking is awkward or uncomfortable for you because of motor impairment or pain when moving your hands or upper body.

Quick Reference:

  1. In the bottom right corner of the screen, click the Time widget, then click the Settings icon.
  2. Select Accessibility from the left-hand menu in Settings.

If Accessibility is not visible, select Advanced to discover additional menu options.

  1. In the right-hand panel, scroll down and choose Manage accessibility features.
  2. Navigate to the Mouse and Touchpad area.
  3. To turn on the toggle switch, click Automatically click when the pointer pauses.
Before and After

Step-by-step guide

This section walks you through each step of enabling automatic clicking when the pointer stops on Chrome OS, with screenshots to assist.

Change the settings

  1. Open the System menu by clicking on the Time widget in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Select the Settings option.

Look for the accessibility features.

  1. In the top-left corner of the window, click the Menu button next to Settings, then select Accessibility. Click Advanced to reveal all menu items if Accessibility isn’t already shown.

Click Manage accessibility features3. In the right-hand panel, click Manage accessibility features.

Enable Automatically click when the cursor stops

  1. Scroll down to the Mouse and touchpad part of the Accessibility features.

To enable it, toggle the option next to Automatically click when the pointer pauses.

When you stop moving the pointer, a ring will appear around it.

If the pointer remains stationary for a predetermined amount of time, it will click on whatever is underneath.

Change the settings

  1. You can modify the behavior of automated clicking by changing the following settings:
  • Delay before click: The amount of time between when the cursor stops and when a click action is done.
  • Stabilize click location: When this option is enabled, the ring will remain in place until the cursor moves outside of it.
  • Revert to left click after action: When you enable this option, the click action reverts to a left click after performing another action, such as double-click or right-click.
  • Movement threshold: This determines how far the pointer must go before pausing and registering a click.

Using Automatically click when the cursor stops

  1. When you enable Automatically click when the cursor stops, stopping the cursor or pointer results in a left click by default.

You can, however, select an alternative action from the Click Action option that shows on the screen.

You have the following options:

  1. Left mouse click
  2. Perform a right-click
  3. Click twice
  4. Drag and drop
  5. Scroll – Move your cursor around the screen.
  6. Stop automatic clicking
  7. Change the position of the menu – shift the menu to a different corner of the screen.
GS Autoclicker

GS Autoclicker is a great tool for clicking the mouse instead of using your hand.

If you often click the mouse while playing a game or working, this program can free your finger and save you time.

Click objects on your Chromebook automatically.

You can program the cursor to do an action when it stops moving for an extended period.

This feature can be helpful for users with motor impairments. Enable automatic clicks

  1. Select the time at the bottom right.

Alternatively, on your keyboard, press Alt + Shift + s.

  1. Select Advanced Settings.
  2. Select Manage accessibility features under “Accessibility.”
  3. Select Automatically click when the mouse cursor stops under “Mouse and touchpad.”
  4. (Optional)

Configure your automated click settings as follows:

  • Delay before clicking: Select how long your Chromebook pauses before clicking automatically.
  • Maintain click location: Hold your ring in place until your cursor moves outside of it.
  • After the action, return to left click: Return to left click after performing other actions such as a right click or double click.
  • Movement threshold: Adjust the size of your ring to click items within a particular range.

Point to the thing you wish to click without physically pressing your mouse or touchpad.

Use different types of clicks

You can modify the actions your clicks take when you enable automated clicks.

  1. Select an action from the menu in the bottom right:
  • Left-click
  • Right-click
  • Double-click
  • Drag
  • Scroll
  • Toggle menu position
  1. Point to the location where you wish to do the action.

Select No action (pause) to pause automatic clicks.

Scroll as you hover
  1. Select Scroll from the menu of automated clicks.

Another menu with scroll choices will display.

  1. Select the scroll action you want to carry out:
  • Left
  • Right
  • Top
  • Bottom
  • Close

Hover on a new scrollbar or page until the scroll menu goes to that area to alter where you scroll.

Should I download Autoclicker?

Download GS Autoclicker if you want a utility tool that allows you to automate mouse clicks.

The application is simple to use and has numerous features that make doing repetitive activities a breeze.

Best Auto clickers.

They are all incredibly effective and dependable.

It also measures your mouse click speed.

After installing the autoclicker on your machine, visit the CPS Tester website to ensure that your autoclicker software is operational.

It also measures your mouse click speed.

Here are some of the Best Autoclickers for Serious Gamers

  1. OP Autoclicker

Because of its easy design, OP Autoclicker 3.0 is the easiest autoclicker to use. This autoclicker has two ways to click. In the first, you can select the screen where you last placed your pointer. The second approach requires you to specify a specific position for the cursor to repeat the clicks. The software can be downloaded from the official website.

It also includes two types of clicking options. You can specify the number of clicks or simply let it click indefinitely until you stop it. It is generally a good idea to set a time interval between clicks. It allows for either a left or right mouse click.

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  1. GS Autoclicker

One of the best autoclickers available on the internet is GS Autoclicker. It easily saves time for individuals who click repetitively for work or to play games. You can record as many times as you like by clicking on the screen. You are free to utilize the recorded sequence whenever you like.

There are two types of clicks: single and double.

Choose between clicking infinitely many times and clicking a set amount of times. GS Autoclicker is available for free download from the company’s website.

  1. MurGaa Autoclicker

MurGaa Autoclicker is designed specifically for Mac users. This autoclicker, like other autoclickers, allows you to mimic right or left mouse clicks on a PC.

Users can use several choices to stop and start clicking on this autoclicker. This software is compatible with all Mac OS X versions.

With this software, you may increase efficiency and production while giving your fingers a break from repetitive clicking.

This software provides a free trial before charging $6.54 for its license.

MurGaa Autoclicker’s single license is only valid for 6 months.

  1. Speed Autoclicker

Speed Autoclicker is the quickest autoclicker on the market.

It has a click rate of 5000 per second.

To start and stop this autoclicker, you must first select an activation key.

Choose a mouse button for repeated clicking.

You can change the click rate and also set a click limit.

It has two operating modes.

In the first mode, you must hold the activation key for the clicking to begin, and once released, the clicking will stop.

In the second mode, simply press the activation key once to begin and again to stop the clicking.

  1. Fast Auto Clicker

With Fast Auto Clicker, users can automate not only mouse clicks but also keyboard clicks on their PC.

Auto Clicker Typer 3.0 was the previous name for this auto clicker.

Choose whether to click at a fixed place or a dynamic location of the cursor.

Limit the number of times you can click on the settings option.

You can record your tasks using the record option.

You can perform the same tasks on your PC by using the recorded simulations. To activate the auto clicker, use F9, and to deactivate it, press F10.

  1. Auto Clicker Pro

Auto Clicker Pro is a fantastic clicking software with numerous features. Using the record features, you can automatically fill out the data entries in this software. You can also automate the submission procedure. It is also known as getting Auto Clicker. This auto clicker is compatible with Chrome and Edge.

You can schedule URL or web page clicks at any time of day with its schedule URL feature. You can utilize this ability to complete things even while asleep. Auto Clicker Pro is available for free download.

  1. PTFB Pro

PTFB Pro is one of the top auto clickers for making users more productive. This auto clicker solves Windows annoyances with ease. IT professionals are the most likely to utilize PTFB Pro. It keeps track of all the programs running on your computer. It has numerous advanced features that other auto clickers just do not have.

Software automation, automated software testing, a tiny footprint, and a macro recorder are among the characteristics. To enhance productivity, you can run critical applications around the clock while shutting off non-essential software. This auto clicker provides a free 30-day trial. Following that, you can buy a single-user license for $39.99.

Other Autoclicker

  • Free Auto Clicker
  • Mouse Clicker
  • Macro Clicker
How do I turn on auto-click on my Mac?

The Mac features an auto-click capability that performs a click when the pointer stops moving. This feature is known as “dwell” by Apple. This saves you a lot of mouse clicks.

macOS 10.12. 6 (Sierra)

  • Navigate to the [Apple System Preferences…] menu.
  • Select Accessibility.
  • Select Dwell Control.

Is Autoclicker allowed on Roblox?

Remember, regardless of the situation or approach, auto clickers are a punishable infraction in Roblox—you’ve been warned!

Does Autoclicker have viruses?

GS Auto Clicker is completely safe. It is a safe application that simulates mouse clicks and contains no malware.

Is auto clicker a hack?

Auto-clicking will not get you banned, it is not the same as hacking or exploiting.

Auto-clickers are just a means to earn exp and vel, as well as occasionally drops, without having to do any actual labor.

Can auto clicker damage your phone?

Innovative technology does not harm the phone’s screen, and the click is more sensitive and stable.

Are auto clickers free?

What exactly is GS Auto Clicker? GS Auto Clicker is a free utility tool that can save you a significant amount of time and effort.

It’s a popular app among gamers since it allows them to automate repetitive mouse clicks, which are frequently necessary for many games to achieve a high score.

Is Murgee auto clicker safe?

Do not purchase from Murgee or Murgaa.

Back in 2017, I was hunting for an auto clicker for my video games and came across this company.

Is there an Auto Clicker for Mac?

Auto Mouse Click for Mac is an automation tool that programs your computer to do a series of clicks and keystrokes.

This application is quite simple to learn and use.

It stimulates left and right clicks on Mac devices and provides many control options.

Does speed autoclicker have a virus?

GS Auto Clicker is completely safe.

It is a safe application that simulates mouse clicks and contains no malware.

Is there a Linux autoclicker?

XClicker is a Linux auto clicker software that automates mouse clicks and assists you in automating monotonous operations.

It’s an excellent technique to increase your productivity.

Is Autoclicker allowed on Minecraft?

You are not banned from “Minecraft” if you use auto clickers; some servers allow it, while others do not. If you are on a server that does not allow the use of auto clickers and are caught using one, you will be banned from that server, not from Minecraft.

Does SourceForge Autoclicker work for Mac?

The Free Auto Clicker for Mac is the best auto clicker designed for Mac users, and it is compatible with all Mac OS X versions! Free Auto Clicker is your all-in-one solution for jobs that require multiple clicks, such as gaming, software testing, or web page browsing.


Auto Clickers are the ideal software for saving time and avoiding bodily harm.

All of that clicking is quite safe for our fingers. So why do it manually when you can do the same thing with a free auto clicker?


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