25 Storiesig Alternatives – Top Best Alternatives 2021

Storiesig is a web tool that allows you to download Instagram stories without having to install anything. It has a simple but appealing design that allows users to anonymously and simply watch Instagram stories.

25 Storiesig Alternatives - Top Best Alternatives
25 Storiesig Alternatives – Top Best Alternatives

Users can share Instagram stories on a variety of social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and others. To download Instagram stories, users must first choose a name from Instagram, then type it into the Storiesig search field, click enter, and wait for it to finish the rest.

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What is Storiesig?

It is a secure, free app that allows you to download and see stories, highlights, photos, and videos without having to register, but it only works for non-private accounts.

Users can download Instagram stories on PC and mobile devices using Storiesig easily

Storiesig Alternatives

1 VideoTagz.com

2 Toolswow Instagram Downloader

3 Free Instagram Downloader

4 Insta Save for Instagram

5 Save-o-gram

6 Instadp

7 GramVideos.com

8 ViewDP

9 Downloadagram

10 RollSaver

11 Save From Web

12 Instadp Downloader

13 Flume

14 Grids

15 InstaBro

16 Vurku

17 InstaTake

18 Stories Watch

19 Dinsta.com

20 DownloadGram

21 Gramblr

22 Instasave Online

23 4K Stogram

24 Raider for Instagram

25 InstaPort

How to download Instagram stories

Once you know how to do it, downloading Instagram stories is a breeze.

Instagram appears to be quite simple to use. Things get a little complicated once you get into the Stories feature.

Let’s say a friend of yours shares a video on their Stories. Naturally, you’ll want to watch it first, then download it to see outside of the app later.

However, there is no option to save a ‘story’ within the app. Other apps, thankfully, are available to assist you store a video or photo for future references.

So, depending on whether you have an iPhone (iOS) or another type of phone, such as a Samsung (Android), here’s how you can accomplish it.


  • Go to the App Store and download the app.
  • Download Story Reposter.
  • Open the app and type in the username of the person whose video or photo you desire (the profile has to be public).
  • Choose the image or video that you wish to save.
  • To save to your phone, tap the download button, then the save button.
  • Look through your camera roll to see what you’ve saved.


  • Visit the Google Play Store.
  • Download Story Saver.
  • Log in to your Instagram account and open Story Saver.
  • Go to your main Story Saver page to see all of your followers’ Stories, or search for a username to see others.
  • Simply select the photo or video you wish to save and press the save button.

This will appear in a StorySaver folder on your phone’s photo gallery.

You may also use the website StoriesIG to search for a username and save their Story, regardless of what phone you have.

Top 5 apps to view Instagram Stories anonymously

You’ll appear in the viewer list every time you check out someone’s Stories, unlike on Instagram’s feed. On the other side, we may prefer to see Instagram Stories anonymously, especially if you’re viewing the Stories of a crush.

While it would be wonderful if Instagram had an anonymous mode so that we could watch other people’s Stories, this is not the case. Instead, you should use some more specialized apps.

Check out all of the apps we’ve chosen below and pick the one that best suits your needs!

1. Repost Story for Instagram

Even while the primary purpose of this app is to allow you to repost Stories to your profile, it also serves as one of the best apps for viewing Instagram Stories anonymously.

2. Profile Plus+ Story Reposter

Profile Plus+ Story Reposter is another excellent software in this category, allowing you to watch Instagram Stories anonymously without having to download anything on your iOS device.

3. Story Saver

Story Saver is a fantastic alternative for Android users that is quite comparable to iPhone’s Profile Plus+. For those who want to access Instagram Stories secretly on their Android devices, this is the second solution on our list.

4. Storiesig

Storiesig, unlike the other anonymous Instagram Story viewing choices, does not have an app for Android or iPhone. This is the best possible option if you want to check out Stories anonymously on your computer!

5. Blindstory

It was created expressly to assist you in viewing Instagram Stories without letting others know, and it allows you to search for any person to view their material. However, the free version’s functionality is severely limited, necessitating the purchase of a premium subscription in order to view and download without restrictions.

Did you like any of the apps to view Instagram Stories anonymously?

So, did you find your preferred app for viewing Instagram Stories secretly among the apps listed above? What were your thoughts on each of them?


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