Ad Blocker: The best Ad Blockers You Can Get Today For Free

Ad Blocker Browser
Ad Blocker Browser

Ad blockers are programmes (plugins or browser extensions) that eliminate or modify advertising material on websites.

While a webpage is loaded, the ad blocker examines its scripts and compares them to a list of sites and scripts that it was designed to prevent.

If any are discovered, they are blocked. If you spend any amount of time online, you should use the finest ad blockers and privacy plugins.

Install one of these extensions on your desktop browser or mobile device to avoid some of the most annoying features of viewing websites these days.

You’re probably aware of what we’re referring to. The online is full of annoyances that test your patience and jeopardise your privacy, from obnoxious pop-up adverts to monitoring technologies that collect information about your surfing behaviour. The finest ad blockers prevent this.

We can assist you in locating the finest ad blockers and privacy solutions for a range of platforms.

To make your search easier, we’ve divided our findings into various categories. We can help you uncover stand-alone ad-blocking programmes for PCs and smartphones, as well as our top privacy-focused extensions, in addition to ad-blocking extensions for major browsers.

Even if firms such as Apple and Google take more obvious measures to offer you greater control over your browsing data, ad blockers are just as crucial for online security as the greatest antivirus software or VPN.

Just keep in mind that even the greatest ad blockers have drawbacks. For starters, they deprive free sites that rely on advertisements of money (like this one).

But if you’re prepared to make that sacrifice, there are lots of extensions and applications that allow you to browse the web in peace, whether you’re using a mobile device or a PC.

What is An Ad Blocker?

An Ad Blocker is a piece of software that prevents internet advertisements from appearing. Pop Up Blockers may prevent advertisements from appearing on any website or mobile game.


Many websites and applications provide free material. The publication generates cash by displaying advertisements.

However, in some circumstances, these advertisements might impair the usefulness of the website or service.

By preventing adverts from being displayed, ad blockers can improve the user experience of such websites and applications.

General Features

Because of the competitive nature of the ad blocker business, many come with a slew of extra functions.

Acceptable advertisements and whitelisting are two characteristics to consider. This enables the display of non-intrusive advertisements.

Another handy feature worth considering is content filtering. This prevents the display of inappropriate material.

What is Ad Blocker Chrome?

AdBlock for Chrome is an ad-blocking browser plugin that eliminates adverts from Chrome and protects against third-party trackers.

AdBlock is, in fact, the most frequently used ad blocking addon for Chrome, with over 60 million users.

Millions of people across the world use AdBlock to prevent Chrome advertising, increase website load speed, and safeguard their privacy.

That’s because AdBlock for Chrome is easy to use, entirely configurable, and significantly improves your online experience.

What are the Best Ad Blockers?

When it comes to the finest ad blockers and privacy plugins for your browser, AdBlock Plus is accessible on numerous platforms, including desktop browsers, Android, and iOS.

It will most likely be many people’s initial stop. Try AdBlock or Ghostery, both of which work with a broad range of browsers, for blocking advertisements on a desktop browser alone.

AdGuard and AdLock are the finest standalone ad blockers, while mobile users can try AdAway for Android or 1Blocker X for iOS. Other privacy-conscious programmes were the Opera web browser and Privacy Badger.

The best ad blockers you can get today

Best in-browser ad blockers

1. AdBlock Plus (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Android, iOS)

AdBlock Plus (ABP) is a popular ad blocker with extensions for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Opera.

ABP has a simple setup, pre-loaded filter lists that allow users to rapidly block most advertising, and the option to filter malware and social media links.

To keep their ad income in the black, savvy consumers may choose additional ban lists, configure custom filters, or whitelist their favourite sites.

AdBlock Plus offers “non-intrusive advertising” through filters, which may irritate some users; however, this option may be removed in settings.

The AdBlock Browser app for Android provides a Firefox-based browser that blocks incoming advertising, and the AdBlock Plus app for iOS connects with the content blocker system to effortlessly block advertising on Safari with little setup.

2. AdBlock (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge)

AdBlock (not to be confused with AdBlock Plus) is another excellent ad-blocking browser plugin for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari users.

AdBlock automatically blocks ad material from recognised ad servers and suppliers using a variety of filter lists.

Users may use the default block lists, subscribe to others, or even make their own, as well as whitelist their favourite websites.

AdBlock has the confidence of many people worldwide as one of the most downloaded Chrome and Safari addons.

3. Popper Stopper (Chrome)

Poper Blocker (also Pop Up Blocker For Chrome) is intended to supplement existing adblockers rather than replace them.

Poper Blocker, in this case, concentrates on blocking pop-ups, pop-unders, overlays, timed and scroll pop-ups, and other types that may bypass other ad-blocking extensions.

When pop-ups are banned, little alerts appear. You may also examine your blocking statistics, but otherwise, Poper Blocker can operate in the background with no impact alongside other adblocker extensions.

4. Stands Fair AdBlocker (Chrome)

Chrome users can utilise Stands Fair AdBlocker for a quick and light ad-blocking plugin. The extension does exactly what it says it would, stopping advertisements and pop-ups from cluttering up your browser experience while also prohibiting tracking.

Stand’s Fair AdBlocker allows you to pick which kind of advertisements you want to block, including autoplay video ads, YouTube commercials, growing ads, and more. If you choose, it can even block Facebook adverts.

The “Fair” element of AdBlocker comes into play by allowing you to accept specific sorts of adverts or even whitelist ad-supported websites that you don’t want to lose money from. This is one ad blocker that doesn’t take a hard line against its declared objective.

5. uBlock Origin (Chrome, Firefox)

Ublock Origin is a browser-based ad blocker that prioritises simple, efficient blocking with little resource cost.

The extension includes a variety of filter lists for known advertising and malware sources, as well as the ability to read and build your own custom filters from hosts files.

6. Ghostery (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Edge)

Ghostery, like the other extensions on our list of the best ad blockers, may eliminate advertisements from webpages, allowing you to focus on content and navigate more effectively.

The true usefulness of Ghostery, however, is in its privacy protection features. Ghostery allows you to view trackers, which allows you to see who is attempting to gather data on you. With

You may also use Ghostery to prevent tracking from occurring. If you are serious about protecting your privacy, you may use Ghostery’s Enhanced Anti Tracking to anonymize your data.

Ghostery is a free download that provides basic online security. More advanced protection begins at $4.99 per month, and the $11.99 monthly tier includes a built-in VPN. Ghostery is now available for Android and iOS devices.

7. Adblocker for YouTube (Chrome, Firefox)

Adblocker for YouTube is a Chrome extension that promises to automatically block YouTube ads, whether it’s the pre-roll ad that appears before your video or any text and banner ads that appear on the video itself.

As YouTube has become more aggressive with ads, the makers of ad-blocking extensions have followed suit.

If you prefer Firefox over Chrome, there is an AdBlocker for YouTube addon for that browser as well.

Same name, obviously different creator, but the capability of removing video and display advertisements remains. This version is also compatible with Android smartphones.

Best Ad-Blocking Apps

1. AdGuard (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS)

Users wishing for a more robust experience may choose the subscription-based AdGuard, which offers desktop and mobile alternatives to decrease the amount of advertising they view when surfing the web.

AdGuard for Windows and Mac has support for common browsers, as well as fully adjustable settings for ad, content, and tracker blocking, as well as a parental controls module for banning adult material.

AdGuard for Android is a no-root ad-blocker that limits advertising in applications and games; however, you must install it from AdGuard’s website rather than Google Play.

AdGuard for iOS integrates with Safari to filter advertising in the default browser.

2. AdLock ($33 per year)

AdLock bypasses the browser-based path, instead running as a separate software to prevent not just browser-based adverts, but also advertising in other programmes such as Skype or games.

The programme works in the background, blocking advertisements, popups, and autoplaying videos using filters, speeding up loading times, and employing Safe Browsing capabilities to automatically block sites that are known to be harmful.

For obvious reasons, the mobile version is not accessible on the Google Play Store, therefore you’ll need to sideload the software if you want AdLock on your Android smartphone. iOS users may get AdLock from the App Store.

3. Wipr (macOS, iOS; $1.99)

If you use Safari, Wipr may be the best ad blocker for both your Mac and iPhone.

The app is available for both iOS and macOS — costing $1.99 from either Apple App Store — and it promises to work with Safari as well as apps that use Safari to display web pages.

You’ll find a full array of features with Wipr, which not only blocks apps and trackers, but cryptocurrency miners, EU cookie and GDPR notices, and anything else that gets in your way of surfing

Its blocklist is updated twice a week, and it requires little configuration; the idea is that you open Wipr and then forget about it while it works in the background.

Wipr should make Safari pages load quicker, which is especially useful if you’re browsing from an iPhone, since adverts and trackers might slow down your browser’s performance.

Best Ad-Blocking Mobile Apps

1. AdAway (Android)

AdAway, a free and open source ad-blocker that works on the host’s file level, is available for Android users with a rooted device.

When an app or webpage sends a request to a specific ad provider, it instead goes to a blank IP address (, conserving bandwidth and preventing advertising spam.

AdAway allows you to utilise hosts files from a number of sources, as well as your own, with the ability to block or whitelist certain addresses and add your own redirects.

Because AdAway isn’t accessible in the Google Play store, you’ll need to authorise third-party app installation (or download it using the F-Droid app).

2. 1Blocker (iOS)

When Apple enabled ad blocking on iPhones and iPads, 1Blocker was one of the first genuinely good ad blockers on iOS; the programme has subsequently been enhanced for Safari.

By eliminating advertisements, popups, trackers, and other online clutter, the programme is intended to make surfing quicker and more safe.

Rather than blocking downloaded page content, 1Blocker uses Safari’s content blocker API to inform the browser what to block ahead of time, saving time and resources.

1Blocker has over 115,000 blocker rules, configurable regional adblocking settings, and simple custom rule settings.

The software is available for free download, with premium features available for purchase as in-app purchases.

3. Firefox Focus (Android, iOS)

Firefox Focus is the latest addition to Mozilla’s browser family.

This is a privacy-focused version of Firefox that incorporates ad-blocking and anti-tracking into a lightweight and functioning package.

Firefox Focus removes advertisements and accelerates surfing while also including privacy-friendly features like as automatic history and cookie cleaning.

Users may use simple toggles to selectively disable advertisements, analytics, content, and social trackers, as well as enable “stealth” mode and designate a default search engine.

More on the many varieties of Firefox may be found in our look at the top Android browsers.

4. AdClear (Android, iOS)

AdClear — or AdClear Plus if you’re looking for the iOS version — provides the same type of mobile ad blocking in browsers as similar apps.

However, AdClear goes a step further by also banning advertisements in applications.

This is accomplished using AdClear’s DNS changer technology, which sends data through a VPN.

AdClear does not detect everything in all apps, and some apps ran a little slower in our experience.

However, this free application can prevent advertising from interfering with your work, whether in an app or a browser.

How to Choose The Best Ad Blocker For You

Many of the greatest ad blockers are free, either as extensions or independent programmes, with the exception of AdLock, which charges a fee.

Determine if the free services provide adequate ad-blocking or whether a premium software provides greater value for your money.

You should also examine if a browser plugin will suffice for your ad-blocking needs or whether you should switch browsers to one with better privacy protections built in.

You may cut down your options for ad blockers by determining exactly what you want to do with such an app or plugin.

Do you only want to avoid bothersome pop-up advertising, or do you want the complete range of services, including privacy protections and an end to ad-tracking? Take advantage of the ad blocker that checks all of your boxes.

Filters and the option to allow non-obtrusive advertising are features of some ad blockers, such as AdBlock Plus.

Others, such as AdBlocker Ultimate, take a more active stance. Determine which one best meets your requirements and degree of comfort.

Ad blocker Android – How do I block ads on Android completely?

Turn on or off pop-ups.

1. Open the Chrome app on your Android phone or tablet.

2. Tap More to the right of the address bar. Settings.

3. Select Permissions. Redirects and pop-ups

4. Disable pop-ups and redirection.

How do I turn off my Ad Blocker?

Google Chrome / Mozilla Firefox

To disable AdBlock Plus

  • Select the AdBlock Plus symbol from the address bar of your browser.
  • On this site, click Enabled.
  • Once deactivated, the menu item on this site should read Disabled.
  • Return to the video by closing this page and clicking Continue viewing.

To disable AdBlock

  • Select the AdBlock icon located next to the browser’s address bar.
  • Select Don’t run on pages on this domain.
  • A settings dialogue box will appear asking you to confirm that you want to disable ad blocking for
  • Select Exclude.
  • Return to the video by closing this page and clicking Continue viewing.
Which Free Ad Blocker is Best?

Best Free Ad Blockers & Pop-Up Blockers

  • uBlock Origin.
  • AdBlock.
  • AdBlock Plus.
  • Stands Fair Adblocker.
  • Ghostery.
  • Opera Browser.
  • Google Chrome.
  • Microsoft Edge.
Best Ad Blocker Chrome
  • AdBlock Plus (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Android, iOS)
  • AdBlock (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge)
  • Poper Blocker (Chrome)
  • Stands Fair AdBlocker (Chrome)
  • uBlock Origin (Chrome, Firefox)
  • Ghostery (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Edge)
  • Adblocker for YouTube (Chrome, Firefox)
  • AdGuard (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS)
What is the Best Free Ad Blocker Chrome?

TopBest Free Ad Blockers & Pop-Up Blockers

  • uBlock Origin.
  • AdBlock.
  • AdBlock Plus.
  • Stands Fair Adblocker.
  • Ghostery.
  • Opera Browser.
  • Google Chrome.
  • Microsoft Edge.
Which YouTube Ad blocker is Best?

Best YouTube Ad Blocker For Android, iOS & Web Browsers

  • Comparing Top YouTube Ad Blockers.
  • AdGuard AdBlocker.
  • AdBlock Plus.
  • AdLock.
  • AdBlock.
  • Adblocker for YouTube.
  • AdBlocker Ultimate.
  • Total Adblock.
Ad Blockers for iPhone

The best ad blockers for iPhone

  • Clario. Called the “Uber of cybersecurity”, Clario’s one-stop app is at the top of the list when it comes to online safety. …
  • 1Blocker. 1Blocker features a toggle-based interface that makes it very easy to use.
  • AdGuard.
  • AdBlock.    
  • KaBlock!    
  • BlockBear.    
  • AdLock.    
  • Firefox Focus.

Is there an AdBlock Plus for Chrome?

The most popular browser plugin available for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, and Android is Adblock Plus.

Is Ad block Plus really free?

Adblock Plus is a free browser plugin that lets you personalise and manage your web browsing experience.

Block irritating adverts, stop tracking, and block websites known to propagate malware, among other things.

Is there a way to block Twitch ads?

Using a Virtual Private Network is the simplest approach to block Twitch advertisements (VPN).

Using a VPN to change your IP address location allows you to block on-page, pre-roll, and mid-roll Twitch advertising. Use a reputable ad blocker plugin such as uBlock Origin to solely block on-page advertisements.

What is the best free ad blocker Safari?

AdGuard and AdLock are the finest standalone ad blockers, while mobile users can try AdAway for Android or 1Blocker X for iOS.

Are Ad Blocker Extensions safe?

AdBlock is absolutely safe to install and free of virus, however bear in mind that the only secure sites to download AdBlock are the official browser extension shops and our website.

If you get “AdBlock” from anywhere else, it might include malware that infects your computer.

Is Firefox Ad Blocker Safe?

We aim to make the internet a happier place for everyone, regardless of their ability to contribute.

Yes. AdBlock is completely safe to install and free of viruses.

However, bear in mind that the only secure sites to obtain AdBlock are the official browser extension shops and our website.

Spotify Ad Blocker Chrome – How do I block Spotify ads on Chrome?

Installing an ad blocker plugin from the add-on shop is one approach to remove advertising from the Spotify browser. Ads from the music streaming service may also be removed by installing a separate ad blocker on mobile devices.

How does Adblock DNS work?

Advertising can be prevented by utilising a DNS server configured to deny access to domains or hostnames known to offer advertisements by faking the address.


Many ad filters are useless, and some are even harmful. They frequently fail to block pop-ups, banner adverts, and YouTube video ads, which can cause loading delays and waste bandwidth.

Worse, some have been accused of tracking your data, selling it to third parties, and even infecting your device with malware.

Ad blockers, because they prohibit specific page components from loading, can also prevent infected scripts from running on web sites or pop-ups with harmful phishing URLs from appearing on your screen.

However, ad blockers are ineffective as an antiviral weapon.


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