Apple Is Reportedly Developing Its Own Generative AI Chatbot To Rival Chatgpt

Apple – The technology is known as Ajax, although nobody is exactly sure how it will be utilized.

According to recent reports, Apple is hard at work developing its very own version of a generative artificial intelligence (AI) tool comparable to ChatGPT.

It would appear that the company that makes the iPhone has started putting together the fundamental structure necessary to construct a large language model (LLM) that is comparable to OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard.

On the firm’s intranet, the framework is known as “Ajax,” and it was developed with Google JAX, which is the machine learning framework used by the company.

Apple has maintained an unusually low profile during the development of the “AI wars,” up until this point. According to the initial report by Bloomberg, the corporation is in the process of developing its very own chatbot.

The engineers have jokingly given the toolset the name “AppleGPT,” but its real name is Ajax. This is because the large language model (LLM) was constructed using Google’s JAX framework.

According to our sources, Apple has many teams working on the project, and one of those teams is specifically dedicated to addressing any potential privacy concerns that may arise.

Apple – What exactly does Apple intend to accomplish with the bot?

The answer to this question is still unknown because the company does not appear to have any concrete plans regarding use case scenarios, launch dates, or platform support. Bloomberg was informed by a person who requested anonymity to expect a formal announcement along with additional specifics in the following year.

Additionally, Apple will do its annual earnings call the following month, which may provide some insight into Ajax.

This move comes after Apple CEO Tim Cook mentioned on Good Morning America that generative AI is something the business is “looking at closely.” Bloomberg claims that John Giannandrea and Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering, are the ones in charge of the endeavor.

Giannandrea was initially brought on board to manage Siri and its machine-learning capabilities; therefore, the troubled digital assistant may be set to become a great deal more helpful.

In recent months, there has been an explosion in the field of generative artificial intelligence, and virtually every major technology corporation has jumped on board the hype train.

Llama 2, an artificial intelligence chatbot designed for use in business, was just introduced yesterday by Meta and Microsoft.

Apple’s GPT Era

According to Bloomberg News, Apple engineers are reportedly working on something that is being referred to as the “Apple GPT.”

 According to the sources who spoke with the publication, Apple does not currently have a firm strategy in place to disclose the technology. However, the sources did note that major AI announcements may come out next year.

At the moment, only a very limited number of users have access to the tool. The announcement was made after Apple published at least a dozen job listings on its jobs page seeking candidates with experience in generative artificial intelligence.

According to “TechCrunch”, the advertisements started showing up on the website of the company for the first time on April 27.

“Artificial intelligence presents an enormous opportunity for Apple to improve its products and the experiences it offers to billions of people across the world.

According to Fortune, one of the job advertisements that has since been removed stated that applicants would be expected to “leverage innovative Generative models to build fundamental applications on top of Apple’s most advanced technologies while developing your expertise in Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR).”

Apple has not yet introduced any products that are dependent on generative artificial intelligence (AI). Apart from devices of Apple that use machine learning for functions such as heart monitoring and fall detection, Siri is the only product that directly deals in generative artificial intelligence.

Earlier, it was rumored that Apple is working on a coaching service that would be known as “Quartz.”

This service will utilize artificial intelligence to track the emotions of customers and keep them motivated to exercise and eat healthily. There is no way to predict when any of these services will become available to the user.

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