5 Best Subtitle Website 2021- Get Subtitles

5 Best Subtitle Website 2021- Get Subtitles

Best Sites to Download Movie Subtitles for Free. Subtitles let you comprehend what the performer is saying; a subtitles download is required to follow the conversation in a movie.

A movie geek who does not speak Hindi can now watch Indian films with the help of an English subtitle.

What if there aren’t any subtitles on a video? Do you know any website where can get movie subtitles to download?

In this article, I’ll list the top 20 websites where you can get free movie subtitles in English, Hindi, French, Korean, Japanese, and other languages.

Subtitles SRT ~ Subtitle Website

You can improve your vocabulary and enhance your listening abilities with the use of subtitles.

It assists you in learning a variety of foreign languages. It can take the form of a written translation in English or the same language.

Subtitles are the text obtained from a screenplay in films and shows, TV series, and video games.

What is an SRT file?

SRT is a plain text file that contains data of video subtitles such as the start and end text timecode, as well as a sequential subtitle number.

This file, together with the video data, is needed to make sure your subtitles suit your audio.

Subtitle Website- Subtitle Download Free

Subtitle websites are internet portals that host a large number of subtitle files for TV shows and movies.

These websites make it simple to get video subtitles, and they offer subtitles in a variety of languages, including English, Hindi, French, Korean, Japanese, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, and many others.

Top Subtitle Websites – Download Subtitles

Where can I download subtitles?

·     YIFY Subtitles

·     Subscene

·     OpenSubtitles

·     Moviesubtitles.org

·     English Subtitles

·     Podnapisi

·     Subtitlesource.org

·     Subtitle Seeker

·     Downsub

·     TVsubs

·     TVSubtitles.Net

·     DIVX Subtitles

·     subtitles

·     Subs4free

·     Bollywood

·     Subtitles. hr

·     Subdl

·     TVsubs

·     SubtitlesHub

·     Subsmax.com

5 Best Subtitle Website

How do I find the best subtitles?

Although 20 subtitle websites were listed above, I have made research and recommend to you these 5 subtitle websites to try out.

Trust me you would love it, they include:

1. YIFY Subtitles

Reasons to visit this site

·     There are no advertisements on this subtitle website.

·     It allows you to download subtitles for movies and TV series in over 30 languages.

·     Downloading subtitles does not require a subscription or registration.

2. Subscene

Reasons to visit this site

·     There are subtitles in almost 80 languages.

·     You have the option of requesting your subtitle.

·     It has a comprehensive search feature.

3. OpenSubtitles

Reasons to visit this site

·     It has a big collection of subtitle files in a variety of languages.

·     It enables you to insert your movie files.

·     You can also use it to submit your subtitles.

4. Moviesubtitles.org

Reasons to visit this site

·     It has subtitles for almost 20,000 films.

·     It offers an easy-to-use friendly interface.

·     The film titles are alphabetically organized.

5. English Subtitles

Reasons to visit this site

·     Subtitles for a wide range of international films and television series can be found here.

·     It has only English subtitles, so there is no interference of another language.

·     It is simple to use.

TV Subtitles- TV Series Subtitle Websites

These are subtitle websites to download TV shows or series, they include:

1.    Addic7ed

Reasons to visit this site

·     It features a discussion segment where you could post your thoughts on movies.

·     Subtitle files can be edited.

·     On the home page, you can choose your preferred language right away.

2.    Podnapisi

Reasons to visit this site

·     It’s simple.

·     It’s also a site where new subtitles are added regularly.

·     It features a universal language subtitle.

3.    Subtitle Seeker

Reasons to visit this site

·     On the subtitle download page, provides all of the movie information.

·     You have the option of downloading a Zip or SRT file.

·     You can share the link with your friends and family on social media.

4.    TVSubtitles.Net

Reasons to visit this site

·     It offers a contemporary UI that makes navigation easier.

·     It has both old and recent TV show subtitle files.

·     In a blink, you can download the subtitle you desire.

5.    TV Subs

Reasons to visit this site

·     You can select a language to receive only subtitle files in that language.

·     You could also create an account to contribute your subtitles.

·     Subtitle files for popular TV series can be found here.

6.    SubtitlesHub

Reasons to visit this site

·     It contains a vast subtitle database.

·     It allows you to watch subtitles that have been downloaded for a particular country.

·     You have the option of requesting your subtitles.

7.    Movie Subtitles SRT

Reasons to visit this site

There are hundreds of subtitles available.

It offers an easy-to-use UI.

The homepage includes menus for TV shows, Tamil, and Hollywood films.

Scene Subtitles Download

These websites allow users to download scenes such as Tik-Tok videos without watermarks and Youtube videos with subtitles.

1.    Downsub

2.    DIVX subtitles

3.    Subtitles. hr

4.    Isubtitles

5.    Subdl

Hindi Movie English Subtitles Download

You’ve previously downloaded a movie, but it doesn’t include subtitles, you can use this app to watch the movie because it has subtitles.

Which site can I download Indian movies with subtitles?

1.    iTube HD Video Downloader

Reasons to visit this site

·     You can get movies and videos from more than 10,000 video-sharing sites including YouTube, Yahoo, Vimeo, Facebook, etc.

·     You can convert the videos you’ve downloaded into over 154 different video and audio formats.

·     It contains a Private Mode feature that allows you to password-protect your movies.

2.    Media Player Classic

Reasons to visit this site

·     It can manage audio and video data in a variety of formats.

·     It is user-friendly.

·     Subtitle files can be downloaded directly from Media Player Classic.

3.    VLC Player

Reasons to visit this site

·     It discovers appropriate subtitle files for the video you’re watching automatically.

·     It is capable of playing all video and audio formats.

·     It’s simple to use.

4.    BS.Player

Reasons to visit this site

·     It has a built-in GPU option for all videos.

·     It provides smoother video playback and lowers battery consumption.

·     In the Preferences tab, also has a subtitle search tool.

5.    Movavi Video Converter

Reasons to visit this site

·     You won’t have to scour the internet for subtitles because the software can do it for you.

·     It also has a search tool for subtitles online.

·     It is available for Window PC.

What Can I Do If a Subtitle File is Out of Sync?

Modify the timing of the subtitles to match the conversation in the movie.

Adjust the subtitles beginning and ending timecodes until the phrase being said matches the text.


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