9 Most Powerful African Queens in History

Most Powerful African Queens – Who was the Great Powerful African Queens?

We have some names in African history that will never be forgotten, and in the ancient world, Africa was home to some of the greatest queens in the world.

The most powerful African queens, who led their kingdoms with precision and strength, were among these leaders. Their leadership has left history with an indelible label.

For their efforts, dedication, sacrifice, contributions, these Powerful African Queens will always be remembered

It is never convenient to pledge your soul to the country, to be your people’s salvation, to struggle with your last strength to give them the hope of tomorrow.

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The first amazons were originally from Libya, according to Greek documents, a name that was used anciently to refer to the whole of North Africa. Some of these Amazons, like Dahomey’s Amazon, had troops that had only female warriors.

And if women could battle and overthrow male warriors, then, as far as leadership is concerned, there is nothing that could deter them from receiving the same respect as men.

Most Powerful African Queens – What Role Did Women Play In The History Of Africa?

African women played important roles in the development of the continent. Here are nine powerful queens in the history of Africa.

There are strong and clever women who as African leaders played significant roles in the history of the continent, most particularly during the pre and post-British colonial period.

  1. Powerful African Queens in History – Amina the Queen of Zaria Nigeria
Powerful African Queens in History - Amina the Queen of Zaria Nigeria
Powerful African Queens in History – Amina the Queen of Zaria Nigeria

Aminatu, generally known as Amina, was a great Hausa warrior who later became the queen of Zazzau; actually known as Zaria.

As a grand-daughter to King Sarkin, Amina was the obvious heir to the throne after Bakwa of Turunku (the king’s wife and the mother to Amina).

Different from how her mother used to rule the Zazzau kingdom, Amina preferred to be a warrior and ultimately became one of the greatest warriors of the Zazzau kingdom.

But when her mother passed away, the kingdom was transferred to Karama, the queen’s younger brother who governed for 10 years. Amina, after Karama’s death, became the queen of Zazzau.

She served for 34 years and persistent to be a powerful warrior until her demise. History has is that she steered her first military-expedition 3 months after she stepped into power.

She is also much-admired for being the leader behind the fortified city walls, a mutual characteristic of Hausa states.

  • Powerful African Queens in History – Candace – The empress of Ethiopia (332 BC)

In an effort to overcome the formidable empire of ancient Egypt, Alexander first invaded Ethiopia in 332 BCE But his army was unable to cross into Ethiopia as it was commanded by one of the most feared generals at the time, Empress Candace.

Candace - The empress of Ethiopia (332 BC)
Candace – The empress of Ethiopia (332 BC)

Seeing this, King Alexander decided to withdraw his army because he could not risk being defeated by the great Queen of Africa. And to this day, historically, Candace is known as one of the most powerful military professionals and women with the greatest military control.

  • Powerful African Queens in History – Makeda – the Queen of Sheba (960 BC)
Makeda - the Queen of Sheba (960 BC)
Makeda – the Queen of Sheba (960 BC)

Beside being the subject of the most widely read Bible verses or the inevitable theme of modern history, the success of Makeda and his great empire will forever be appreciated by the next few generations to come.

The most interesting story of this great African leader is that she met the Bible king Solomon. In fact, she is described in the Bible as an example of beauty and power and has had a series of other remarkable achievements recorded in Glory-of-Kings and Kebar Nagast.

During the reign of Makeda, Ethiopia was considered second only to Egypt in terms of power and prestige. As a result, several emperors were attracted to the idea of ​​how this female emperor could make such a small empire one of the most respected in the world. This is what made King Solomon interested in a commercial relationship with Sheba. For this reason, he has decided to invite Queen Makkedah to Israel, and some of it has become history.

  • Powerful African Queens in History – Nefertiti – Queen of Ancient Kemet (1292 BC to 1225 BC)
Nefertiti - Queen of Ancient Kemet (1292 BC to 1225 BC)
Nefertiti – Queen of Ancient Kemet (1292 BC to 1225 BC)

Queen Nefertiti is well-known as the queen who put an end to the war between the lower Kemet and the upper Kemet when she decided to oppose their dispute by marrying Ramses II, the Egyptian Pharaoh of Egypt at the time.

To date, there are several monuments to their famous love affair in Abu Simbel. Historians also believe that she was the eldest daughter of Amenhotep III and that she played a key role in shaping ancient Egyptian civilization.

Queen Nefertiti is ranked above all other queens in Egypt. As a result, her name has been incorporated into the Egyptian Cartouche of Egypt. Besides, some images and relics of her are revered in Egypt.

  • Powerful African Queens in History – Yaa Asantewa – Ashanti kingdom, Ghana
Yaa Asantewa - Ashanti kingdom, Ghana
Yaa Asantewa – Ashanti kingdom, Ghana

One of the nine most powerful women in history is Gaaian Yaa Asantewa, known as a woman who bravely fought the British colonies in her exile. The last speech she gave to the chiefs who about to back out from the war against the colonists was what inspired many of them to continue fighting against the British in order to release their king:

King Prempeh who had been captured by the British. Queen Asantewa, along with other warriors, managed to keep the British army in the castle but was eventually apprehended and deported.

Historically, Yaa Asantewa is named as the last woman to ever lead a great war against colonialism; therefore, her name will be remembered forever in all of African history.

  • Powerful African Queens in History – Queen Ranavalona is the first in Madagascar
Queen Ranavalona is the first in Madagascar
Queen Ranavalona is the first in Madagascar

Queen Ranavalona I, reigned Madagascar from 1788-1861. She was a descendant of Merina, the largest tribe on the island.

During her 33-year time in power, she made Madagascar a sovereign state. She continued to despise European colonialism. In doing so, she retained the sovereignty of his culture and politics. The colonists saw her as a dictator, while her own people look upon her as a patriotic leader.

  • Powerful African Queens in History – Queen Cleopatra of Egypt
Queen Cleopatra of Egypt
Queen Cleopatra of Egypt

Queen Cleopatra is a well-known political figure of ancient Egypt.

Her life inspired many historians and storytellers. English playwright William Shakespeare wrote the famous play “Antony and Cleopatra” based on her life.

Cleopatra was born into a royal family about 69 BC. After the death of her father, King Ptolemy XII, she and her brother ascended the throne. She was 18 at the time. Their relationship became strained after the takeover. Cleopatra then assembled an army to overthrow her brother.

He defeated him in the battle of the Nile, with the help of Julius Caesar of Rome.

The queen died after being bitten by a snake by an Egyptian cobra in 30 B.C.

  • Powerful African Queens in History – Queen Nandi of the Zulu kingdom

Queen Nandi was the mother of Shaka Zulu, one of the great kings of the Zulu kingdom. The Zulu people had great power in the southern African region. The story of Queen Nandi is about being strong as a mother and hoping to fight social pressure.

Historians say that she became pregnant by unmarried Shaka Zulu. Shaka was the son of King Senzangakhona. She endured great disgrace but remained strong in raising her son.

During Shaka’s time in power, Queen Nandi had substantial impact over the affairs of the kingdom. She was the voice of motivation during times of political conflict with neighboring kingdoms.

King Shaka was able to do many exploits because of her backing. He extended the boundaries of the Zulu kingdom over a period of 12 years.

Zulu dignitaries and people marked Queen Nandi’s death with a long period of mourning. They called this period, “Isililo SikaNandi.”

Zulu dignitaries and people mourn the death of Queen Nandi for a long period. They called the time, “Isililo SikaNandi.” or “mourning of death of Queen Nandi”

  • Powerful African Queens in History – Queen Moremi of Ile-Ife Kingdom, Nigeria
Queen Moremi of Ile-Ife Kingdom, Nigeria
Queen Moremi of Ile-Ife Kingdom, Nigeria

She was a brave woman and is assumed to have added to the Yoruba tribe’s liberation from domination.

She freely submitted to the invaders, got married to the enemy king, and grabbed the chance to learn the secrets of the group’s military plan.

She exposed that secret to the Ile-Ife people after she had succeeded to escape. She afterward assisted to invent a plan that led to Ile-Ife’s resounding triumph over the invaders.


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