Airtel Family and Friends 2021: Tariff Plan, Migration & Plan Code

Airtel Family and Friends 2021: Tariff Plan, Migration & Plan Code

Airtel Family and Friends 2021
Airtel Family and Friends 2021
  • How to Add, Remove and View Numbers 

I’d like to walk you through all you need to know about the Airtel Family and Friends in this article.

Airtel also known as Bharti Airtel Limited, is an Indian multinational telecommunications services firm formed on July 7, 1995, by Sunil Bharti Mittal.

Its headquarters are in New Delhi, India, and it has operations in 18 countries across Africa, South Asia, and the Channel Islands.

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Airtel Family and Friends

This 2021, I am intensely aware that the majority of people are unaware of the Airtel family and friends.

What is the Airtel Family Plan?

Well, Airtel Family and Friends, often known as FAF, is a product service that makes discounted call costs available to registered Airtel lines.

All you have to do is add your preferred numbers to the Airtel Family and Friends list, then you’ll start enjoying your privileges.

Benefits of Airtel Family and Friends

Airtel provides a feature that allows you to spend less cost on numbers that you call frequently.

This type of call allows you to spend a longer time than a regular call.

You don’t have to pay standard call rates when you call your mother, father, brother, sister, child, co-workers, or boss’s phone numbers

If you add them to the Airtel Family and Friends (FAF) list, you’ll get a discount every time you phone them.

Airtel Family and Friends Plan Code

  • How does Airtel family and friends plan work?

Airtel Family Plans are postpaid Airtel plans that allow you to share your plan benefits with family members by adding them to your plan.

How do I add numbers to my Airtel family plan?

Go to the My Airtel App and sign in.

Go to My Account then select on Plan section

Next click on “Add Existing Airtel” or “Add Non-Airtel number”

Airtel Family and Friends Tariff Plan

Which plan gives a bonus to Airtel?

SmartConnect is Airtel’s default bonus plan for prepaid subscribers, which offers 8 times more on every recharge.


Dial *141*505# to subscribe to Airtel SmartTRYBE 1.5GB for 500.

You’ll also receive 1GB for N500, as well as Night Browsing (500MB for N25). Valid between the hours of 12 a.m. and 5 a.m.

SmartPREMIER is a new Airtel Family and Friends Plan that is both affordable and portable.

A local call is charged at 40k/sec for the first minute of the day, and 11k/sec for subsequent minutes.

SmartTALK 2.0

With the Prepaid Airtel smart talk 2.0, you can make 11kobo per second calls to any network in Nigeria.

How to Migrate to Airtel Family and Friends

How to migrate to Airtel SmartTRYBE plan

Dial *312#. Or to opt-in, dial *312*1#

How to migrate to Airtel SmartPremier plan

By dialing the *470# USSD code, you will be automatically migrated to the plan, allowing you to take advantage of the excellent offers.

How to migrate to Airtel SmartTALK plan

Dial *315# USSD code, it is also known as Talk Smart and No Hassles.

How to migrate to Airtel SmartVALUE

Dial *314# USSD code

Airtel Family and Friends Migration Code 2020

Other migration code includes:

SmartTRYBE Junior- For kids

Code: Dial *317#

SmartRECHARGE bundle-10x recharge

Code: Dial *220*PIN#

TalkMore Bundles-4x recharge

Code: Dial *234#

Airtel 6x bundles

Code: Dial *555*PIN#

How to Add Family and Friends on Airtel 2021

How can I add family and friends to Airtel 2021?

How to Add Number to Airtel Family and Friend

If you want to add this number ‘08080000000’ to your Airtel family and friend plan, for example. Dial *311*2*08080000000#.

When you contact that number, you will be able to take advantage of a much lower call rate.

How to Remove Number from Airtel Family and Friend

To delete a phone number from your Airtel Family and Friend list, call *311*3*Number# and the number will be successfully removed.

How to View Airtel Family and Friends Number

Dial *311*4# to get a list of your Airtel Family and Friend phone numbers.

Once you dial this code, you’ll receive a message with a list of numbers from your Airtel Family and Friends profile.

Airtel Customer Care

If you need more assistance, please feel free to contact the Airtel Customer Care Centre by dialing 111 with an Airtel phone or 08021500111 from any other network.


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